The end of farming in Britain

The government’s strategy to get rid of farming proceeds apace.  Not only is the price offered to farmers for milk lower now than it was in 1990.  Now they’re deferring payments, cutting off farmers’ cash flow.
Fracking is already threatening the future of farms in many parts of Britain.  Pricing is being set by the corporations at levels that will drive farmers out of business.   And just to make sure of it, now the cash is being cut off.
Agenda 21 makes it quite clear.  Farming is not sustainable.  The countryside has to be cleared of population into cities. 
The Agenda for the 21st century was written in 1992 for The Earth Summit, Rio.  Here we are in the 21st century, and the madness is happening, sure enough, as predicted. 

Shropshire Council leader writes to First Milk over ‘devastating’ action on farmers’ payments

Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow is to write to the chairman of First Milk about the “devastating impact” on Shropshire farmers of deferring payments for milk.


“We have been extremely concerned to learn of the pressure which has now been placed on dairy farmers who are members of First Milk, as a consequence of deferring their payments for supplies of milk and reducing their net payments through capital contributions and price cuts.

“The feedback we have had from farmers is that these policy changes within First Milk will have a devastating impact on farmers’ cash flow and the future sustainability of their business.”

Councillor Barrow added: “We recognise that these actions are a consequence of extremely volatility on the global dairy market and we will be speaking to stakeholders in the county, such as agricultural suppliers and banks, to encourage an understanding and sympathetic approach to transactions with farmers impacted by market volatility and the actions of First Milk.

“Shropshire Council aspires to see sustainable and profitable dairy supply chains, which start with efficient and profitable dairy farming businesses. Dairy is vitally important to the Shropshire economy and Shropshire Council will be looking for all opportunities to assist farmers, by developing the dairy industry.

“I will therefore be writing to Sir Jim Paice to make him aware of these very serious concerns.”

TAP – A recovery strategy for the industry would be to stop supplying the supermarkets, stop spraying glyphosate, produce and sell less milk at much higher prices for safe and nutritious consumption, selling direct to consumers.  Produce all cattle feed on the farm, guaranteeing nothing is GM.  It’s time to stop worrying about DEFRA, stop filling in their stupid forms and get out and about selling raw milk.  It’s legal to sell it from the farm, but not to supply shops with raw milk.  Politicians should make it legal for anyone to sell raw milk, and the public should be educated that unpasteurised real milk made from healthy cows fed from healthy soil is the way to health.  Pasteurisation is a con, depriving the people of the health they should be enjoying.

When humans moved into colder climates, they moved with their animals.  From them came their clothes (leathers and wool), much of their food and their health.  Raw milk gives a supply of Vitamin D, and it has powerful anti-viral properties, keeping colds and flus at bay.  Central heating doesn’t cut it for keeping winter viruses at bay, while raw – real – milk does.  Once people have a source of real milk, they don’t want to go back onto pasteurised.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Who loses and who benefits from a collapsing industry ? Small and medium sized farmers lose. Large industrial farmers many of them abroad stand to gain. Business is being transferred into the hands of fewer and fewer people by the dreadful few via over regulation central planning and economic warfare.

    Who will get to buy up farmland on the cheap as dairy farmers go bust ?

    Do they collude with the price controllers of the supermarket chains ?

    Foot and mouth in the UK was no accident

    Foot and Mouth – Rolling out the agenda21 of the World Bank


    The Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Emergency Recovery Project has contributed to the overarching goal of sustaining Uruguay’s development and growth in the agricultural sector by assisting in enhancing animal health control and surveillance, including the establishment of a cutting-edge, innovative Animal Tracking System. Since August 2001, no new cases of FMD have been recorded in the country, allowing Uruguayan producers to regain and expand access to markets that had been closed after the 2001 outbreaks.Results

    The project supported a comprehensive set of inputs (including vaccinations, training and awareness campaigns, improvement of laboratories, strengthening of border controls, and development of a tracking system) that resulted in improved overall herd sanitary status and the development of modern and effective surveillance systems. As a result of these actions, FMD was eradicated in the country, the rural economy was reactivated, high quality beef exports were re-established, and Uruguay has positioned itself as a globally recognized model for effective food safety and surveillance through the establishment of their innovative Animal Tracking System. In 2008, the value of livestock production more than doubled to US$1,268 million, a growth of 124 percent compared to 1996, confirming the success of the project in helping restore the country’s presence in premium markets: higher export volumes and better prices obtained from more differentiated products in those markets.,,contentMDK:22708946~menuPK:64282138~pagePK:64614770~piPK:64614834~theSitePK:40941,00.html

  2. Gordon says:

    I can see two scenarios here:
    1). By forcing small and medium farmers out of business and off the land the land becomes free to frack.
    2). Opening the way for large scale money only orientated farmers to buy the land and grow GM crops only.

    See yesterdays post. “Cameron’s a killer. He’s pushing GMOs for human consumption.”

  3. Lynn says:

    Then we have to support the farmers…We all depend on these people for our food chain. The Banks stopped the loans and overdrafts too on these people so it is all clear now how they intend to cut off the food chain. If we boycott the supermarkets and get the farms delivering raw milk in glass bottles again we can hit them where it hurts. Time to stand up or we are all doomed.

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