Cancer cures. Stay with B17.

I occasionally comment as ‘freebornman’.

I saw this a while ago,

Cancer- the forbidden cures. I bumped into an old friend today, he’s got cancer of the gullet. This guy doesn’t drive, he walks everywhere. He doesn’t drink or smoke and he has had an organic vegan diet for many years. They are going to give him chemo, then remove his oesophagus and most of his stomach. I think anyone whose life has been touched by cancer needs to see this, it exposes the barbarity of current treatment, and shows how the AMA has suppressed what appear to be several successful treatments, to protect the pharmaceutical monsters.

What I find interesting is that several different methods, quite different, appear to work.

I did a search on The Tap, and couldn’t see it, so I wonder if you’d post it? Kind regards.


TAP – I tend to stay with B17, and Edward G Griffin’s World Without Cancer, where he explains cancer is a disease of deficiency like scurvy.   There are so many ‘cures’ available in the alternative media, I wonder if they put out new ones every week to hide the one that mostly works (B17/laetrile) and confuse people .  Here’s freebornman’s video.  I haven’t watched it, but suspect it’s another that claims nearly everything cures cancer.  If I’m wrong, drop off a comment and tell me.  I have found Novodalin (B17) to stop one person’s cancer, that I know, five years ago.  The doctors had told her there was nothing they could do.


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  1. Aldous says:

    The Pharmaceutical Industry (Big Pharma) does not create cures – it creates customers:

  2. Why not spread this info. in the media.
    DEFRA emailed that the UK Government
    Has NO control over the Pharmaceutical
    Cos. How can we change this.
    I myself use Natural Progesterone bc
    Women are Oestrogen dominant now..
    Read John Lee MD books
    What Doctors May Not Tell You About
    Menopause. through using Natural Progesterone I melted a lump and fibrocystic breast with Dr. Lee’s advice.
    The Oncologist in Oakland California told
    Me to continue using it even though my Gynocologist would not like it.
    Two women were down for hysterectomies
    Bc of Fibroids. They asked for 3 months
    Before surgery and started using the cream. Natural Progesterone melted the
    Fibroids and the surgeries were cancelled.
    Two different doctors and two different women.
    I would like your info, debated on chat shows.

  3. NPP says:

    Good post B17.

    Posting something else, here as anywhere…
    BBC radio 4 PM prog. Approx. 17.30hr.
    Man arrested in Turkey for helping 3 girls go to Syria. The man allegedly has ties to the Western allied security services!!!

  4. freebornman says:

    B17 is one of the treatments featured in the ‘forbidden cures’ vid. Also, ‘essiac’, some german guy with a raw veg diet, another guy with a herbal remedy, and the italian guy who uses bicarb. They are all interesting stories, but the main theme of the vid is the way the AMA has suppressed these treatments. Maurice Fishbein seems to be the man who destroyed holistic medicine in favour of allopathy and pharmaceuticals.

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