Australia Silently Stopped the Testing of Food Imports

Australia has ceased all testing of food imports from Japan, other Asian countries food also contaminated, ongoing leakages from Fukushima nuclear plant.
The north Pacific Ocean is already contaminated by large amounts of toxins and pollution from dumping into the sea by China, a world leader in pollution, and formerly by the United States during decades of unrestricted development with minimal environmental safeguards.

However the largest nuclear disaster in history, Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plants melt-downs have added significantly to the nuclear contamination of the Pacific and affected not only fish and other food from Japan but also USA, China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Less than one year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, by its own admission, the Australian Government’s Ministry of Agriculture all Caesium134 (134Cs), Caesium137 (137Cs) and Iodine131 (131I). Iodine131 (131I) testing ceased in early 2012 based on advice from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Apparently in the interests of big business rather than the Australian public the government stopped all testing for nuclear contamination doing so on the advise of ARPANSA and FSANZ. Meanwhile the maximum safe levels for contamination were increased silently and without any media fanfare twenty fold in 2012.

FSANZ also reported that Australia’s Department of Agriculture ceased all testing of food from Japan. Correct, the official website itself declares that the Department of Agriculture decided on 23 January 2014 to not only stop testing for nuclear contamination, but to stop testing of any kind on food imports from Japan.

Tuna and sardines even from Thailand, far from Japan, canned many years ago and still available for sale with an expiry date later this year have been tested by independent persons with suitable equipment and found to have high levels of radiation:

“With these sardines coming from Thailand and not from Japan, I would say the whole Asian region is feeling the effects of the Fukushima melt-downs, so it’s not just Japan that the food is being contaminated from but the whole Asian area. With Japan using (a million) gallons of water daily to cool the melt-downs this water is going right into the sea into the (Pacific) Ocean”.

Not only fish labelled as being from Thailand have had unacceptably high levels of radiation but also cherry tomatoes and asparagus, apples, pears and other fruit have been exported from radioactive Fukushima areas of Japan to Thailand. These are then labelled “Made in Thailand” and exported to Australia along with much of the other produce in Coles and Woolworths.

TEPCO the Japanese electricity company responsible for covering up decades of safety reports about Fukushima is continuing with its on-going coverup along with the EU and US media also covering up information about continuing Fukushima leaks, still taking place in March 2015.

The response in the USA has been little different: due to increasing levels of radiation being measured across the USA resulting from the Fukushima nuclear fall-out, in order to prevent mass panic and having to declare emergencies, within 2 months of the disaster the Environmental Protection Agency shut down its radiation monitors.

Australian citizens, as with their American counterparts, can since long no longer count on government agencies to cater for their interests let alone carry out any obviously required monitoring of food imports. It appears the elite interests, including Coles and Woolworths which dictate government policies have their own sources of supply and not that which is consumed by the general public. They are best served turning to independent testing services such as The Food Lab.

Even Australian food produce is at risk in many areas due to ground water poisoning and levels of Uranium 20 times the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. The same page lists numerous sources including the Japan Meteorological Research Institute’s report that Fukushima contaminated sea water has not remained in the North Pacific Ocean but is also to be found since 2013 on the East Coast of Australia and in Indonesia.

As pointed out in a recent article Deadly Tuna From North Pacific Surfaces in Australia there is no way for Australian consumers to know the real origin of fish. Our above article received already 1.1 million readers within 5 days of publication. We need your ongoing support to share these articles.

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One Response to “Australia Silently Stopped the Testing of Food Imports”

  1. Aus says:

    As I’ve been saying, our Governments are all Companies!!

    Japan, Australia, UK and many others.
    We’ve gotta fight back and beat these rotten fake governments, i.e. traitorous liars and theives.

    TEPCO (previous) tops got out of the country to somewhere far, far away from Japan with a lot of money they virtually stole from JP citizens. The rest in JP still deceiving ordinary people, trying to restart nuke power stations here and there(there’re over 50 reactors all over JP), and swindle the mass with that fake ‘ecological’ solar/wind power business that’d give us health problems with dirty electricity and/or low frequency noise etc.

    Hope readers here knew that Magna BSP, an Israeli company was in charge of the security of that very power station in Fukushima and they have the deal to be in charge of all the nuke stations in JP! JP has the technology, so why Israelis?

    Also, that traitor Abe, so-called prime minister, whose father was actually a Korean(same with Koizumi and many other fake politicians. They look the same and we can’t tell the difference) lied to the world saying it’s contained in order to get that horrible money eater, the Olympics instead of using that money to save people in and around Fukushima. Such a disgusting act to further destroy Japan!! :O( He’s also getting ready to alter the Article 9 which prohibits JP to have any war in the near future. Thus, evil Koreans have been destroying Japan.

    And yes, it’s been leaking big time all along, now and forever! When 3/11 happened, I told my child that we can’t go visit JP ever again. And I knew Australia probably wouldn’t check foods coming from that area cause it’s one of the core Illuminati countries. See the chart here,

    They don’t care about their employers but they are simply stealing our health, wealth, freedom and rights in order to please their shareholders who are most likely the big bankers and Zionists.

    So many citizens everywhere are pathetically mislead and believe whatever they’re told by the fake authorities and rotten media, and that’s definitely a contributing factor to their crime upon us. Majority seems to have forgotten about this disaster, they never doubt whether if ‘authorities’ are doing the right thing or not, but just assume, or rather ‘BELIEVE’ they are. Same old story again and again.

    Gotta wake up more to take real effective actions than some protest or petition which are sheer degasification!!

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