Royal paedophile scandal just got worse

Sunday, 1 February 2015.  Sent in by James.


Reportedly the photo above is some kind of photoshop.1. Top Jew Jeffrey Epstein ‘filmed Prince Andrew having sex with his underage slave.’2. The CIA and its friends have files on the top child abusers.

3. A child abuse witness disappeared after the top police dumped him.
A Jewish cabinet minister had control of the security services.
4. Child abusers have been placed in top positions in government.
1. Reportedly, FBI agents seized at least four ‘lurid’ films from the Florida home of Jeffrey Epstein.A serving law enforcement officer “has confirmed that the content of the films is described in 93 pages of police files leaked to a US publication.”Andy’s pal FILMED his escapades with underage ‘sex slave’The National Enquirer has ‘a screenshot from a video’ allegedly showing Andrew having sex with this girl.Reportedly the screenshot is some kind of photoshop.

Prince Andrew’s Viral Video of Sex Slave Scandal.
The top Jew Leon Brittan and Barbara Castle. The CIA and its friends know the identities of the top child abusers in the UK.Westminster child abuse scandal: KGB and CIA kept secret …

One source close to the KGB said: “We knew of some MPs who loved rent boys, and others who were active paedophiles.”In those days, MPs were protected by (police) Special Branch and anyone with a chequered history, or an unhealthy appetite for young children, was soon flagged up by them…”They tried hard to suppress any possible leaks…
“(Jewish cabinet minister Leon) Brittan ran your Special Branch. He also organised a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign with Prime Minister Thatcher against the miners and militants.”
The KGB man says that police Special Branch was run by Leon Brittan ‘as an establishment militia.’Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, an abuser at the Elm Guest House boy brothel, was accused of failing to act on the evidence passed to him by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983.Former Labour cabinet minister minister Barbara Castle compiled files on child abuse, but they were seized by Special Branch officers in 1984.
Tony Robinson, 81, a former Special Branch officer, found child abuser Sir Cyril Smith’s prosecution files deliberately hidden at his Blackburn headquarters.
Deputy head of MI6 Peter Hayman.
The deputy head of MI6, Sir Peter Hayman, kept “explicit records of his sexual activities and fantasies”, a report from the 1980s said.
A number of people in both MI5 and MI6 were said to be child abusers.
After World War II, the man with most influence within MI5 and MI6 was said to be Lord Victor Rothschild.
There is a suspicion that people such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers control the security services, including Mossad and the CIA.EPSTEIN’S BLACK BOOK – NAMES LISTED.

3. In the early 1980s, a young rent-boy volunteered to expose the top people abusing children at boy brothels.
A newspaper gave the boy a camera.The boy named Leon Brittan, the cabinet minister responsible for the police and MI5, as a visitor to a boy brothel.The boy disappeared hours after starting his investigation – and was never seen again.
Reportedly, the police, cabinet ministers and members of the security services were regular visitors to the various boy brothels, which were run by the security services.A young rent boy phoned the Sunday Mirror newspaper and told them he feared for his life because a policeman who was supposed to be protecting him had been ordered to close the case.The boy told the journalists: “Please, please help me. I’m in terrible danger. They will know I’ve been talking to the police.”You cannot imagine what they will do to me if I’m caught. I have seen what they have done to others.”The boy told the journalists that Leon Brittan was one of the people who attended the child abuse parties held in various locations.Reportedly, some of the top child abusers were flown in and out of a Royal Airforce base, possibly RAF Northolt.

Reportedly, some of the top child abusers were flown to Belgium, the home of Marc Dutroux, whose child kidnapping gang has been linked to Mossad and its friends.

The police detective, who was supposed to be protecting the child whistleblower, told the child that the child abuse investigation had been stopped.The boy said of the detective: “He told me that he’d been ordered to stop the investigation and could do nothing to help me.”The boy then gave the Sunday Mirror the detective’s name and his direct telephone number.When the Sunday Mirror phoned the detective, the detective said: “Don’t ever ring or try to contact me again.”The Sunday Mirror reporter said he knew Leon Brittan was involved and asked to meet up.
The detective said: “Look please – go away.
“Don’t tell anyone you have spoken to me. I’ve been ordered to stop the investigation. All my files are gone.”Asked who had ordered the investigation stopped, he said: “The very top. It comes from there right down to my boss.
The very top.4. The top people, who work in alliance, are a mixture of Robber Barons, Feudal Lords, Nazis, Zionists and Mafia Dons.
They are as ruthless as any Roman emperor or medieval king.

Margaret Thatcher was kept informed of the investigation into Sir Peter Hayman’s link to sadistic child abuse.

Call for inquiry into links between senior civil servant Sir Peter Hayman and paedophile network in the 1980’s.

Hayman was the deputy director of MI6.
One of Hayman’s contacts “shared an obsession with the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children.”
It has been suggested that the torture and killing activity of the military has as much to do with sexual lust as anything else.UK Member of Parliament Tom Watson says: “I would like to know how it was that a senior mandarin with links to MI6 was able to rise through the ranks and have connections with people with a taste for sexual violence against children, and yet go unchallenged for so long.”The answer is that many of the top people enjoy torturing and murdering children.

~~~“Sir David Richards has stashed away a retirement fund of £4million, the largest ever for a civil servant.”dailymail
  1. “Jimmy Savile – Secret of BBCs first sex scandal”

    “Orgies were arranged involving BBC staff, call girls and others at the house of a brothel-keeper in Kensington in west London. From behind a two-way mirror, other executives and celebrities looked on.”

    BBC ‘Payola Scandal’ The Neill Report

    More two-way mirrors and possibly hidden cameras (like Ward/Rachman also).







  7. I read this National Inquirer last night standing in line at a supermarket checkout. There are no video stills because under the article is a disclaimer saying words to the effect that it is a simulation of a video.

  8. Many thanks for the info.

    – Aangirfan


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe says Jewish researcher YouTube

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The Honeytrap – How many politicians and civil servants are controlled.

    Note how in clink John Vassall was befriended by Lord Longford who is related to Harriet Harpie PIE. Longford once went on a jollie abroad with wrinkled prune Cliff and Jimmy So Vile prior to producing a parliamentary report on sex.

    In 1952, Vassall was appointed to the staff of the Naval Attaché at the British embassy in Moscow. There he found himself socially isolated by the snobberies and class hierarchies of diplomatic life, his loneliness further exacerbated by the fact that he was homosexual (at that time illegal in both Britain and the Soviet Union).[3] He became acquainted with a Pole named Mikhailsky, who worked for the Embassy, and who introduced him to the homosexual underworld of Moscow. In 1954, he was invited to a party, where he was encouraged to become extremely drunk, and where he was photographed in compromising positions with several men.[4]

    The party, arranged by the KGB, had been a classic honeytrap. The Soviets used the photographs to blackmail Vassall into working for them as a spy, initially in the Moscow embassy, and later, following his return to London in June 1956, in the Admiralty, where he worked in the Naval Intelligence Division, and then in the office of Tam Galbraith, a Conservative Party politician and Civil Lord of the Admiralty. During his career, Vassall provided the Soviets with several thousand classified documents, including information on British radar, torpedoes, and anti-submarine equipment.

    Vassall served ten years of his sentence, in Wormwood Scrubs, Maidstone and Durham prisons.[8] Many considered him to have been a relatively innocent victim of circumstances, and he was befriended in prison by the social reformer, Lord Longford. He was eventually released on parole in October 1972.

    Note how in clink John Vassall was befriended by Lord Longford who is related to Harriet Harpie PIE. Longford went on a jollie abroad with wrinkled prune Cliff and Jimmy So Vile.

    Fifty years ago civil servant John Vassall was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for espionage. Vassall was homosexual, and whilst working at the British Embassy in Moscow, was caught in a Soviet Secret Service ‘honeytrap’, and blackmailed into passing secrets to the Soviet Union, receiving payments for his efforts. This was one of a series of security scandals which rocked the Macmillan government in the early 1960s, feeding into a national obsession with spy culture at the time.

    Mark Dunton sifts through the historical evidence asking, was Vassall a traitor or a victim? Was he ‘vain and greedy’ or ‘vulnerable and needy’? He places the Vassall affair in the wider context of negative attitudes towards homosexuality in post-war Britain, exacerbated by the popular press. Mark also addresses the long-term repercussions which followed Vassall’s trial for equal treatment of gay people working in the Civil Service.

    Mark Dunton who is a Contemporary Specialist joined The National Archives in 1983 and specialises in post-1945 Britain. His research interests include post-1945 British political, social and economic history and the policies of the Heath government in the early 1970s.

    This talk was part of our Diversity Week 2012.

  3. Aldous says:

    Note: “Ultimate BETRAYAL For Queen” in the NE’s front page ‘headlines’.

    Is this the REAL agenda here? To deflect media attention away from her own despicable crimes? (Is) Randy Andy is probably being used as some sort of temporary and desperate royal/establishment lightening conductor while TPTB figure out a strategy to discredit and demonise – even disappear/suicide – anyone and everyone (except royal RA of course) to do with this ongoing story? Why is it in the media(sic) anyway we need to ask ourselves? The National Enquirer is a filthy NOTW like rag and we have to ask ourselves if the Zionist owners (for sure) plan to relaunch it as ‘The (Sunny) Enquirer on Sunday’ when the otherwise true story is trashed and it loses – as intended – all credibility. Murdoch’s New Of The World relaunched itself (as The Sun on Sunday) on the back of the phoney hacking scandal.

    Check to see if the Rothschilds (or a Rot front) have recently acquired National Enquirer like they did Charlie Hebdo! Is there even going to be a ‘military drill gone live’ at NE’s offices carried out by those nasty Muslims who leave their ID’s in the getaway car and blow a cop’s head off and life away with a blank?

  4. Aldous says:

    Our political and cultural leadership are “straw men” — fronts for the Cabalist (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) central bankers. This is why our “leaders” are such perverts and non-entities. To ensure they toe the line, they are filmed in compromising sexual situations. To ensure the whole rotten structure doesn’t collapse, the bankers have erected a police state, using terrorism (which they instigate) as a pretext. “Democracy” is an elaborate charade.

    I wonder what skeleton Cameron has hidden in the NWO’s closet at Bohemian Grove? How very convenient that his severely disabled son Ivan died in 2009, the year before Cameron became PM.
    He came to Puppet Office of course and not to People Power. His ‘victory’ was an Illuminati ensured certainty just as the ‘victor’ will already be well aware of who he or she is in May 2015.

    To get to such High Office of course,in this Talmudic nightmare we are living, one must have a really, really bad skeleton to hide to show commitment to the NWO cause and enable the usual suspects to maintain control over one.

    If you haven’t got one bad enough, then one must be created. Child sacrifice means nothing to these NWO lunatics – especially a disabled child. And we can’t have a UK PM with a living disabled child can we? A dead one will do nicely.


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