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I found this article from last year quite interesting and aprapos. Worthy of sharing

October 5, 2014

David Cameron in his speech to the UN in September described how ordinary members of the public who look at alternative news and conspiracy websites will be treated in exactly the same way as ISIS. Killed by the SAS!

 So how do you turn ordinary people of your own country into a serious terrorist threat “hellbent on the destruction of democracy”. It’s easy and yes the global manipulators have done it before, fact!

 Remember CND? (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) During the nineteen eighties the Governments were so concerned about the affect CND were having on the general population regarding nuclear weapons disarmament that the Governments decided that something had to be done to change public opinion. They needed to create the perception that CND was a violent terrorist organisation, stop the protests and to stop middle class people from joining CND and this is how they did it.

 What is CND? If you go to the website this how CND describes itself. “CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations. CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction: their development, manufacture, testing, deployment and use or threatened use by any country.”  CND put on protests and attempts to lobby government on CND issues. So SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) decided that in order to achieve its aims it needed to demonstrate exactly what happens when peaceful protests go bad. The problem is that unless you manipulate the situation, peaceful protests don’t go bad… that’s the point, they’re peaceful.


So enter stage right the CIA works in conjunction with the Mossad, FBI, NSA, etc, etc, they all work hand in hand. The CIA proposed that they should take advantage of the Iranian hostage crisis and tensions between Iran and the West. They used MI6, MI5 and Scotland Yard intelligence to craft a plan that would not only see the end of a serious threat from the CND movment but would also advertise the creation of the UK’s very own ‘death squad’ the rebranded SAS (Special Air Service.)

 So they firstly began to focus on the Iranian Hostage Crisis and pumped out stories via the media to get the public’s attention. Meanwhile, in London MI6 and MI5 had formed a protest group and was peacefully protesting outside of the Iranian embassy. During this time the SAS were training six men who were MI6 operatives for a live drill which would take place in the Iranian embassy. A hostage training exercise involving all the emergency services and media. This is apparently a common drill, however the MI6 agents who were to play the terrorists had no idea they would end up being killed on that fateful day. However, that is exactly what they had signed up for when they joined the military. Nobody says in the military how you will give your life for your country. You assume it might be on a battlefield, heroically. The battle field is everywhere now so you can be used in all sorts of ways.

 The organised intelligence service protests outside of the Iranian embassy became more and more violent and extreme as planned. Don’t forget that the BBC is also a branch of the intelligence community, all they do is pump out the government message in the news,  in entertainment, education, even the natural history unit is desperate to convince everyone that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct. Remember, the truth never needs to be argued for.

 Then MI6 operatives playing the six armed terrorists stormed the embassy and the plan was underway. Now usually the media wasn’t allowed to cover kidnappings, hostage crisis’ but on this occasion an hour later the BBC had set up a multiple camera outside broadcast unit and the training exercise went ‘real world’ ,beamed into millions living rooms around the world.

 So at this point the SAS were called in to storm the building demonstrating their killing skills to the world. All the MI6 agents were killed by the SAS. A public euphoria gripped the country as the SAS had successfully shown that they were a new modern fighting force even though the operation was a state created false flag.

 Almost immediately the propaganda machine went into action with the making of a major film which would be called “Who Dares Wins” which is the SAS’s own motto. The film would re-tell the Iranian embassy story in broad brush strokes with one exception, that the terrorist group would come out of a peaceful protest group very much like CND, so close to CND in fact that they use CND symbols in the movie as a subliminal message.

 The fictitious group in the film had the same aims as CND nuclear disarmament. But hiding in plain sight amongst ordinary men and women within the CND style group lurks dangerous terrorists.

 This message was to go out to the entire country in every cinema screen across the land and later on television and to be consistently in top movie lists to keep everyone reminded.  Ordinary people who watched the film were suddenly struck with the idea that they could be called a terrorist just for being a member of CND. After all, no one really wants the SAS swinging through their windows and upsetting dinner.

 The intelligence service had already set up right wing activists such as the Neo-Nazi fascist groups, these are all created by the government in order to stop peaceful protests. It just happened again in Scotland. Scotland decides not to be independent and the no campaign celebrated their victory with a street party. Suddenly in amongst the peaceful celebration, a right wing group rocks up and starts disrupting everything. Now the Police couldn’t arrest any of them because they were Police and Intelligence Officers. So they arrested ordinary people. Then the celebration is turned by the media into a ‘what happened when violence broke out’ story which is part of the divide and re-conquering of scotland.

 It’s exactly the same for any protest, march or gathering, it is infiltrated almost completely be Intelligence Officers who muddy the message, cause trouble and frighten the public into staying home and not protesting. Job done! The Government is then free to do what it likes without opposition.

So that is how CND was downsized by using a real world demonstration of what happens to terrorists, fake or otherwise and a fictional film depicting how real terrorists hide behind decent ordinary men and women with real concerns. The result is still the same, the SAS will kill you.

 So how is David Cameron’s Government planning on turning Conspiracy Theorists and Truthers into a real terrorist threat? Firstly, before any war can begin, war has to be declared. This is why David Cameron made his speech at the United Nations, he wanted the message to go out to all the Conspiracy Theorists and Truthers to understand that whether they liked it or not Britain, their own country had declared war on them and it was declared in the place where everyone declares war, The UN.  My Nan doesn’t believe in the official 911 story so at the age of 96 she would be called a Conspiracy Theorist and treated in the same way as an ISIS terrorist according to David Cameron.

 The next step will be getting the media to start pumping out the message that some Conspiracy Theorists turn into radical terrorists who then travel to the Middle East and begin fighting against the West for ISIS, beheading innocent people as they go.

 This message will be increased by the media until real, peaceful, Conspiracy Theorists begin being treated like terrorists, getting arrested by the Police, being under house arrest, having their computers seized, losing access to the internet, etc etc. The Government will tell you that if you don’t want to be treated like this then you need to stay off ‘those websites’. If that doesn’t work a ‘home grown’ Conspiracy Theorist will turn bad and end up being killed by the Security Services on the streets in an Iranian Embassy style demonstration. Again a false flag.

 The media will pump out the message and everyone will suddenly be a Government supporter at least online as the Government labels anyone they like, as a Conspiracy Theorist slash terrorist.

 Let me assure you that at this point the Government will enjoy 100% support from the public. Your family will turn on you, your neighbours who you showed a 911 Youtube clip will suddenly be calling the police telling them that you might be one of ‘those dangerous Conspiracy Theorists’ lest they be accused.

 This is called divide and conquer. Don’t forget that the term Conspiracy Theorist and Truther were coined and set up by the Intelligence Services to identify potential trouble makers in society. They spent millions on promoting “The Catcher In The Rye” conspiracy, before computers were even available to the public. Every false flag operation a copy of “Catcher In The Rye” was found with various passages underlined indicating radicalisation and also sending a message to their own Intelligence Operatives that it was they who had orchestrated the operation. Nowere days they use subliminal messages such as the colour orange to indicate a flase flag or a particular time such as 11.

 By isolating you in society, they stop you and if that doesn’t work, prison or death should do the trick or at least the fear of serious consequences.

 This has just been demonstrated with the arrests of the so called celebrity paedophiles like Max Clifford and Rolf Harris, who’ve been known about for years. So why arrest and imprison them now?

 Celebrities were invented by the Intelligence Services to send messages to the population who will listen to them. For example if you say wanted to get the message over that women should go for breast cancer screening, what you do is give a non lethal or lethal cancer virus to a celebrity. It will be reported across all media and the message gets across to the public, tweeted, facebooked, talked about on chat shows, published in magazines, campaigns of awareness suddely created, etc etc

 Celebrities were created in order for you to be controlled by the state, whether it’s “buy these new sunglasses” because Brad has them or seek medical advice because you might die or we must go to war to stop these terrorists. ‘Celebrity’ is a weapon and sometimes the government turns them into suicide troops prepared to give their own  lives just to be famous. Of course the celebrity like the solider is unaware of how they could be used in order to achieve fame.

 So the Government ousted Max Clifford and Rolf Harris to distract the public from the real issue, paedophiles in Westminster to paedophiles in entertainment which was much better for the Government, not so for the celebrities!  The Government successfully turned the population against them. If they can do that to celebrities then who are you? And before you say but they were found guilty by a jury.  You will be found guilty of being a Conspiracy Theorist by a Jury. Prison is still prison.

 The plan may make use of a real Conspiracy Theorists, Journalists or Truther groups as all of the groups are infiltrated by the Secret Intelligence Service and that is a fact whether it is in the real world, mainstream media, alternative media and online. You may find yourself being the subject of the Police simply by having a Facebook friend who is “proven” to now be “a dangerous Conspiracy Theorist.”

Remember, just because the drama is set up doesn’t mean the collateral damage isn’t real. In fact for a false flag operation to be successful they will set up a stage, a Director will be directing the extras who will all be Intelligence Officers. Then once the Director calls action whoever is found on the stage, perhaps members of the public, at that moment will find themselves become the victims of the operation and part of the propaganda machine of the state, happy to tell their story of how these terrorists ruined their lives.

 Chris Spivey, an Activist and Conspiracy Theorist was arrested by Police over his opinion of what happened in Woolwich and the murder of British Soldier Lee Rigby earlier this year. Now, the newspapers ran stories of how crazy Conspiracy Theorists had upset the family of Lee Rigby and as a British Soldier this was disgraceful. This was  a live real world drill, using Chris Spivey as the unwitting patsy to see whether the media, Police and intelligence apparatus was ready for Cameron’s declaration of war against his own population. The answer was a resounding yes.

 Why am I telling you all this?  Terrorists exist whether they are created by the state, the global manipulators, the Intelligence Services of the world or the banks, it is frankly neither here nor there. The fact is that when your Government begins to turn on its own people then being fore warned is fore armed and the timeline will change. “In order to spring a trap you have to know of its existence.” Good luck. Breaking News in Lanzarote.

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9 Responses to “Conspiracy Theorists to Terrorists. Tap Blog readers are being upgraded.”

  1. RabbiT says:

    I am inclined here to think of Darren Brown’s subliminal giraffe in the room if such is true but then maybe I’m meant to::

    At 1.06 Cameron speaks of a “sick extremist world view”.

    I totally agree a world view is indeed sick and extremist.

    Whatever we do we must maintain national independence and reject a “sick extremist world view” or as stated at 4.10 “a warped world view and live in a quasi medieval state” by that I assume he refers to a feudalistic existence.

    No global control I say!

    At 4.20 he says: “We must defeat this ideology in all its forms” or in other words we must kill all those who do not think as we do.

    Ho do you think Cameron?

    Google “My values are Jewish” and see what comes up.

  2. RabbiT says:

    No spelling error intended.

  3. Hands off our president: President Obama. Zionists have already destroyed his life and are they also planning to kill him?

    Israelis and Zionists killed President John Kennedy and we cannot allow the murder of another US president.

    It is up to President Obama to come forward and tell America what they have put him through and American citizens should support our president.

    “Israeli Military Plotting to kill US President Barack Obama March 3 2015″ By Stew Webb

  4. Julie says:

    In so many words Cameron during this speech says we must stop people saying that Israel was complicit in the attacks of 9/11. Dear, dear Cameron, you must have been reading your copy of the disgusting Talmud. To lie, cheat and steal from non-jews is accepted, but don’t tell em! The Mossad Motto is
    “BY DECEPTION, THOU SHALT DO WAR” and that is exactly what they did on 9/11 and are still doing today.

  5. Gary says:

    Now bricking it because we have access to the truth via the internet. This is being restricted using ‘the right to be forgotten’ and GCHQ hacking the life out of certain sites and prosecution of bloggers who should be pursued (if at all) via the civil courts. Gag laws, privacy relating to the Duke of Ed and other royals health and placed stories on TV and print news all combine to stifle free speech. He has the temerity to mention Nazis? Supporting an illegal Nazi coup in Ukraine to stir trouble with Russia? And if you want a country of extremism, try the USA. They openly allow the Nazi Party, the KKK, they allow racist, sectarian, homophobic, sexist speech. They allow threats, the open carrying of weapons, ownership of fully automatic weapons and assault rifles, guns (cannon type) etc. But someone disagreeing with nuclear weapons, which breach international law, is a threat. Someone reading alternative news because the print and television media is untrustworthy, THEY’RE the terrorist. Anyone who cares, who is curious, who wants to make the world better – dangerous terrorist. Armed Nazi thugs overthrowing governments and twisting the minds of the young spreading hatred of skin colour, sexual orientation, religion and advocating war, torture and death – they’re OK! The people aren’t the problem, its the leaders…

  6. Lynn says:

    They are the conspiracy and have been at this for thousands of years. Aint going to happen now mate, they have some front. Illegal wars money laundering peodophillia and drug running, what a honourable bunch of creeps they truly are. They wear Saville row suits from our taxation phoney system. We have a bloody right to strike back.,

  7. “Israeli Military Plotting to kill US President Barack Obama March 3 2015″ By Stew Webb

    Stew Webb, Dr Preston James, Chip Tatum, Jonas E Alexis are real good people who like to speak and write the truth. But the problem is Gordon Duff and the aforementioned people are his mass people who are there to make Gordon Duff look powerful.

    If you happen to listen to the radio program of Stew Webb – you will notice that it’s mostly Gordon Duff who keeps on talking – and most of what he says is disinformation – and he like Alex Jones seems to be a Zionist agent.

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