There’s been a rash of Moslem-on-Christian attacks this Christmas, unreported in main media. Why?

There has been a rash of Muslim-on-Christian attacks this Christmas. Daily news stories the mainstream media refuses to cover.

Nanna and her boyfriend Mads were walking in Copenhagen (Denmark) when a Muslim guy came cycling. He was only 17 but very confrontational.

‘What are you looking at? Do you have a problem ‘, he told us several times and got off his bike, Nanna says to Ekstra Bladet.

At one point Mads replied: ‘What – what do you want’?
According Nanna he jumped on Mads with a bottle.

Suddenly several came up from a basement with iron chains. They jumped on Mads. He defended himself, while punches and kicks rained down on him, and soon he fell to the ground.

He shouted at me that I should run, but I was afraid that they would kill him. So I intervened, says Nanna.

She was knocked to the ground and was beaten with chains in her face.
Nanna and Mads are now recovering. The Christmas holidays with the family is canceled.



Nanna writes on her Facebook: “The blood is streaming from my mouth, the back of my head and the other wounds. My lip is split in two, all the way up to the nose. … I do not understand.. I am left with a lot of questions. Why? Why us? What is the meaning of this extreme violence? What is happening in the head of those immigrants, when they thrash a couple that is on their way home from Christmas Eve? I am filled with hate, frustration, and sadness. I do not want them in my neighbourhood, my city, or my country.”

The answer for Nanna’s questions is the same answer to why Muslims kill, maim, rape, and persecute non-Muslims everywhere in the word: the Quran orders Muslims to do it.

Too bad citizens are not allowed to have weapons in Denmark!


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  1. ian29 says:

    Vicious Zionist false flag, bombs next aka Gladio

  2. Anonymous says:

    This seems to be an extension of the black on white assaults that have spread across America since the Trayvon Martin shooting. The assailants are often referred to as ‘teens’ in the media in order to conceal their ethnicity. Whites are so frightened of being accused of racism that they usually don’t dare to protest. Inadequate, neurotic behaviour now affects brainwashed, guilt-ridden whites in Europe and the United States. Whites sometimes feel constrained to develop friendships with other ethnicities in order to protect themselves from accusations of racism. My brother for example has a Nigerian and an Indian whom he regularly invites to family occasions. Conversation becomes constrained and laborious, but the art of conversation is just about dead in Britain anyway, thanks to political correctness, so it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

    • sovereigntea says:

      The report above fails to mention any named hospital nor the location of the “attack” nor does she mention whether the cops showed up. A lack of facts gives rise to questions of authenticity.

      The domain is hosted as so many are at, LLC owned by a neocon sympathiser Bob Parsons.

      The unattributed work and possible propaganda objectives of the above would by atypical of the output of suspiciously well published Raymond Ibrahim.

      You can find his work with using these google search terms.

      Raymond Ibrahim Conservative

      One thing you will always observe with the likes of Raymond Ibrahim is a tendency to publish only hyper critical selected stories focused on a particular religious or racial group and a blinkered approach to others who engage in similar activities.

  3. Mark says:

    I sightly bulk at the title in these globalist race-war stirring times. Moslem-on-Christian – no.

    Maybe… ‘I’m a Muslim they are Christians’ was in the perpetrators minds? But this element in the motives of mercenaries, to the youth of Copenhagen, more likely buried in…? Are there’s a question.

    The MSM race-batting is loud and infowars breaks this monster down best.

    Please excuse me plugging something written (by us) on Jesus:


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