Attempts to smear David Mortimer of Family Law Reform


This morning Cameron Clegg Chukka & Blair were all looking at my Linkedin profile & my sons just texted me saying journalists have asked his mum to comment about me and he says his mums not spoken to them –  but I don’t think that will stop them publishing a story to discredit me.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Seems we have a couple of senior MPs ex Foriegn Secretary’s sweating it out… lets get them discredited now and concentrate on the rest of the total crooks Ceo’s of HSBC for starters. Is this the first sign of some sanity finally taking over and infiltrating the phoney ESTABLISMENT !!

  2. pauline says:

    local libour group are keeping an eye on davids campaign ,have not heard anything bad being said as yet,no smears lies ect

  3. Bill Williams says:

    discrediting of whistleblowers is one of their main tactics
    this is george galloways speech on israeli terrorism

  4. peter james says:

    There are indeed people who blacken whistleblowers reputations and works
    at the kent freedom movement we have seen several of these, just one who tried to discredit chris spivey and chris cooper
    was a man called elis taylor a scumbag
    5th columnist

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