Belinda McKenzie on child abuse, and its defenders within Parliament

Britain has a form of terrorism which hides in the shadows – child abusers and their apologists.  The Courts and the Police defend the abuse.  They are part of it.  The politicians defend it.  They are part of it.  Secret societies.


The dimensions of it are large and horrific.  Belinda has fought to help many parents whose children are being abused.  ‘We are all children’ she says.  We are all parents.  Brave lady.   Yet you will read criticism of her online.

From a comment –

Hampstead abuse:

Gabriel interview  1 Sept. 2014  27mins
Startling interview with the grandparents of the 2 children, Gabriel and Alisa, who allegedly suffered terrible abuse along with other children in Hampstead, at the hands of numerous government employees, and others.
Satanic Child Abuse Hampstead – The Grandparents have their say.. (Subtitles)
Published on 25 Feb 2015

The Russian grandparents say they have come to the UK to take the children home to a normal family and school life in Russia where they can recover from their ordeal.

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Police Video interviews of the children can be viewed here for now. Please DOWNLOAD…

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Targetted by the UK state:  the Musa Family, Maurice Kirk, Norman Scarth, + more:

14 Responses to “Belinda McKenzie on child abuse, and its defenders within Parliament”

  1. NPP says:

    Nice post TAP.

    Hey Matthew Hancock MP West Suffolk, what are you doing about this issue? I saw you on TV yesterday in the H of P licking the backside of war monger Cameron who is helpng to cover up the vioation of children. Shame on you Handycock. Shame on the LibLabCon cover up of the violation of children.

    Well done Belinda. Here’s wishing you success.

  2. norse kode says:

    Well done Belinda? Yeah for controlling the opposition! she,s in line for promotion if she pulls this one off……………………………………………..…..,,,,,,good luck to Kevin Annet,Michael Shrimpton,Sabine McNeil and Belinda McKenzie… can you tell what it is yet? come through the looking glass and lets see shall we….the kids are probably telling the truth but are the adults?? its certainly a world of twist..

    • Tapestry says:

      That’s a serious accusation against someone who does stuff to help kids. If she was MI5, so were were many other good people who’ve since realised they were working for the wrong side of good/evil. People like Gordon Logan.

      • Tim says:

        Agreed…actions speak louder than words and Belinda is out their fighting on the front line.

    • NPP says:

      re ‘… the likes of Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Belinda McKenzie and a host of other low lifes together with the batty and the gullible.’

      This is a short sighted comment.

      I admire the likes of Brian Gerrish and David Icke. If that makes me gullible, so be it. It seems there is no doubt our community is infested with the violation of children and I applaud Belinda for being out there speaking up. The eternal in-fighting and bickering clouds the situation and is no doubt welcomed by the perpetrators of the violation. Even ıf Robert Green is incorrect, and I do not know, putting him in prison is unacceptable. Putting Melanie Shaw in prison is unacceptable.

      Icke called out Savile years ago. I first read his accusations in 2005. I thought they must be far fetched. Far from it, he was apparently bang on.

      TAP. I welcome you too. It seems inevitable you will makes mistakes, but as the banner in the Belinda video states, and I paraphrase:
      “Evil people are enabled when good people say nothing.”

      I am also surprised at Thomas Sheridan’s apparent dismissal of the Hampstead and Hollie cases. As long as the establishment covers it up, how on earth we will get to properly find out one or another.

      3 girls go to Syria via Turkey and the BBC gets its knickers in a twist. What nonsense. Babies are being fucked and the BBC focuses on the odd pop star and celeb. If Robert Green is mistaken or complicit in a lie, let it be judged clearly and openly so we might find out. So often these cases are side lined and covered up. I still recall Steve Mesham being labelled as a false accuser while McAlpine’s lawyer was given 10 mins on the BBC News At One. Why did McAlpine not sue David Icke?

      My MP is a bloody disgrace. Well done Belinda.

      • Ali says:

        Not just Sheridan. Danielle la Verite went out of her way to encourage people NOT to watch the children’s video testimonies as they would plant terrible images in the viewers minds! Been very interesting seeing who in the ‘AM’ will not post or involve themselves in this shocking case…

      • Tapestry says:

        Alex Jones said the kids were coached, didn’t he? All channels feel obliged to comment one way or the other. As you say Ali, it gives people away which angle they take on this to some extent.



  3. julie says:

    Sabine’s comments on Vitctims Unte Site.

    “Ah, Thank You, dear Knight of Albion!!!

    “The fun part is trying to distinguish the truth.”

    You’re painting a great ‘kaleidoscope’ of truth with all its facets and wheels within wheels.

    The fun part for me is also the difference between speaking and writing, between ‘exposing’ and ‘empowering’ and between opinions and facts.

    I’m still puzzling over the mechanism that made Sharon decide on the ‘shill criterion’: do you believe the Hollie Greig story?

    For me, no single question can serve as a Litmus test to label someone as a ‘shill’.

    Belinda said because of Chinese whispers about me, which were mainly started by Brian Gerrish. Belinda was determined to ‘do PR’ for me after we met properly, not just at the Royal Courts of Justice, and had a long conversation.

    Asking about my view on freemasonry is like asking about religion rather than science, i.e. believing rather than knowing. Of course I know that freemasonry is one of the ‘glues’ in old boys’ networks, but clearly not the only one.”

    Niether Sabine nor Belinda have said why Belinda Mckenzie ended their “Unincorporated Association” about two weeks ago. This needs an explanation.

  4. Bluefeather6 says:

    Andrea Davison investigated paedophile networks

    • Anon says:

      When I heard Andrea D on Richie Allen I thought she was a trooper!

      But when I heard that clearly brilliant and decent, honest man whose name escapes me on Lou Colllins talking about boiler room company scams and he reported that AD was running a large boiler room scam of dodgy companies making a dodgy fortune (my words – he was much more concise) I had to think twice!

      And what with Annett and Alfred and Mel Ve sticking her nose in my head is busting!!!

      (Thank God for the Tap, Henry – I hope you’re not going to let us down.)

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