Joining the dots – BBC chairwoman earns £10k a week from HSBC

The chairwoman of the BBC Trust is facing calls to sever ties with HSBC after it was revealed that she earns £10,000 a week from the scandal-ridden global banking giant.

Rona Fairhead, who was questioned by MPs from the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on Monday, has worked for the bank in a variety of roles including as a non-executive director, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.

Last year she earned over £500,000 from HSBC – a figure which dwarfs her £110,000 salary from the BBC, for which she works a three-day week.


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  1. ANONYMOUSE says:

    Talk about “how the other half live..”.

  2. Julie says:

    British politicians visiting Israeli lobbyist conference AIPAC.

    Day 2 of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC and former defence secretary Liam Fox is on the guestlist. And it’s not just him – Going Underground contacted the Foreign Office and they said they are scheduled to send numerous officials, although they refused to confirm which ones they were, or exactly how many.

  3. leave the system, let it go. says:
    Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris stripped of CBE

  4. Julie says:

    Netanyahu: Sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

    “We must always remember that we are family,” the Israeli prime minister tells AIPAC.

    Read more:

  5. Lynn says:

    The family have been exposed and that spells big trouble for them. They know that we know and will push them to screw up even more. We are watching them melt down and clutch at straws. The internet has become the media of truth and has spread far and wide in such a short time. They cut it and the truth will still find a way. The media propaganda has failed and they know it. Netanyahoo is exposed as the madman on trial by the international courts and it is a done deal that he is guilty of the crimes against the true semites. The imposters and traitors are now unmasked. What they have done, how they have done it, and why… !! Watch this space.

  6. brian.mitchell says:


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