The lies of Live Aid

The money was used to move populations away from the war zone in Ethiopia, for example.  The people were seen as being sympathetic to the rebels, and the government wanted them out of the way.


Bob Geldof’s claims are examined in detail in this video.  Many of them are found to be lacking as regards the aspect of truth.  Misinformation.   Illusion.   With LIve Aid, the politicians come out on top, and the celebrity musicians who sold far more records for the attention generated. Not the public or Africans though.  Such initiatives are the key to obtaining power over poor nations, and not much else.

Geldof’s own family life is endlessly tragic, as he leaves a trail of corpses behind him.  All are suicides.   Saint Bob’s an illusion in his public life too.  As he said to Paula Yates, ‘I am above the law‘.


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  1. C says:

    Mostly, Live Aid enriched Harvey Goldsmith, one of the trio credited with the event. Harvey is known as a successful rock event promoter, leeching off crisis situations as he did with his first big event and followed up a decade or so later with ‘Live Aid’. I met him once. He is shameless; a profiteer.
    A quick look at his bio reveals all the usual suspects in the music biz of easily manipulated eejits, for nefarious purposes.

  2. RabbiT says:

    Loads going on here with the original Live Aid:

    I recall watching the original Live Aid where Bob sat himself in Diana’s seat next to Charles. Charles aid’s trying to remove Bob but in his arrogance refused to budge.

    Charles dismissed such and allowed Bob to offend against protocol.

    Later there was Bob planting a ceremonial tree which I recall was on John Craven’s News Round. Bob talking to the village Chief who looked bemused.

    Of course he did, he knew no English. The machete Bob was using to push soil onto the ceremonial tree he then swung to the throat of a young girl who was most likely the daughter of the village Chief. At that Bob looked at the camera and laughed! She shat herself!

    Paula accused Bob of killing Michael as if doing it with his own hands.

    Michael’s mother called Bob “Satan”.

    How was it in the papers we observed day after day Bob G, Tony B.and Gordon B?

    TV (Ch4?) claimed whoever controlled Tiger Lily controlled Michael’s millions.

    Then there was the Masarati that was witnessed speeding away from Paula’s place the night she died.

    Then there was the suspicious fire at the Big Breakfast house even though there was no gas/electricity services there..

    What is the connection to all this and Planet 24 with Waheed Ali and Charlie Parsons and the whole gay agenda to adopt young boys…

    How the hell did Geldof become worth 200+? Million?

    So many questions around this dude…

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