Former Satanist describes what she experienced as a child, and experiences now

This girl, Rebecca, was violated on a daily basis by Satanists from age 4.  She didn’t know any other life so thought nothing of it.

She learned how to put curses on people.

The purpose of Satanism is to rule the world.

She witnesses human sacrifice.  They have underground caverns in the mountains.  They keep the women, the children and the men there.  They make them numb with curses.  They drug them up then start with the sacrificial knife from the chest all the way down to the abdomen.  They sacrificed babies.  That was the hardest part for me says, carrying those babies screaming and crying then seeing their blood flow.

They kidnap women and impregnate them.  They get babies from everywhere.

There are Satanists everywhere, the Police, the Council.  They’re really good at lying.

Anyone who wants to get out of Satanism gets killed.  They are sacrificed.

This girl is really scared talking about what she knows.  Demons are real, she says.


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