AVAAZ calls for no fly zone in Syria. US State Dept controlling the site.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: ‘Do-Good’ Website AVAAZ Calls for No-Fly Zone in Syria

They say that ‘the road to tyranny is paved with good intentions’. That old adage couldn’t be more true today, despite all of our seemingly wonderful internet tools and ‘activist’ platforms online.Despite the lessons of the past, it appears that mainstream followers of ‘social justice’ petitioning website Avaaz are still easily hoodwinked – unaware of how these social media tools are being used by the US State Department and other quangos in order to lay the PR groundwork for military interventions. Their latest call for a “humanitarian intervention” in Syria through the establishment of a ‘No Fly Zone’ appears to be a repeat – as they pushed the identical “saving lives” scam on behalf of NATO back in 2011 with Libya. History shows that whenever a ‘No Fly Zone’ is implemented by the US or its European-based trading brand known as ‘NATO’, then a war quickly escalates. This was absolutely the case in Yugoslavia, in Iraq and in Libya, and it would certainly be the case in Syria too. The US is already on record as calling for ‘regime change’ in Syria and are currently flooding the country with arms, cash and supplies for terrorist groups operating there. It will quickly become of repeat of Avaaz’s last deception to promote the war in Libya (followed by years of anarchy and a terrorist hot-bed).All we can say to anyone who has signed this Avaaz petition to escalate the war in Syria is: how naive and uninformed you truly are.

Avaaz also makes the sensational claim on its page that, “The Syrian air force just dropped chlorine gas bombs on children. Their little bodies gasped for air on hospital stretchers as medics held back tears, and watched as they suffocated to death.

Of course, there is no proof of this wild tale, other than anecdotal stories being circulated by western ‘regime change’ advocates and intelligence persons. There is however, plenty of evidence which documents that US-backed ‘rebels’ in Syria have been deploying homemade chlorine bombs in Syria since 2013 – a key story which broke here first at 21st Century Wire. No mention of this on Avaaz’s website though. It’s as if John McCain’s office had personally supplied the copy for Avaaz’s deceptive stealth war campaign.

One of the most egregious examples of this type of stealth war PR was the KONY 2012 internet campaign run by an organization called Invisible Children which masqueraded as an innocuous charity, but targeted US school children and young activists in a coordinated effort with the US state Department, all designed to rally support for a completely unnecessary US military intervention in Africa. All this, to supposedly to fight an ‘invisible’ jungle warlord named Joseph Kony, who has not been seen since 2006. In the end, the KONY scam collapsed following the very public mental breakdown of its frontman, Jason Russell, but President Obama and the State Department achieved their objective in the end, by quietly deploying a small military force into Uganda and establishing a permanent US military footprint there.

Once again, Avaaz appears to be a functionary of the US State Department…

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  1. truth says:

    One key way to tell if someone in the truth movement is working for the enemy is to watch out for some kind of positive or negative promotion in the Mad Media Machine, whether by dropping their name in a story or giving them an interview (BBC filth & Alex Jones) – but the intention is to get the reader to go skirting off to their site and they get ‘fished’ in to the net of control masked as opposition. Example:


    Another elite opposition deception is ‘Exaro New’

    (and the Mad Mass Media promotion – subtle serpents)

  2. pennine-rainbows says:

    Amended Copy:
    Thanks for this!!! i was on avaaz list (i.e. to sign petitions, though i don’t sign them all) i had my doubts, but thought it was just me. I have now unsubscribed from them. I was horrified reading their latest campaign email, & the tactics that are being used for political purposes. Keep on being wise, we need our wits in discernment (& sometimes a sixth-sense i am sure)& Take Care. Kindest from pennine-rainbows 🙂

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