Marina Litvinenko joins with British Police prime suspect Lugovoi to demand disclosure of sensitive files held by British Intelligence. Exaro February.

Leon Brittan was under Met probe over claims of child sex abuse

Scotland Yard was investigating former home secretary Lord Brittan at the time of his death over multiple allegations of sexually abusing boys, Exaro revealed.

• Abuse survivors call on Yard to continue probe into Leon Brittan

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Survivor speaks of child sex abuse near Commons by ‘nasty, violent and dangerous’ MPs

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Ben Fellows charged with ‘falsely accusing’ former minister of indecently assaulting him

Commentary: skulduggery besieges inquiry into child sex abuse
Abuse survivor writes of his worries after deciding to give his trust to independent panel


Alexander Litvinenko’s police interviews undermine Met case
Russian dissident revealed to detectives how he drank ‘polonium-laced tea’ by chance

Daniel Morgan inquiry: panel poleaxed by row over police files
Retired judge sparked damaging clash with offer to vet Met documents on murder case

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Insolvency Index: real estate and construction suffer worse figures than economy overall



3 Responses to “Marina Litvinenko joins with British Police prime suspect Lugovoi to demand disclosure of sensitive files held by British Intelligence. Exaro February.”

  1. Lynn says:

    The whole thing is just farcicle, the police cant persue this as we all know they are powerless in a lawless society in which they at the top manipulate. It is well known now who is in control and what chance of justice. The whole thing is very disturbing.

  2. Julie says:

    Leon Brittan’s funeral. When is it? When was it? No mention on the internet. He must be in Tel Aviv or a sunny beach somewhere by now.

    Kathleen Nutt of the National (Scotland) newspaper reported.

    “A post mortem examination into the death of the Tory grandee Sir Leon Brittan is to be carried out after police were called to his home by paramedics yesterday.

    The National has been told the police had wanted to interview the former Home Secretary within the next few weeks.

    “I’ve heard he had been told to attend a police station very recently – sometime this month,” one source told The National.

    The death of the Conservative peer was surrounded in mystery after it emerged last night that officers went to his Pimlico address and that a post mortem examination would be carried out.

    The procedure is not routinely done when someone dies from cancer.

    “Police were called by London Ambulance Service (LAS) at around 03:30hrs on Thursday, 22 January to reports of male deceased at a residential address in Pimlico.”

  3. Cynthia says:

    Julie rightly raises the question of national interest:
    What happened to Leon Brittan?
    For all his influence over British life for decades, there is a sudden silence after his alleged death.

    Is it too embarrassing for the AshkeNAZI to admit he is to be buried in Israhell? Or is his final resting place undecided? Or ……

    After all, the presstitutes and political whores claim he was the ‘best jew of his generation’ and vital to British politics.
    So: what happened to him?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    Or is the entire main scream media in the UK entirely under the jackboot and unable to write about this, under threat of a D notice for ‘nonce security’ reasons…

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