Bankers rushing out WW3 as fast as they can. Britain and US not involved in Minsk peace deal.

and Greece signal common ground on bail out. Australian unemployment
numbers jump to 6.4%. US jobless claims jump. Retail sales plunge in
January. Housing foreclosures increase in the US. Baltic Dry Index drops
to 540. US Government/Central bankers pushing to regulate internet.

The Minsk deal has been signed but peace deal very shaky and the central
bankers will use this for war. The US Gov is now using ISIS and al-Qaeda
to get into the countries that they lost to the people. Congress will
most likely pass the war authorization, and the war with ISIS will turn
into WWIII.

▶ US Gov/Central Bankers Trapped, Will Use Ukraine Peace Deal For War – Episode 590 – YouTube

Watch last 20 minutes.  Remember that financial trends are long term and don’t happen in days but over years.

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Report date: 2.12.2015

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The same topic is covered by 21st Century Wire – Patrick Henningsen.

‘Russian Fifth Column Panics Over Putin’s Triumph With Minsk Agreement’

Dima Piterski
Fort Russ
(translated from Russian by Kristina Rus)It is interesting to see the commentary on the Minsk agreement by our enemies. Today appeared an article of staunch Russophobes Illarionov and Piontkovsky, the general point of which is “Hollande and Merkel’s betrayal”, “everything is lost, the client is leaving, the cast is removed” [as in a popular Russian comedy ‘The Diamond Arm’], and so on. Take a look:“A. Illarionov, A. Piontkovsky. Minsk protocols• Their only positive result is possible ceasefire.
As for the rest Putin got almost everything he wanted.
Meanwhile he did not take on any commitments.
All commitments were assumed by Ukraine.
Moreover, these Ukrainian commitments are now supported by the commitments of Germany and France.The only significant positive result of the adopted document is the agreement on a ceasefire and separation of the warring parties. This gives a chance to end the bloodshed, the deaths of Russians and Ukrainians, civilians, volunteers, military personnel. However, the date of the armistice – February 15 – is alarming. Do not rule out that the remaining three days available to Putin – can be used for provocations, including in the area of Debaltsevo. For example, same as the events during the exit of the Ukrainian military from the encirclement under Ilovaisk, through corridors proposed in August.The main content of the adopted documents:– Increasing since Brisbane G20 Summit, international isolation of the Kremlin regime is broken.- Putin has again become equal participant in international meetings and now together with the leaders of democratic States can sign joint documents.- Russia is not considered a party to the conflict.- Russian aggression against Ukraine is not recognized.

– The presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine is not condemned.

– Demand for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine is missing.

– Possible supplies of defensive weapons to Ukraine are disrupted.

– Occupied Crimea is not mentioned in the adopted documents.

– Possible imposition of new economic sanctions against the aggressor is cancelled.

– Demands for the investigation of terrorist acts (MH-17, Volnovakha, Mariupol, other) and punishment of terrorists is missing.

– Terrorists and bandits are guaranteed pardon and amnesty.

– There are no guarantees of conducting on the occupied territories of free elections in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

– Ukraine is obliged by the end of 2015 to implement constitutional reform with actual guarantees of preservation of terrorist regime of Lugandoniya [Russophobic term for LPR, DPR].

– Ukraine is obliged to reform the Constitution and to discuss issues of local elections with the current members of the terrorist regime of Lugandoniya.

– Ukraine is obliged to guarantee the powers of local council deputies and officers elected in early elections, these powers cannot be dismissed prematurely.

– Ukraine is obliged to recognize the vertical of power of Lugandoniya – “prosecutors and judges, people’s militia units”, being created by the terrorist regime of Lugandoniya.

– Control of internationally recognized Ukrainian-Russian border at present is not transferred to the Ukrainian side. Its transfer is postponed “to the end of 2015, subject to fulfillment of point 11, in consultation and in coordination with the representatives of different districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the framework of the Tripartite Contact group”, provided local elections and the constitutional reform in entire Ukraine. That is – either never or after the recognition of the political regime of Lugandoniya and the change of the constitutional system of Ukraine.

– Release of Savchenko and other prisoners/hostages, located on the territory of Russia, is not provided.

– Continued penetration into the territory of Ukraine of Russian humanitarian convoys guaranteed.

– Commitments for funding pensions and other payments to Lugandoniya is the responsibility of Ukraine and partly Western countries.

– Anti-Ukrainian Law of Ukraine “On the temporary procedure for local government in some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” is reanimated.

– Established commitments of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to define “areas subject to a special status” (i.e. the territory of Lugandoniya).

– Ukraine guarantees the exclusion of Lugandoniya from the national implementation of foreign economic relations.

– Ukraine and the West guarantee the start of negotiations between the EU, Ukraine and Russia on the practical issues of implementation of signed by Ukraine

Agreement on free trade zone with the European Union (i.e. actually passing the key to the process of European integration of Ukraine to Putin).

Again, the main thing:

– Russia has not taken any commitments.

Second most important:

– Ukraine has taken on a huge number of commitments, primarily for the recognition of the terrorist regime of Lugandoniya.

Third thing:

– All obligations of Ukraine are now guaranteed by obligations of the leaders of Germany and France.”

IMAGE: ‘VLAD SCORES’ Putin made Ukraine’s fascist oligarch Petro Poroshenko look stupid in Minsk this week.

P.S. As for my humble opinion, I do not really understand what the big deal is about. These documents were signed, let me remind you, with representatives of Ukraine – a failed state whose leaders are known for having never completed a single contract in their life. This is approximately the same as to sign a contract with Mavrodi stating you are a partner just for fun. Europeans, who were present there, previously had deceived Yanukovych, and their predecessors simply killed Qaddafi, to not have to pay back the debt. That is, their word is not worth much more then Poroshenko, Fox or Sonka the Golden hand. Putin and Zakharchenko with Plotnitsky, and any old grandma on a bench are well aware of this. Well, this is hilarious.

I believe that Putin hung around there for so long to once again try to improve relations with Hollande and Merkel on the eve of another round of war with the United States. People sat around, had long conversations, common hard work brings people closer. Putin can easily demonstrate his charm, especially against such a pig, as Poroshenko, and if there is a chance to somewhat increase the rift between the United States and Europe, then who cares about a sleepless night? Well, I think, that’s how he thought about it. And to go to war against someone you like is more complicated than against those you hate – the fighting spirit is diminished.

The duration of ceasefire (if it ever starts) will be determined by the general situation on the fronts and the readiness of the parties to continue fighting. We are talking not only about the Ukrainian front, but also the degree of readiness of our missile defense, for example, to repel missile attacks or readiness of the Navy to confront American forces; about the readiness of the financial system for another round of war; by the situation in other regions of global confrontation – Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Latin America and so on. That is, there are many nuances, which we do not know about, because  we are staring only at one point on the map, and the Commander In Chief sees the entire map. And he is addressing the issues, which don’t even exist for us yet, because they are not yet released into the media space…

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TAP – The last two paragraphs, missed out by Henningsen, are a little more concerning, showing that Russia might have some aggressive intent.  The US does its usual thing since WW2 of starting a war and then losing it.  Russia can sniff the strategy, and is preparing to grab what’s left on their plate once the US/EU withdraw.  It’s pleasing the writer expresses a preference for peace, but you can sense an interest in war too from the Russian side, in a spirit of resignation not enthusiasm, which would propel Russian influence far further West.

Regarding the remains of Ukraine, the time of their final burial will probably come when the Nazis will overthrow Poroshenko. Then it will be immediately announced, that Nazi criminals came to power, instituted terror, there are nuclear power plants, it is extremely dangerous, we cannot quietly watch this, and so on – after that the failed state, foolishly created by grandpa Lenin, will cease to exist and its territory will be divided between Russia and Poland. Perhaps Romania and Hungary will also be thrown a small piece or an independent Transcarpathian Republic will be recognized. And, as they say – no body, no case. Everyone is happy, everyone is gone. This is my channeling.Of course, such a partition will happen if it will not be preceded by direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO. In this case, we, in the end, will take everything, and even Poland to top it off, and Putin will have to form a new, post-war world order and the new boundaries considering there is no need to share with anyone. But this option has its negative – there will be a lot of blood, millions of people can be killed, including each of us. So I’d rather peacefully divide this territory, quickly grab the Baltics and forget about all the contradictions.

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50,000 Dead in Ukraine! Ukraine Covers Up Mass Graves, Cremation and Organ Harvesting of Bodies!

“… German Intelligence and US Intelligence now put the official death toll in the Ukraine at 50,000!   This means that the US installed puppet government is now responsible for the deaths of 50,000 people.  These people were soldiers in the conscripted Ukrainian army, innocent women and children in Eastern and their brave soldiers protecting them in Eastern Ukraine from the Kiev butchers!”

From October 5, 2014:

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  1. Gordon says:

    See Also:

    Kiev Missile Nuked Donetsk.

    Video analysis outlines missile strike with nuclear warhead.

    By Jeff Smith and Gordon Duff.

  2. Gordon says:

    And here’s the crater that explosion caused.

    Certainly looks like no conventional bomb!

  3. All wars have been Bankers wars and all massacres have been orchestrated by the same crime syndicate. We don’t need to repeat what took place in Germany to Germans and Japanese in Japan.

  4. pauline says:

    Well one good thing if they do start third world war afraid none of us will know or survive we will just all dissapear in a giant puff of smoke no survivors just dust, the royalty, illuminati, jews will all sit it out intheir newly built underground cities several levels deep underground, once the dust settles after several centuries below ground, the elite will emerge and create a new slave test tube race with all the knowledge they secreted, earth will once more be repopulated as in ancient sumeria, a good friend once told me we are today living in the fourth created world, myself I feel many worlds before us this current world have been destroyed, and the jew just restarts another world to bleed dry, turn populations to destroy each other in constant wars then nuke the lot

  5. Rabbit says:

    “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;”

    Revelation 6.15

    But their fate will not be as you suggest:

    “And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:” v16

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