This weekend Telford. British Constitution Group conference.

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UK Column / British Constitution Group Conference Spring 2015 – Final Newsletter

Hello there,

This weekend sees the Spring 2015 Conference from the British Constitution Group and the UK Column in Telford, Shropshire.  Here are some final helpful pieces of information for you to get the best out of the weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

We draw your attention to this very useful source of information, which can be found at the Tickets website at

Top of the list on this is the note about “tickets”. As it says there, and also makes clear on the email receipt you received, that receipt email acts as your “ticket”. Please print it off and bring it with you to the conference.

Roadworks on the M54

We have been alerted to the fact there are various roadworks on the M54, which may hamper the final leg of your journey to our venue at the Park Inn Telford. As aconsequence, and especially as many people will be travelling on a Friday, please allow extra time for your journey, and check for travel updates before you depart, plus keep checking on local radio services in the area as you get near to the venue.

Car Parking – IMPORTANT

Please note that parking for the conference is free, BUT ONLY if you register your car registration number with the hotel’s Reception as soon as you arrive (and also advise them when you leave).  Failure to do so could get very expensive for you, so please do not get distracted and ensure you do the “necessaries” when you arrive.

Friday arrival information

Dinner is served from 7.00pm until 10.00pm on the Friday; so, whatever you do, ensure you arrive before the Restaurant closes at 10.00pm.

Registrations on Friday will be in the conference room area from 8.30pm to 10.00pm, when our “Meet and Greet” will also happen. Our “Pub Quiz” will be happening from 9.00pm to 10.30pm, and there will be some suitable prizes – teams of four required, but don’t worry, these can be sorted out on the night!

Saturday and Sunday start times

Please be aware that the Registration Desk opens from 8.30am on both days.  The conference start times on both Saturday and Sunday have been moved forward to9.30am, so if you are arriving on either day, ideally the sooner you arrive, preferably as near to 8.30am as possible, the better our chance to ensure we have you all “badged up” and ready for what will be happening.

It’s also worth noting there is a full evening’s entertainment on all three nights, so make your travel plans accordingly so that you don’t short-change yourself!

On-the-door tickets

We will have tickets available on-the-door, but these will be on a CASH ONLY basis. So, if you know anyone who is intending to just roll up, let them know to bring folding-notes cash with them!  There are cashpoints nearby in Telford, but far better to come prepared. Standard on-the-door rates will be £60 per day, or £100 for the weekend.

Schedule for the weekend

The current schedule can be found at: – please be aware that all of this is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. Check the notice boards at the conference throughout the weekend for amendments and updates.

Conference bar

At lunchtime and the evenings, the special conference bar in our area of the hotel will have all drinks prices at 10% off. Use this bar whenever possible to get best value, as this discount will NOT be available at other bars in the venue.

Daytime breaks – tea and coffee

This will be served in a special room that will be signposted to you in the conference area, at £1.50 per serving on a cash basis.

Lunchtime food

Grab-and-go snacks will be available on a cash basis. Check the signs to find the service points.

Doomwatch alive!

The evening sessions of this show intend to go out live – in sound and vision – between 8.00pm and 9.30pm via the UK Column website on Saturday and Sunday nights. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you they’ve been cancelled in the hours running up to broadcasts (as happened on the live show that went out from Plymouth just before Christmas)!  These will be the only live broadcasts from the weekend, but will summarise many of the key points of that day’s presentations and discussions.

And hopefully, that should be all you need to know in advance of the weekend. If you haven’t received any emails from us prior to this, please check your spam and junk email folders, as on a couple of occasions we have been advised that these are where some people’s emails from us have ended up!

Have a safe journey, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

All best,


Cineology Events

On behalf of the UK Column and the British Constitution Group


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  1. Lynn says:

    Get every last one of them named shamed and held up to public scrutiny. The awake are onside and wishing you all the very best luck in showing this bunch of no hopers and bought low life’s for what they are. History as finally been a true journey of horror. These people who think are heroes will go down in print and exposed for all their inhumane cowardice. Liars and cheats and imposters. Actors bought and paid for. We are ready and we are totally for truth. I am counting on you for the survival of Humanity!! Bravo. Enough of the insane canibals who have inflicted pain and suffering to a world of innocence. They are truly out of time. The Human Race is waking up to this at last. End times are coming for the bloodlines and prehistoric parasites. The Host is shaking em down.

  2. I have a problem untar’ing 2.71 on Unix: it seems that all the files have 000 permissions:

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