Waging Peace. The World Beyond War. How to change the world peacefully.


There are non-violent ways of making a difference, says Quaker David Hartsough.  Book he quotes – Why Civil Resistance Works.  Non-violent movements are twice as likely to be successful.

He met MLK, and went to a black university.  Students started challenging segregation.  They broke the segregation rules every weekend, were arrested and released by Monday morning.

The owner of a lunch counter they attended didn’t want them arrested and to get the bad publicity.  They stayed there for two days without any food served to them.

They suffered cigarette burns, assaults, death threats.  One man said he was going to stick a switch blade through David’s heart.  David aged 20, replied to the assailant ‘do what you believe is right, and whatever that is, I will still try to love you.’  They later won the change they wanted by persisting.

Next he was in Berlin, studying in both East and West Berlin.  He rode through Checkpoint Charlie every morning.  When he heard communist propaganda in the East, he would challenge it.  When he heard western propaganda in the West, he would challenge it.  He was accused of being on the other side by both.  He heard you could go camping in Russia.  Five students set off camping.  When the government is always making war, it’s up to the people to make peace.

He challenged nuclear weapons testing outside the White House.  He challenged nuclear weapons testing outside The Kremlin.  Both claimed their bomb tests were peaceful.  Threatened with twenty years in jail, he continued and was banned from Russia for 26 years.  He met JFK in The White House in 1962, who had been reading The Guns Of August, describing the events just before WW1.  JFK said to the students that he would need a much bigger peace movement for him to negotiate for peace/disarmament with the Soviets.   David just kept going for nearly 60 years doing similar stuff all over the world.  It’s an interesting story.  His own book, Waging Peace, took him 27 years to write and is now available , reviewed here.

Here is another take on how to achieve peace from William Cooper –  36 separate tapes explaining the ancient mystery religions, and their beliefs, about man’s future.  The first tape is based on the movie 2001 Space Odyssey, which is full mystery religion symbology, which he explains.  Sent in by Jennifer –

Tap, may I once again recommend listening to William Cooper’s ‘Hour of the Time ‘ boadcasts on Mystery Babylon. Bill Clinton called him the most dangerous broadcaster in America – no doubt for revealing the hidden history of the elites. That was before the Feds shot him on his own doorstep.
Weird but wonderful shows.



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  1. Mark says:

    After describing some of the astonishing changes that nonviolent action has brought about in recent years in places around the world, David writes:

    What other spots on our earth are waiting for such stunning change? What corner is beckoning to your heart and spirit? Where is God leading you to invest your life on behalf of a world where all God’s children share the abundance and live as one family in peace and harmony with the earth?

    David closes Waging Peace with this statement of faith: “Deep in my heart, I do believe, that — together — We Shall Overcome!”

    Good morning, let us believe


  2. Mark says:

    Who says it clearer than Dean Henderson?
    Thank you Bill, Mark.

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