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  1. Julie says:


    The Anglo-Jewish Association provides financial assistance to Jewish students in financial need to enter further education or studying for full-time degrees at universities in the United Kingdom.

    Through its management of a number of educational Trusts, the AJA offers bursaries and scholarships to students wishing to study in a number of specific fields, such as medicine and science, as well as more general areas of study.

    Established in 1871, the AJA is a founding member of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (the Claims Conference), which represents Holocaust survivors in negotiations for compensation and the restitution of appropriated assets.

    The AJA is also a member of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the only international body dedicated solely to advancing Jewish cultural activities. Created in 1965 with reparation monies from the Government of West Germany, today the Foundation fosters cultural creativity and pursues the continuity of Jewish civilization. The Memorial awards numerous grants for academic research and publications as well as Doctoral and Fellowships grants and scholarships to PhD and other students. Other beneficiaries of Memorial grants include writers, rabbis, educators and artists.

    Together with the Alliance Israélite Universelle, the AJA is a constituent organisation of the Consultative Council of Jewish Organisations and is represented at a number of non-governmental organisations, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the United Nations Association.

    The AJA is a Privileged Body of the CROWN enabling it to present petitions and congratulations to the Royal Family.


  2. Aldous says:

    Replying to Julie:

    “Our Jewish privilege means that even though 70% of the top performing students are White, only 20% are given Ivy-League University places.
    We Jews who are only 2% of the population are 25% of Ivy League students.
    Because of our privilege, we are 14 times more represented than Whites who have greater merit than us.
    Our Jewish privilege means that we have been able to use financial corruption and bribery to take over Education and Academe and use it to promote ourselves while destroying academic chances for our enemies the White People.” http://tinyurl.com/pgz8ppy

    “White Privilege” or “Jewish Privilege” : The Ultimate Racism in America

    The Diversity Lie: Jewish Over-Representation at Harvard

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Who needs lobotomy when we’ve got the ITV?
    Who needs ECT when there’s good old BBC?
    Switch on the set, light up the screen,
    Fantasise and dream about what you might have been,
    Who needs controlling when they’ve got the cathode ray?
    They’ve got your fucking soul, now they’ll fuse your brains away.
    Mindless fucking morons sit before the set,
    Being fed the mindless rubbish they deserve to get.
    Can’t switch off big brother, they’ve lost all will to act,
    Lost in drab confusion, was it fiction, was it fact?
    Another plastic bullet stuns another Irish child,
    But no-one’s really bothered, no, the telly keeps them mild.
    They’ve lost all sense of feeling to the every hungry glow,
    Drained of any substance by the vicious telly blow.
    No longer know what’s real or ain’t, slowly going blind,
    They stare into the goggle-box while the world goes by, behind.
    The Angels are on TV tonight, grey puke fucking shit.
    They army occupy Ireland, but the boot will never fit.
    Was it Coronation Street? Or was it Londonderry?
    Oh it doesn’t fucking matter, Paul Daniels’ll keep us merry.
    Yes, I’ve heard of Bobby Sands, wasn’t it Emmerdale Farm?
    Yes, that’s right, he was kicked by a cow, I hope it didn’t do him no harm.
    And wasn’t the Holocaust terrible, a good thing it wasn’t for real.
    Of course I’ve heard of H-Block, it’s the baccy with man appeal.
    Deeper and deeper and deeper, layer upon layer.
    Illusion, confusion, is there anyone left who can care?
    Yes, the Abbey National cares for you Nat West and Securicor.
    Well brings out the Branston bren-guns, let’s spice it up some more.
    The Sweeney are cruising Brixton, created another Belfast.
    And J.R.’s advising Thatcher on lighting, make up and cast.
    A thousand camera lenses point at the people’s pain,
    As millions of mindless morons watch the action replay again.
    Action replay again.
    Softly, softly, into your life, you’re held in it’s brilliant glow.
    Softly, softly, feeding itself on the you you’ll never know.
    You’re life’s reduced to nothing, but an empty media game.
    Big Brother ain’t watching you mate, you’re fucking watching him.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Sovereigntea – good scansion. Although I do believe that Big Brother does already have the technology to watch us in our own homes via a built-in camera in smart TV’s and computer monitors. I know that sounds like paranoia. But it’s something I have read somewhere. Anyway I have put some insulation tape over the LG logo on my monitor. I believe that a programme such as Goggle Box is intended to normalise the idea of being watched in the home.
    I think this process of normalising is quite apparent when you start to pay attention. Cancer is so ‘normal’ now that 1 in 2 people may expect a diagnosis. People practically expect it. Apparently it’s just bad luck. Nothing to do with fluoride, wi-fi, pesticides etc.
    Joan Bakewell apparently has Altzeimers, so it must be ‘normal’. Let’s all have some.
    We know that British Gas has been illustrating their adverts with chemtrails to make them part of the new ‘normal’.

  5. “Zionist Snipers and the Bastardization of History” By Jonas E Alexis

    “..Jewish movements have turned America into a war machine which never ceases to kill its own children in the most brutal way. To be more precise, the neoconservative movement—or the Neo-Bolshevik ideology—is responsible for turning countries in the Middle East against us all. Bin Laden himself asked Americans to stay away..”


  6. TranceMan says:

    Goggle box is not the first – remember NTV and Noels house party? Looking back on it on wikipedia it has a very different stink now :/

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