Ukraine admits. No Russian aggression. Sanctions based on lies.

Ukrainian Government: “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”. Sanctions against Russia based on Falsehoods


Ukraine’s top general is contradicting allegations by the Obama Administration and by his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting against the Ukrainian Government’s forces in the formerly Ukrainian, but now separatist, area, where the Ukrainian civil war is being waged.

Here is a screen-print of a google-chrome auto-translation of that statement:

The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko, is saying, in that news-report, which is dated on Thursday January 29th, that the only Russian citizens who are fighting in the contested region, are residents in that region, or of Ukraine, and also some Russian citizens (and this does not deny that perhaps some of other countries’ citizens are fighting there, inasmuch as American mercenaries have already been noted to have been participating on the Ukrainian Government’s side), who “are members of illegal armed groups,” meaning fighters who are not paid by any government, but instead are just “individual citizens” (as opposed to foreign-government-paid ones). General Muzhenko also says, emphatically, that the “Ukrainian army is not fighting with the regular units of the Russian army.”

In other words: He is explicitly and clearly denying the very basis for the EU’s sanctions against Russia, and for the U.S.’s sanctions against Russia: all of the sanctions against Russia are based on the falsehood that Ukraine is fighting against “the regular units of the Russian army” — i.e., against the Russian-Government-controlled-and-trained fighting forces.

The allegation to the effect that Ukraine is instead fighting against “regular units of the Russian army” is the allegation that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, and it is the entire basis for the economic sanctions that are in force against Russia.

Those sanctions should therefore be immediately removed, with apology, and with compensation being paid to all individuals who have been suffering them; and it is therefore incumbent upon the Russian Government to pursue, through all legally available channels, restitution, plus damages, against the perpetrators of that dangerous fraud — and the news reports have already made clear precisely whom those persons are, who have asserted, as public officials, what can only be considered to be major libel.

Otherwise, Ukraine’s top general should be fired, for asserting what he has just asserted.

If what General Muzhenko says is true, then he is a hero for having risked his entire career by having gone public with this courageous statement. And, if what he says is false, then he has no place heading Ukraine’s military.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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4 Responses to “Ukraine admits. No Russian aggression. Sanctions based on lies.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Meanwhile career politician NATO boss who was once friends with a Soviet KGB agent makes vexatious claims with no supporting evidence. Where are the sattelite images ? NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg you cowardly devious lying chickenhawk.

    Stoltenberg accused Russia of intensifying its support for militia fighters, saying Moscow continues to provide them with “training, equipment and forces.”

    “In recent weeks, Russia has supplied hundreds of pieces of advanced equipment, including rocket systems, heavy artillery, tanks, armored vehicles and electronic warfare systems,” Stoltenberg said.

    Russia has repeatedly denied such claims.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    And following the latest headchopper stories false flags and NATO BS claims.

    The British military is to form a new specialist force in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to tackle the “asymmetric battlefields” of the 21st century.

    The brigade will number 2,000 and will be made up of regular troops from all three services, as well as reservists and civilians, British media report.

    As well as be able to shape “behavior through the use of dynamic narratives” the brigade will also specialize in reconstruction and development and humanitarian assistance in the battle to win hearts and minds.

    “The brigade has been formed to respond to the ever changing character of modern conflict and to be able to compete with agile and complex adversaries,” said the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

    Lets hop they act in the nations interest and counter the false narratives of israels UK whore media stooges, Rita Katz and our prostitutes of zion politicians.

    By taking their lead from the Chindits, the new Brigade 77 will aim to be a “smart” brigade.

    Lets hope they are smart enough not to affiliate with Unit 8200.


    The numbers 7, 77, and 777 are considered lucky by both the Brotherhood and the general public. Triple Lucky 7’s, are used in slot machines for their mystical quality. 711 the convenience store encodes 7×11 = 77. The G7 summit (G = 7th letter) is numerologically 77. K&G Clothing stores as well (KG = 11×7 = 77). American Eagle is circa 1977 and includes the 77 on many clothes. Apollo 11 launched in the 7th month making 77. XBox has World Soccer 7 and the Winning 11.

    The Pentagon is located on the 77th degree longitude and was supposedly hit by Flight 77 on 9/11.

    Flight 175 (1+7+5 = 13) struck the South Tower at the 77th floor. .

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Here is a map of the positions demonstrating the classic encirclement manouvre.

    The junta forces are definitely in a bad operational situation. They are surrounded all all sides except the north, but the highway leading north which the junta needs resupply its forces in and around Debaltsevo and which it could use to withdraw these forces is under constant Novorussian fire.

    They crucial city of Uglegorsk (УГЛЕГОРСК on the map, bottom left) is mostly in Novorussian hands, but the outskirts are still held by the junta. In Chernukhino (ЧЕРНУХИНО on the map, bottom right) the Novorussian attack was successfully repelled by the junta forces.

    Yesterday evening I listened with interest at the combat report of Basketok, the military commentator of the Anti-Maidan website who looked at the bigger picture and who commented in some details about the situation around Mariupol. So, as they say, there is good news and there is bad news.

    The good news: the junta appears to be completely unable to mount any effective offensive. Except for one successful counter-attack north of Peski, even the junta can’t even claim a single tactical success.

    The bad news: the Novorussians are clearly stronger, and they are generally prevailing, but nowhere near the kind of superiority to achieve an operational breakthrough.

    The Debaltseve Encirclement Complete- 9000 Ukrainian Soldiers Trapped! Mercy Offered!
    Posted on February 1, 2015 by George Eliason

    Debaltseve is a key transportation city in Donbass and is now the scene of the largest battles of the Ukrainian war.

    Forces from Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR) and Lugansk Peoples Republic(LNR) moved in surrounding Ukrainian infantry, artillery, and tank divisions over the last few days.

    A few days ago one Ukrainian tank and armored personnel carrier(BMP) group tried to break through at the village of Elenovka near Donetsk. Ukrainian troops stormed the village killing 9 DNR infantry. The tanks and BMP’s then attacked civilians trying to escape.

    Civilians were killed by the heavy machine guns on the Ukrainian tanks and BMPs as they drove through firing on the houses. Eighteen civilians were killed trying to escape.The DNR destroyed the small mechanized group which left 10 Ukrainian soldiers dead. The BBC reported the operation was successful for Ukraine.

    In reality the Debaltseve encirclement of the Ukrainian army was completed in the early hours on January 30th. Inside are close to 9000 Ukrainian troops. This is twice the number of people captured in the encirclement or cauldron around Ilovaisk.

  4. Lynn says:

    The Zionists never change their copy book. Divide and rule and kill each other. The military need to wake up !! what are you fighting for. Are your countrymen better off. Are you better off, is your family better off. I hear if you are too injured they simply shoot you rather than treat you.. You wont be looked after and your life is on the meds they make a profit out of. They shoot you full of vaccines and watch you pay with your life. Who are they fooling. Lay down your guns and let them use DIPLOMACY !!

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