Chemtrail disease is afflicting more people

I cannot process mycotoxins from mould and have been seriously ill since 2001.

It is a genetic condition that started in earnest in 2001, the year they started chemtrailing heavily. It has taken every penny I own in an attempt to find out what was wrong. Luckily I found the answer (being double-jointed is a risk factor), but if this was purely genetic then surely my genes wouldn’t have made it this far, with my ancestors failing to contribute their faulty genes to the population due to inherent weakness. No, something has changed drastically, and yes, organic gardeners are the first to spot this. The use of Roundup has created super toxic mould, which when it gets inside newer build houses, runs riot and with people like me, poisons them half to death with potent neurotoxins which mimic chronic fatigue, MS, cause fibromyalgia symptoms and also account for the strange ‘invisible  bug’ sensations people have been complaining of over the world (morgellons).

It’s called biotoxin illness and I am lucky to still be here after 14 years of suffering. Now I know the enemy, and consider myself lucky even though I have lost everything I own through contamination. This affects 1 in 100 people, with 1 in 4 suffering a slightly impaired ability to process these mycotoxins.

Very effective cull.

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  1. freebornman says:

    Interesting info re mould and roundup, my friend’s lungs were almost destroyed by a fungal infection, his doctor said he has the lungs of a 127 yr old. For some solid info on morgellons, have a read at David Bourke’s site.
    The story he tells is Very interesting, if you have the time I would recommend reading from the top. Then check out the ‘updates’. Masses of useful information. You might find this interesting also:-
    Also, if you are in a new build house, this is a toxic environment due to chemicals released by new carpet, furniture, paints, etc.

  2. Gordon says:

    It’s a strange thing that as much as there is out there in alternative media on chemtrails that main stream media would have picked up on it to prove otherwise. Alas no, not even RT.

    It’s said that silence is an admission of guilt but alternatively silence is the admission of truth.

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