According to EU Directives, you behaved lawfully Sabine and UK Authorities have not.


I reported about my visit to Parliament here.

And I blogged about my EU Arrest Warrant here.

I published my email to the Chief Executive of Barnet Council here.


From: Deborah Mahmoudieh
Sent: 26 February 2015 04:21
To: Sabine K McNeill
Subject: Law


Hi – it was quite late last night when i read your email – so i had a look and sent you a few key points i thought might be useful. Now, i will try and put them into context of your personal case against UK Authorities.

As a person professionally involved in this case and aware of the facts in terms of two child witness testimonies and police medical evidence to support those testimonies, you also had to consider the legality:



Serious criminal offences such as the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography require a comprehensive approach covering the prosecution of offenders, the protection of child victims, and prevention of the phenomenon. The child’s best interests must be a primary consideration when carrying out any measures to combat these offences in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Framework Decision 2004/68/JHA should be replaced by a new instrument providing such comprehensive legal framework to achieve that purpose.


Member States should encourage any person who has knowledge or suspicion of the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a child to report to the competent services. It is the responsibility of each Member State to determine the competent authorities to which such suspicions may be reported. Those competent authorities should not be limited to child protection services or relevant social services. The requirement of suspicion ‘in good faith’ should be aimed at preventing the provision being invoked to authorise the denunciation of purely imaginary or untrue facts carried out with malicious intent.

The case includes child pornography i.e. sessions being filmed and photographed, sexual abuse of children, child trafficking and child murder.

What choice did you have except to appeal directly to the Authority of the general public in light of regular Authorities being allegedly complicit and actually, negligent in dealing with this case which required immediate action: Investigations, prosecutions and competencies

Investigations and prosecutions concerning offences must not solely depend on a report or accusation being made by the victim, and criminal proceedings must be able to continue even if that person has withdrawn his or her statement.. Furthermore, for the most serious offences, prosecutions must be possible for a sufficient period of time after the victim has reached the age of majority.

Basically, you acted in ‘good faith’ according to the facts of what you had witnessed from children, police medical report, Mother and Authority ignorance and negligence: Negligence = failure to immediately investigate verifiable facts. Negligence; left other children at possibly, serious risk – a risk which could not be adequately assessed without a thorough investigation of remaining verifiable facts.

Though allegations are later, withdrawn, the tapes recording the children’s “retraction” would NOT be permissable as freely-given evidence in a Court of Law, the children are very clearly, encouraged to say what interviewers wanted them to say and even, with police putting words into the children’s mouths. By comparison, the first tapes reporting the abuse are consistent and clearly, are freely given statements with no leading questions by police interviewers. In respect of the obvious evidence, yourself and others, very strongly felt that the retraction was cohereced and that children remained at risk.

The amount of time now passed has permitted abusers to escape and cover their tracks. Christchurch school now has ALL new staff and who knows what other evidence is now lost? Considering Authorities themselves are accused, it can be construed that their lack of legally, required action was specifically, to AVOID confirming the children’s allegations. It is very reasonable to conclude that the Authorities of Courts & Police are at the very least, negligent in refusing to use their powers to protect children and limit child sexual abuse & child trafficking and at worst, actively complicit as abusers themselves.

In case of Authorities being suspect and when immediate action is required: Human Right of Free Speech – the RIGHT TO CRY FOR HELP!

What yourself, Mother and others involved, needed and still need, is REASSURANCE that other children and babies were NOT at risk, without that reassurance, all of your lives have been hell because; the stories of TWO witness abused children are consistent, freely given, very detailed and include names and addresses of abusers/killers and other child victims, informed beyond what an average child could know and because the medical evidence confirms sexual abuse = enough to arouse suspicion. Is that kind of suspicion of such serious abuse involving so many children and professional people in UK Authority one can just live with daily? Is it NOT exactly, the kind of suspicion the E.U Legislation on Combatting Child Sexual Abuse, Pornography and Trafficking was written to ENSURE would be investigated?


This Directive respects fundamental rights and observes the principles recognised in particular by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and in particular the right to the protection of human dignity, the prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the rights of the child, the right to liberty and security, the right to freedom of expression and information, the right to the protection of personal data, the right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial and the principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties. This Directive seeks to ensure full respect for those rights and principles and must be implemented accordingly.

British authorities involved in this case have acted negligently according to EU Directives and their negligence lends further credence to the children’s allegations which are in turn, supported by the medical evidence. The implications are extremely serious and if the children’s allegations are correct, this would mean that those Authorities cited as participants in child abuse and murder are a deadly threat to possibly thousands of vulnerable, children. The gravity of that possibility weighed against the very flimsy “retractions” – where is the balance between allegation and fact? What is the point of police who refuse to investigate verifiable FACTS provided by TWO witnesses to multiple murder of babies brought into Britain via child traffickers?


This Directive should be fully complementary with Directive 2011/36/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2011 on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims, and replacing Council Framework Decision 2002/629/JHA (8), as some victims of human trafficking have also been child victims of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.

The negligence is in fact criminal given the trust and responsibility to uphold the law that is the Oath and job of those professionals involved. This case is not simply about child sexual abuse, human trafficking and murder – all of which have yet to be investigated; this case is about a Mother and her children’s and her Counsel’s, Human Rights and their rights of protection under E.U. Law as E.U. Citizens; the children have a right to speak and be heard, they have a right to have their allegations investigated.

According to EU Directives, you behaved lawfully Sabine and UK Authorities have not.


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  1. Julie says:

    Who is Deborah Mahmoudieh?. Is she employed by Save the children or is she a volunteer? Her “linked in” profile doesn’t say much. I worked for Save the Children as a volunterr many years ago, bu no know the mangagment is embroiled in corruption. A volunteer for STC was a paedophile, highlighted in 2009. STC invest the proceeds of donations in energy firms and Save the Children in the States give Tony Blair who should be in the Hague a bloody humanitarian award!

  2. Tapestry says:

    You can’t categorise all the people from an organisation like STC as one. In fact our future survival depends on enough good people within the system awakening to the point of action. Here is someone helping sabine with legal advice. Judge people by their actions, not their current or former labels.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    ISIS Executioner Emwazi claims Harassment by MI5: Forced Recruitment Methods
    nsnbc : The ISIS executioner who appeared in several execution videos, speaking with British accent, has been identified as the 26-year-old Mohammed Emwazi who claims that he had been harassed and intimidated by MI5. How are Western intelligence services recruiting targeted persons?

    Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. Jihadi John” from the British capital London has, according to the guardian been harassed by the British intelligence service MI5.

    ISIS_Hostages_Jan 2015In an article entitled “How Mohammed Emwazi went from fresh Graduate to knife-wielding killer” the newspaper would report that his ordeal began when he traveled to Tanzania in 2009.

    The domestic British intelligence service MI5 was reportedly already in touch with Emwazi before he left the UK and began appearing in ISIS videos.

    Emwazi reportedly stated that he had been harassed to such a degree that he filed a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission over his treatment.

    In 2009, after police in Tanzania questioned him, he was reportedly flown to the Netherlands where he was interrogated by an MI5 agent. The intelligence service reportedly monitored him after his return to the UK and he was at several occasions prevented from leaving the country. The surveillance and restrictions forced upon him reportedly had a devastating effect on his ability to find work and on his social relations.

    What is the most common Forced Recruitment Strategy of the UK’s MI5, the German Verfassunsschutz and other Western European Intelligence Services?

    One of the most common recruitment techniques among European intelligence services is to single out persons who committed minor crimes, threaten them with severe consequences or with the possibility to “set them up and let them serve major prison sentences”. After this first round of intimidation they are then approached by a domestic intelligence service who will offer them that “all problems could easily disappear if they cooperate; or else”.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Especially the UK’s MI5 and the German Federal as well as State Verfassungsschutz (Constitutional Protection Police) have perfected this recruitment method. The most common “targets” for this recruitment method are individuals of special interest.

      During the 1960s – 70s this would typically be Communists, Socialists. Since the 1980s and after the end of the so-called cold war in the 90s, the Western European intelligence services began to focus on the new “enemy”, Muslims.

      British and most major corporate and State-funded Western media would focus on whether Emwazi’s claims were exaggerated or not; or whether the authorizations granted by the UK’s Counter-terrorism and Security Act violate the rights of citizens and contribute to radicalizing people rather than preventing terrorism.

      The questions almost all media shun are:

      Has MI5 used the above described or a similar method to force Emwazi into becoming cooperative?
      Has he been forced into the role of Jihadi John or is he a willing executioner / actor?
      Is he still handled by British or eventually NATO intelligence services?
      Are the revelations by the guardian a limited hangout to crate a new “legend” after inconsistencies in previous ISIS videos and “convenient timing” of executions had become too blatantly obvious?

      The UK’s Counter-Terrorism and Security Act provides a series of sweeping powers which create a perfect environment for rendering a targeted person vulnerable to recruitment and forced recruitment.

      These include overt, around the clock surveillance which will render the targeted person isolated and shunned by his social environment.

      Furthermore, the act allows for the forced relocation of a targeted person, thus further isolating the targeted person and rendering the individual vulnerable for recruitment. Cooperating may under such circumstances be perceived as the one and only way out. That is, especially when a professionally trained recruiter positions him or herself as the targeted person’s only “friend and helper”.

      Keeping the discourse within the framework which the guardian is setting up prompts the question: “whom is the guardian a guardian for?”

      CH/L – nsnbc 27.02.2015

      • G0dAlmighty says:

        Excellent post ST.

        Might be OT but most informative and on track.

        Haven’t we had two JJs named so far?

      • sovereigntea says:

        Seemingly the FBI who are responsible for security within the borders of the USA claimed to know in Sept. although Murdoch’s media monkeys might have just made the story up. 🙂 LOL “Jihad john” its a nickname a child might come up with in the playground, how pathetic.

        09:55, UK, Friday 26 September 2014

        FBI: Islamic State’s Jihadi John Identified

        Intelligence officials identify the man shown beheading two US journalists and a UK aid worker, whose widow backs Brit airstrikes.

        By Sky News US Team

        FBI Director James Comey says the bureau has identified the Islamic State (IS) militant known as Jihadi John.

        But Mr Comey told reporters at the agency’s headquarters in Washington DC he would not reveal the man’s name or nationality.

      • sovereigntea says:

        20 September 2014
        US spy planes are flying over British skies in hunt for Jihadi John’s associates as net closes in on London suburb

        US spy planes are flying above Britain monitoring telephone and computer signals in a bid to track down British terrorist Jihadi John and those who are communicating with him.

        The aircraft, manned by British pilots and carrying FBI agents, are equipped with technology so advanced they can detect heat coming off a keyboard when a button is pressed.

        A source has revealed Jihadi John, who has beheaded three Western hostages on camera, comes from a South London suburb about 10 miles from Central London.

        Read more:

  4. RabbiT says:

    If we may get back on topic:

    Whoever Deborah Mahmoudieh is (KFM?) she is absolutely right on the principles.

    The Ministry of Justice and the courts in the UK have absolutely no regard for law or the Human Rights Act. I can say from many years of direct experience they will do absolutely everything they possibly can to pervert justice and violate the rights of individuals.

    The UK takes little to no notice of EU rulings so one has to wonder what is the point – it is all lip service.

    I provided lay assistance to a single mother who was at risk of loosing her children to care as she was at risk of imprisonment over charges which had little or no substance.

    Having presented the perfect defence the judge (in the secret court) ruled that the single mother had confessed to the crime during the hearing.

    When the mother protested that she did no such thing it was covered up with the claim the judge had confused the case with another.

    Was the judge removed from office. No chance.

    Was the mother free to go. No.

  5. Lynn says:

    Tap you are so right…most people do their job and have no say in the structures or management or owner connections. This is how they operate covertly. How doctors prescribe poisonous meds. They all believe in good. The evil behind this front is a Matrix, the veil is slowly lifting now and the true imposters hiding in the shadows are being exposed. The whole thing is becoming obvious now and we need to know who is trustworthy and who can navigate this apalling assault by deception to a full justice for all. Who can we trust and who is covering up. That is the whole point now.

    • RabbiT says:

      One of my parents died recently resulting in a complaint from me about a heap of corruption surrounding the death itself.

      This was mostly due to the fact my parent left written intent to provide equally for both their family and their step family but this was thwarted by their new spouse obtaining everything due to the anticipated forging of a will.

      There was already evidence their new spouse may have attempted to murder my parent or should I say my parent expressed a year or two earlier that they could not understand how they suddenly became unconscious hitting their head on the stone hearth, resulting in considerable injury, the only stone object in their new much younger spouses home.

      Impossible to prove so long after the event.

      That said as a child of the deceased I have a right in law to access their medical records regarding claims on their estate.

      My parents doctor, a prominent member of society with many other connections, point blank denied me access to the records thereby denying me my rights in law.

      I took extensive video of their pompous denials but keep such private.

      Eventually I did get access to some medical records but was never given copies of those papers I requested and was promised which proved very serious crime had been committed in this case by the new spouse.

      They will be destroyed by now.

      I spared this doctor the indignity of being recorded as they did at least grant me access.

      Perhaps I should have just taped such buy why bother, courts are not going to be interested.

      In their final hospital stay, it turns out my parent was going to be discharged but allegedly relapsed.

      My parent was not eating and allegedly refused to be fed by tube.

      Were they subject to the Liverpool Care Pathway?

      The hospital is known for embracing this form of lawful murder:

      There was no point in pursuing the matter as it became abundantly clear the courts, the police, the NHS and the lawyers in the case were co-operating to cover up the various crimes which if pursued would have resulted in sentences of 5-10 years for the guilty some of whom were prominent members of local society.

      Evidence shows the new spouse got their hands on nearly £1/2M. Not a lot to some but to the ordinary person in the street a considerable sum.

      Sadly not many left we can trust Lynn.

      Let us therefore continue to stand with Sabine and have his case properly heard whatever it takes.

  6. RabbiT says:


    (BUT why bother)

    Let us…stand with Sabine and have THIS case properly heard…

    • I fear that won’t be possible any more…

      But miracles are possible, aren’t they!?

      • NPP says:

        I have a Turkish friend 6 years older than I. I always remember it is 6 becasue he spent 6 years in prison. He enjoys quantum physics and once said: Impossible is Impossible.
        I like that idea.

        I appreciate the way you are engaging, certainly via TAP blog. You are questioned and quizzed and time and again you come back with a response. This Hampstead story is so ‘unbelievable’, yet if it is true thank goodness you do what you do.

        Hat off to you.

        The law? Holding people to account? Another pop star goes to prison? What does it achieve? The law is an ass.

        What can make a difference is shining and pouring light onto and into dark matters. By discussing openly and clearly, light is being shone. This will prevent the dark spreading. I particularly enjoyed your Richie Allen interview while in a hotel room in Istanbul. Isn’t the internet wonderful! Perhaps Richie could request InfoWars take another look at your case. I can understand why the Hamstead case is so easily presumed to be a ‘hoax’. C’mon InfoWars, interview Sabine. Give her light!

        TAP, interesting, dare I say even inspiring, interview by Richie Allen with alleged ‘dsinfo’ monger Alex Jones who addresses this allegation:

      • RabbiT says:

        Yes they are Sabine.

  7. Anon says:

    CCPS2 – the teachers and school staff:

  8. Maria says:

    this cults exist. My gadaugther was involved in one (sex) at 13 years old, she got burn marks all over her body, pregnant so many times from this PAEDOFILES, determination after 15 she got pregnant again, her baby put fir adoption. SS, caffcas and cares knew it, I sent letters to MPs and the head of SS …….7 years one still nothing Donne to protect my girl

    • Anon says:


      I’m so sorry that she went through that terrible ordeal and that you and other loved ones have not been heard.

      I imagine that the people who are trying to help the Hampstead children are doing it for all children and decent people who have been/are being directly affected by this situation.

  9. Anon says:

    Working audio of Ella Draper’s police raid nail-biting stuff:

  10. The name of Deborah Mahmoudieh’s video is simply “Save the Children” because we need to Save these Kids. It is NO REFERENCE to any organisation of the same name. Thanks.

  11. Not “Save the Children” as an organisation!

  12. She is volunteering as we all are.

    • Julie says:

      Sabine … I asked if she was employed or a volunteer for Save the Children charity. You said she was a volunteer. Now you say she is not a volunteer for this charity. Is she a volunteer for the Mckenzie Friends? If so, this information should have been made available.

      • “Should have been made available” ?? It’s called “a brain” Julie. Good lord !!

      • Yes! Please listen to Tapestry below. Do you know how many “units of understanding” Sabine is having to juggle right now? I think your approach is extremely unfair. This woman is not only EXILED from her country, has had to abandon her home and her comforts of home, is trying to fly under the radar because of an EU Arrest Warrant, whilst still keeping communications up with people, is depending on people she knows to lodge her, is shifting residence every few days or so, is continually writing blog posts to call people to ACTION, is writing submissions to EU bodies to get them to intervene in the CORRUPT UK Police and UK “Just Us” systems……

        And here YOU are…. quibbling about what “Save the Children” might mean. How about: SAVE THE CHILDREN ?????

      • Julie says:

        Bronwyn Llewellyn. I have a brain thank you, and I am using it well. You have an association with Sabine McNeill, so you would try to discredit any remarks which questions the half-truths about this whole story.

      • Tapestry says:

        Guilt by association again?

  13. Tapestry says:

    Ask the questions, Julie. But is an accusatorial style necessary? Sabine is undergoing major stress right now and could do with support. Her campaign and her work will be unforgettable, and her role in challenging State-sponsored paedophiles is already beyond the call of duty.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t think my question was accusative at all. I have asked questions regarding the Hampstead abuse story and every time you, Sabine, Anon or someone else has tried to silence me. I find it sinister to say the least. Sabine supports a website called Inquiring Minds, but she and you don’t like it when doubters raise questions. I know that SRA abuse accours in the UK and other countries, but the evidence is not provided in this case. A few days ago Belinda Mckenzie supported the mother’s boyfriend, saying he “tapped” the children’s heads with spoons. Notice the word “tapped” … he didn’t tap their heads he HIT THEM and the marks show on the videos in the airport or on holiday.

      • From the way you’re talking Julie, i’d say you haven’t even watched the children’s first testimonies. Have you ??? It’s time you did !! Watch this !!

      • Anon says:

        I agree with Belinda’s interpretation of that situation. First, the children had rectal scarring they say was caused by their father. Not Abraham.

        When they finally managed to confide in their mother and her partner about the abuse that was going on, they were under such enormous pressure, having been under threat of death for years, that they started acting up. They put excrement on their mother’s – and Abraham’s – toothbrushes; stuff like that.

        Once, and just once, Abraham lost it having in turn been enormously pressurised. Makes sense to me.

        Put yourself in his shoes! I think he’s doing a brilliant job.

  14. debdahvibeze says:

    I do NOT work for ‘Save The Children’ – i have donated & worked as a volunteer to help but i am not employed by that organisation/charity.

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