Kevin Annett with Mark Windows. It’s not child abuse. It’s rape, torture and murder.

Kevin Annett interviewed by Mark Windows.  The response to the Republic Of Kanata is huge.  67% of Canadians want to separate away from the British Crown, a criminal organisation responsible for mass murder and genocide.  Radio Free Kanata is on at 11pm Greenwich Meantime.  The people working for the government know how corrupt the system is and they’re looking for a way out.  The Vatican control system using ritual human sacrifice is getting very well known by the public.

Main Jesuit Church in Rome sacrificed a child in the presence of Canadian politicians.  Confirmed by Police, by Interpol.

Book by Annett, a novel, Samuel Wedge recounts his experiences of Satanic ritual.  The facts can psychologically overwhelm people.  Communicating them via a novel makes it easier for people to take it in.

The system tries to fight back by sending 1500 people to control social media, according to The Guardian.  These are acts of deprivation.  They know they’ve been exposed, and they’re losing their power.  They’re rushing towards brutality, violence and oppression to try to control people with fear.  They’re carrying out more sacrifices than they used to do.  Holland and Belgium.  Caenarfan Castle in Wales.  Balmoral Castle.  These are centres of child sacrifice.

The Vatican is rushing to send its money into the BRICS, and away from US/EU.

Lots of false information being put out in the net, in an attempt to crowd out good information.  Diversion tactics, and personal attacks are common.

People who get hysterical are really of no use, even though they’re supposed to be on the same side.

The ‘free-man’ movement is getting much bigger, and the Police are aware of it.  In Canada they are repositioning Police to stop serving The Crown and to start serving the Public.  More on the freeman movement from Aldous

Much of what are often referred to as ‘laws’ these days are nothing more than ‘legal statutes’ that do not apply to a living person but to one’s ‘legal fiction’ created at Birth Registration.
Common Law – regarding Murder, Physical Harm, Theft – apply to Living Persons and not Fictional Identities/Legal Fictions/Strawman.

These Legal Statutes – incredible though it may seem to the Layman – have to have individual consent by the Strawman accused in order to be enforced/enforceable. Thus, if you get caught doing 31 mph in a 30 mph limit and are taken (summoned) to court, you (the living you) first has to agree to represent their Legal Fiction/Strawman. This is why before ANY proceedings can take place, you are asked if you (in the dock) is JENNIFER SMITH for example. Notice that it is ALL IN CAPITALS. This is a Legal Fiction and NOT a Living Person. The summons will have had the name of the Legal Fiction (in capitals of course) but most people out there think they are one and the same – which they most certainly are not.

The Judge(sic) is fully aware of this (scam) of course and deception is the name of the game here. They are not even acting as a judge but a ‘money extracting agent’ and not under their Oath of Office which is reserved for real people and not Fictitious Identities.

Once the penny drops as to what they are really up to and about, it’s not hard to refuse to be your Strawman when it suits. After all, a Freeman/Free-woman can be anyone they want to be in a free World, which is no doubt why they want to RFID Chip us all – our Legal Fiction virtually stamped on our forehead and every man and woman a slave.

Meet Your Strawman – The Truth About Your Birth Certificate 8:23

freeman in court – judge bows to Sovereign – Canada 2:41


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