Fascist Ukraine offers 5 years imprisonment for denying Russian ‘aggression’

Fascist Ukraine To Criminalize Anti-War Speech: Five Years for Denying ‘Russian Aggression’

21st Century Wire says…

It’s springtime for fascism in the Ukraine. Kiev’s Junta is getting desperate, and so is Washington.

While political leaders from Europe and Russia try to hammer out a peace deal this week inMinsk, the unpopular US-installed billionaire oligarch, Petro Poroshenko (photo below), has been ordered by his foreign handlers to refill the dwindling ranks of a military facing near collapse.

Poroshenko has already hinted to media that he does not plan to observe the peace agreement.

The President has announced the regime’s third “draft” in 12 months, hoping to impress at least100,000 able-bodied citizens between the age s of 25 and 60, into joining in Washington’s failing, bloody proxy-civil war in the eastern region of the country…

Two more draft stages are planned for April and June. Defectors and draft dodgers are fleeing to Russia as a result.

If that wasn’t unpopular and fascist enough, Victoria Nuland’s puppet dictator has plans to pursue and imprison any Ukrainian citizens who dare to question the CIA’s dirty war in the east – targeting journalists and activists first, and then moving on to the general population.

See the shocking details of this latest tyranny from Kiev here…



A bill submitted by an MP from President Poroshenko’s party in the Ukrainian parliament seeks to criminalize public speech that reject the government’s narrative on the civil war, which it describes as a Russian military invasion.The controversial bill amends the Ukrainian criminal code to make “public denial or justification of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2014-2015” a felony.

The ‘crime’ would carry a penalty ranging from a heavy fine and up to a five-year jail term for repeat offences or convicts who held public office.

If the bill is signed into law, it would be the latest move to attack civil freedoms by Ukraine’s post-coup government defending its security policies from criticism.

Last week a Ukrainian court ordered the two-month detention of a journalist from western Ukraine who called for a boycott of the ongoing military draft. Ruslan Kotsaba stated that he would rather spend two to five years in prison for refusing to serve in the military than shoot at Ukrainians in what he described as a ‘fratricidal war’. Prosecutors charged him with high treason, a crime carrying a 15-year term in Ukraine.

READ MORE: Ukrainian reporter ‘charged with high treason’ after calls to dodge draft

The prosecution of Kotsaba was sharply criticized by Amnesty International, which labeled him a ‘prisoner of conscience’ and demanded his immediate release.

“Ruslan Kotsaba’s position may be viewed differently. But by arresting him for making his position public, the Ukrainian authorities violate the basic human right for freedom of expression, which the Ukrainians had been defending at the Maidan,” Tatyana Mazur, head of Amnesty’s Ukrainian branch, said in a statement.

In a separate incident, Anton Gerashchenko an aide to the Ukrainian interior minister threatened opponents of the military draft that any person taking part in last week’s anti-war rally in Mariupol would be detained, identified and fingerprinted.

On Tuesday, President Petro Poroshenko defended the crackdown on anti-war protesters in Ukraine. He told the cabinet that Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) had arrested 19 people who campaigned against the military draft. “The SBU has discovered a den of rogues involved in anti-Ukrainian activity. As of today, they grabbed 19 active critics of the mobilization by their private parts,” the Ukrainian leader said as cited by Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper.

He described the critics as “so-called journalists and activists, who pose a threat equal to that posed by the enemy at the front” and whose campaigning “has nothing to do with democracy and freedom of speech.”

Kiev claims that rather than waging a military crackdown against Ukrainian anti-government rebel forces that didn’t accept the post-coup government it is fighting a stealth invasion of Russian mercenaries and regular troops. On several occasions top Ukrainian officials reported defeating units of the Russian armed forces, but each time they failed to produce conclusive evidence of the allegations for international scrutiny.

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4 Responses to “Fascist Ukraine offers 5 years imprisonment for denying Russian ‘aggression’”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    A nuclear war yet the complicit MSM remain silent.

    Kiev Missile Nuked Donetsk

    Video analysis outlines missile strike with nuclear warhead

    The date is August 2014, location Donetsk. The evidence indicates a nuclear missile attack, ground to ground, launched by the Kiev government. No conventional, thermobaric or otherwise, weapon could have done this.

    There is clear evidence of a missile. We waited for someone to act, do something, say something meaningful, then we acted. We clearly have a nuclear war ongoing in the Ukraine. From Jeff Smith:

    35 to 40 seconds in on the right hand side of the video is the nuke going off. The Yellow Orange flash is from alpha and beta radiation being generated in the atmosphere by the warhead detonation. The Radar proximity fuse detonated the warhead between 1,000 to 3,000 feet in altitude.

    The primary then completed full detonation when it hit the ground. The nuke took about three seconds to completely implode. It was probably intended to be detonated at a much higher altitude. Based on the blast size it was 5k or less in size. The time delay in the shock wave velocity will also determine the blast size.

    There were two detonations the first produced sounds of a conventional ammo dump being blown up. (The cover for the nuke) The second was a ground launched mini nuke. (A lance missile probably; or a similar type; this is how they are designed to work)

    The angle of the yellow streamer will show the direction of launch. The Ukraine has no such weapons so somebody else provided it or sold it to them. These things are not cheap so what was the real targets value and to whom? Someone paid several million dollars to use that weapon. So what or who was the intended high target?


  2. sovereigntea says:

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014
    Donetsk Novorussia Pounded by Ballistic and Nuclear Missile Attack?!
    From George Bush srs new world order, the fall of the Soviet Union and Clinton’s missile wars, to JW Bush’s world war on state sponsored terror, and Washington, UK, and Nato allies pursuit of global nuclear war between superpowers; an escalating world war is clearly being waged, arguably a 3rd world war is well under way with numerous countries under heavy shelling; and it may have already gone nuclear.


  3. sovereigntea says:

    Published on 20 Aug 2014

    Video surfaces Aug 19 2014 showing massive missile bombardment and an explosion that appears to possibly be a tactical nuclear missile strike on Donetsk City in Novorussia breakaway region of Eastern Ukraine (under heavy mortar and missile attack by Kiev Junta National Guard). Anyway you slice it, whether its nuclear or a MOAB or a fuel air type warhead, this apparent ballistic missile attack on civilians is a warcrime of grave magnitude.

    People of St Louis and all the cheerleaders should consider what heinous acts by the powers that be are most perilous to humanity. Protest marches for peace and deescalation of USA sponsored war in Ukraine and globally need to be the number one concern; nuclear WW3 is imminent with very little organized resistance to this global war that is well underway and pounding on Russia’s doorstep.


  4. Miele says:

    Porky is Jewish, the scum who put him there are: Soros (Jew) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (another Jew).

    As Russia reverts back to Orthodox Christianity, Organized Jewry will once again go after Russia like they did last century with the death and carnage of Communism.

    A fantastic cover for Jewry to hide behind the ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ label. It also gives the liberal another chance to feed their egos once more and proclaim to the world just how righteous they are.

    There will have to come a time though, if WW3 is to be averted, when you are going to have to face up to the fact that the Jews are behind all the Worlds woes. And squealing ‘Nazi’ every-time Jewry starts another war, or blows up some skyscrapers, is only playing into their hands and dragging the world into oblivion. This tactic is alright for gatekeepers like Alex Jones, but for those of us who don’t want to live in a Jewish run police-state world, it isn’t

    The ‘real’ Nazis, along with many individuals have, in the past, warned you what would happen if you ever got into bed with Jewry, but you never bothered to listen. And now you are up to your f*cking necks in it. In a minute they will take down the cheap scenery to reveal your bars and cages.

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