Another victim witness talks. BBC. MPs. Savile. Murder. Child abuse update.

Further to the Hampstead whistleblowing kids saga, here’s another victim speaking out.  A cooment came in from Norse Kode.  He\she called the schools allegedly involved with the Hampstead abuse.

I rang both schools asking if they were aware of these alleged events and  what they were doing to investigate the allegations ,christ church put the phone down after dismissing any reference to abuse and  st margarets were very patronising and conceited,claiming that they would look into it..hardly the attitude of responsible loving adults caring for children..more like prison guards annoyed with some human rights group,s intervention.Bring on the peoples tribunal


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  1. Mark says:

    ‘you could have speed, you could have coke’ – explosive post Tap

  2. Mark says:

    “Got speed…”
    Understanding substance use and misuse. We should keep this in mind. This explains a lot.

  3. Ian R Thorpe says:

    The cancer just keeps spreading. Will it blow the establishment apart at election time or will the elite close ranks and convince the sheeple there is nothing to worry about.
    I know which outcome I’ll be blogging for. It’s time people got angry.

  4. Julie says:

    “Thousands of French Jews flee to Britain despite ‘rising UK anti-Semitism’ RT Report

    God help the Goyim!

    Thousands of French Jews have migrated to London and other cities in Britain over the last two years in search of economic security and a safe haven to practice their faith.

    Senior officials in the Jewish community say many Jews have been drawn to the UK by Britain’s relative economic stability, while others perceive it as a safe space to practice their religious beliefs.

    The reports follow a controversial poll published Wednesday that suggested 45 percent of Britons hold anti-Semitic views.

    The YouGov poll, commissioned by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA), asked 3,411 UK adults about their attitudes toward Jewish citizens based in Britain.

    The survey found that one in eight people polled thought Jews used the Holocaust to garner sympathy.

    One in four believed Jewish people “chase money more than others,” while one in six people felt Jews have too much power in the media and think they are superior to others.

  5. allan marshall says:

    I was handed a copy of a free magazine as i left the rail station and the headline said the amazing james randi has had to retire overnight as he has been exposed as a long term abuser of small boys at both kincora boys home barnabus house and the jersey care home

  6. : Adoption: Thousands of children forcibly taken into care – the tip of the iceberg I have been exposing in Brussels: 4% get adopted. The rest is in ‘care’. 50 a year die in care. 10,000 go missing:

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