Military attack social media. Mark Windows interviews Greg Hallet.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are being deployed to attack truthers.  Stories that are totally ludicrous are being put out to discredit sources.  They take half of the real story, add a load of nonsense to it, then pump it out.  They associate real people with others with false names.  Claiming to be in support of the material, they get facts wrong deliberately and place them into ridiculous contexts.  Greg Hallet explains.  They work by implication. are working with government departments to try to discredit people, owned from within the intelligence services.

TAP – It’s a very tiresome.  You can find trolls working away in the comments most days.

Right now I can’t get into my youtube channel whistleblowerkids videos.  Comments are still pouring in by the hundred.  The ones in support of the kids are being put into spam, and there’s nothing I can do.

Mark Windows thinks the military will lose out by setting up troll regiments, as the troops/trolls will find out that what they’re being paid to attack is true.  The truth has a power of its own once it gets out.

Another problem is that the copy and pasters don’t question what comes in.  (Not The Tap, I hope)

The material put out against Kevin Annett was personal, not substantive.  Yet quite a few took it as true and supported it without doing any of their own research.

TV is brain diminishing.  Journalists don’t investigate anything.  The media is an arm of the government.  The government is the mafia, and the government is the conspiracy.

Trolls work in networks.  They go off subject, back each other up, and wipe out all useful discussion.

Trolls/undercover operators have little commitment and are not that intelligent.

Trolls also push out information which would be useable in court cases, but once it’s published, can’t be used as evidence.


4 Responses to “Military attack social media. Mark Windows interviews Greg Hallet.”

  1. Harriet says:

    Mark Windows continues to do a great job.

    To stop wars get rid of Zionist Jews and Christian Zionists from the political platform.

    Thank you for supporting the US patriot: Merlin Miller and his website!

  2. Harriet says:

    “Journalism is dead” says Mark Windows which is quite true!

  3. brian.mitchell says:

    i have posted two comments why do they never appear ?

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