GMOs – a silent threat to your life

Soya GM was released first into the UK.   Allergies sky-rocketed in the UK.

(TAP – 40% of most bread is GMO soya in the UK)

In animal studies of GMOs, every organ in their bodies was affected.  Many died in weeks.  Sperm counts were affected, and fertility declined.  The FDA has no safety test requirements for genetically altered foods.  The scientists of the FDA were unanimously of the opinion GMOs were dangerous, but were overruled.

Avoid GMOs by buying organic, or labeled non-GMO.  Also buy tomato sauce with olive oil, not corn oil.

Use the web to find out which foods contain GMOs and which don’t.

In Europe, consumer concern has been stronger, and things are marginally better.   You have to research this topic, take action or risk your health, and longevity.


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  1. Jeffery Smith has done a lot of good by speaking out against GMOs.

    Thanks for highlighting and spreading the word about his work.

  2. “More Information on the Danger of Man-Made B Vitamins – Thiamine and Riboflavin”

    “In contrast to man-made chemically based substances or complexes it is truly food and/or food-like concentrates that truly have healing powers. Chemicals—drugs or others—have never been shown to have tissue regeneration or organ healing capacities. The consumption, therefore, of chemical compounds, whether in the form of pharmaceutical agents or chemically produced supplements, can achieve for the body no good. In fact, in contrast to any real positive benefit they largely do the body harm. This is certainly true of numerous synthetically produced vitamin supplements, including the commonly available B vitamin formulations…..”

    Read more:

  3. Indian government is a corrupt entity that affords no protection to Indian farmers or the rest of the Indian population – but happily spending its worth on explosives to destroy the Kashmir and Pakistani neighbors – while also planning to own a part of the neighboring small Island of Sri Lanka.

    “The introduction of genetically engineered seeds, and the coercion of Indian farmers to use them, has led to the largest wave of recorded suicides in human history.

    More than a quarter of a million Indian farmers have committed suicide over the past 16 years as their crops have failed, leaving them in financial ruin, largely as a result of Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds (especially Bt cotton); an Indian farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes, typically by ingesting his own pesticides.

    Bt cotton is much more expensive than traditional cotton seed, requires more water and pesticides, and has failed to produce the increased crop yields promised by Monsanto
    India’s government has largely abandoned small farmers, discontinuing support programs and failing to address factors such as lack of rural credit and access to irrigation, among others, and new government programs have barely scratched the surface of this crisis…”

    Read more here:

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