Proof of Heaven. Dr Eben Alexander’s journey into the afterlife.


Used to hearing his patients talking of their near death experiences after he had operated on them, Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was sceptical of the descriptions they gave to him of what they experienced while they were unconscious – until something similar happened to him.  He had a most rare attack of e-coli meningitis and was out in a coma for a week.  He became aware that all the things his patients had been saying to him for years, were totally true.

He starts off by describing how he fell into the coma at home, and was taken to hospital.  Later he describes his journey of discovery during the coma, of another level of existence, in which ‘I’ means ‘we’,  where there is no fear, no evil, only unconditional love, and which provides the key to understanding life in this far from perfect world, and beyond.

On our planet, he adds, evil makes free will possible.  There are multiple lessons here.


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  1. Baron says:

    I was initially impressed until I discovered the famous Dr. Eben is not really telling how it actually happened and that the doctors in charge of his case say that he didn’t really die as he claims.
    Also his life as a neurosurgeon wasn’t particularly successful and had people claiming against him.
    Take his story with a very large pinch of salt.

    • Tapestry says:

      Can you provide any sources for those suggestions, George. The chapter on him in David Icke’s book is very interesting to read. I find it quite hard to believe that someone would go on quite such a big push to get this story out. If he wasn’t that good a surgeon, does that negate anything he says about his near death experience? You are bound to get a counter attack to anyone putting out such a story. So far I see no solid evidence of the kind of things being said to discredit him. Is there some?


        The one thing Satan wants is for all of his potential victims todepart so far from the protection of Christ that, when his demons strike, they have nodefence.

        Satan is no fool. He expects to get a return on every dollar he spends. And he isinvesting heavily in the New Age movement. Why? Because it is yielding spectacular returns.

        Lie #5: Karma and Reincarnation are basic laws of life
        The concept of karma is nothing more than a cunning attempt to entangle Soul in thelaws of physics and thus make followers believe they are dependent on the guru for their release

        .So be very, very discerning. The New Age movement is adding to its tricks all thetime. Before long we will likely see laser displays in the sky, a spate of celestialapparitions, and startling UFO-type phenomena as the Illuminati – the puppet-masters behind the New Age movement – prepare the way for the Antichrist.

        No true Christian should have anything to do with any of the following authors or paths:
        New Age or neo-Christian books promoted by Oprah Winfrey.

  2. lah says:

    And for only $59.00, he will sell you a self-guided video course so you, too can discover your own “proof of heaven”. And don’t forget to buy his latest book. And you may have missed his national tour, his appearances with Oprah, Larry King and Diane Sawyer, etc. but he is still available for hire…
    I read this man’s book when it came out. He is one of tens of thousands who have had such experiences thru the ages. Unfortunately he seems to feel that his experience makes him semi-divine. I question these gurus who turn what should be a humbling, spiritual experience into a money-making scheme. The man’s ego has gotten the better of him.

  3. Tapestry says:

    He’s lost his medical position so making money seems sensible. It’s not evidence of mendacity or incompetence to sell your own story. If he wasn’t working commercially, how would he get his message out?

  4. Baron says:

    Dear Tap don’t be so gullible.
    The man became ill. He had a dream or was he open to suggestion? Ever heard of the Monarch (butterfly) mind control experiments? Notice the emphasis on the butterfly he keeps talking about.
    He just was clever enough and articulate enough to spin it into a money maker.

    • Tapestry says:

      He’s not that articulate, in fact quite pedestrian. A little bit bothered about his status and suggesting he’s telling the story at ‘popular’ level. It’s an important story to address as it’s getting so much coverage. I first read about him in David Icke’s book (forget which one). If the story can be placed as a hoax, that’s fine and good work, but we’re not yet at that stage. Where is the debunking evidence? You do hear of other near death experiences. This is one is packaged and sold which is a little bit unusual.

  5. NPP says:

    This brings to mind:
    Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight:

    TAP blog asks some appropriate questions and presents some appropriate answers; the guy has to make a living.

    Referencing butterflies may not necessarily infer Monarch mind control.

    An important aspect is the age old question: does death mean an absolute end? Who are we? How do we come to be? Where might we go?
    My 83 year Dad seems to accept the worms will eat his body and that’s it. I am inclined toward an infinite consciousness type of theory. I guess we all find out one way or another.
    I don’t give a fig if the guy makes bread from his heaven story or not. His story and interviews are available online for free. Take it or leave it.

    Changing tack – great article from Gilad Atzmon in response to the silly photo of Theresa May & co holding up their silly Je Suis placards:
    A Personal Note On Jewish Statistics:

  6. Baron says:

    In my opinion the man’s a phoney.
    You can start here:-
    If you really want to delve further then you will have to pay for the Esquire piece on him.

  7. Baron says:

    The medical team looking after him put him into an “induced coma” for his own protection. He was never brain dead.

    Still if believing in his story gives you comfort then be my guest… believe away.

    • Tapestry says:

      What’s interesting to me if this is an op is what’s the purpose of doing that? Are there some important near death experience stories which give us useful information so they create some disinformation around the subject to lead people away. My father visited me the day after he died in a vivid unforgettable dream. I won’t give details as it’s personal. It’s an interesting topic.

      • “Saint Nicholas, known as the ‘Patron Saint of Children,’ is the most revered saint in Russia, second only to the apostles. He is the Russian Orthodox Church’s supplanter to the native people’s highly respected local Shaman. A Shaman is a holy man that is well acquainted with a form of spirituality that incorporates plant entheogens which facilitate the NDE (Near Death Experience), or ‘out of body’ experience. Saint Nicholas may not have been a shaman, yet the symbolism on, and coloring of his robes could lend to speculation.” –James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind” (10)

        “One of the side effects of eating amanita mushrooms is that the skin and facial features take on a flushed, ruddy glow. This is why Santa is always shown with glowing red cheeks and nose. Even Santa’s jolly ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ is the euphoric laugh of one who has indulged in the magic fungus.” -Dana Larsen, “The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus” Cannabis Culture, Marijuana Magazine, Dec 18th, 2003

        Santa, an anagram for Satan, dresses in red, keeps lists of naughty/nice children, and seems to steal Christmas from Jesus. But if understood in its original mushroom context, Santa’s not a conniving, omniscient, list-keeper. He’s an Entheogen – a plant or substance which is said to “generate the God within.” The word Entheogen breaks down, En for inside, Theo for God, and Gen for generate – generate the God inside. If you have ever taken an Entheogen (i.e. Psilocybin, DMT, Peyote, Ayahuasca), then you are already aware of the spiritual or even religious experiences associated with them. As anyone who has tried them knows, and most anyone who hasn’t fiercely denies, these Entheogens put us directly in contact with that spark of the divine within ourselves. They allow access to higher consciousness and open our third-eyes; The outer material world dissolves and the “five” senses return to a state of one sense, one consciousness.

        If you have mischief, wickedness, or secrecy in you, then entheogens will take you down into the depths of your own hell. But if you have kindness, love, and truth within you, entheogens will raise you up into the heights of that heaven. When people of a poor disposition or in a negative mood eat magic mushrooms they usually have a “bad trip” and experience frightening or depressing hallucinations. When people of a good disposition or in a positive mood eat mushrooms they usually have a great trip and experience hours of uncontrollable laughter and a loving, close feeling with everyone around. Just like at Christmas Santa keeps lists of children who are naughty and nice, at Easter only good kids get to eat the colored eggs. This is likely because good kids on mushrooms are hilarious and lots of fun, whereas naughty kids on mushrooms guarantee a bad trip for everyone, so they get coal at Christmas and no eggs at Easter.

      • ” John Allegro, Oxford graduate and world’s leading philologist, was commissioned to translate the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls. But after his book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” released and he died, the Catholic Church quickly bought the copyright and buried it; one Vatican insider quoted saying it would never again see the light of day. It is currently sparsely available in e-book format but has been out of print for years (Meanwhile Dan Brown is shaking hands with the Pope and pseudo-conspiritainment like “Da Vinci Code” is a best selling book and movie).”

        “The Dead Sea Scrolls, found in caves near Qumran in 1947, have offered a greater insight into the Essenes’ lifestyle and beliefs, despite suppression by the authorities who wish to maintain the official version of history. The scrolls were hidden from the Romans during the ill-fated Judean revolt around 70 AD. Some 500 Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts were found, which included texts from the Old Testament, among them a complete draft of the Book of Isaiah, centuries older than the one in the Bible.

        There were scores of documents relating to the Essene customs and organization. The scrolls confirm that the Essenes were fanatics who followed to the letter the Levite inventions in the Old Testament texts. Anyone who didn’t do the same was their enemy and they fiercely opposed the Roman occupation …

        The Essenes had a detailed understanding of drugs, including the hallucinogenic variety, which were used in mystery school initiations and for entering other states of consciousness. The properties of the ‘sacred mushrooms’ or ‘Holy Plant’ were so much part of life in the secret brotherhood that the Jewish high priest wore a mushroom cap to acknowledge their importance. They had special rituals for their preparation and use.

        The mushroom, too, was given son of God’ connotations (what wasn’t?) and it was connected to the Sun cycle. The mushrooms were picked with great reverence before sunrise and many symbols of this ritual can be found in the Bible and far older texts. Again, the use of the sacred mushroom and other drugs, and the secret knowledge of their properties, can be traced back to the earliest days of Sumer.” –David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (95-6)

  8. Aldous says:

    ‘The Jewish Strategy’ strongarms everyone down the path to hell
    By John Kaminski

    There could be no clearer proof that the Jews’ mystery religion, a spiritual syphilis, has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live.
    — Revilo P. Oliver, 20th century classics professor and social critic

    How could it be that the vast majority of the world’s citizens fails to notice that a single notorious entity figures as the decisive factor in each and every crisis paraded before our eyes in this ghastly newsreel of life that now assaults our senses on a daily basis?

    Murdering thousands of Gazan citizens for crimes they did not commit. Stealing an entire country in broad daylight, and starving and bombing its inhabitants to death, while its ruthless allies blame the victims who are being killed and the nations that are trying to help them. Hijacking the so-called bastion of freedom in the world and turning it into a snakepit nation of mindless killers who do not question orders they know are fiendish crimes.

    The entity piles abomination upon abomination until it reaches the point where it pretends to kill its own adherents so it can hoodwink the world into believing that these mass murderers deserve the support and allegiance of honest people everywhere. The parade they hold to commemorate their fake massacre in Paris attracts most of the leaders of the so-called free world who are all eager to participate in both the hypocrisy and the scam.

    The term “false flag” which has muscled its way into our vocabulary in recent times has become a category into which all political events now fall, engineered passion plays that are not what they seem. Yet all of them reinforce the demonic designs of our keepers to trust the government no matter what it says, even if you know what it says is false.

    Not even this latest farce when a high-powered bullet to the head that doesn’t even draw blood calls attention to the whole series of scams that stretches all the way back to Oklahoma City and Waco, and maybe even to the World Wars and the American Revolution, as frauds upon the public inflicted by the clever upper crust to keep people in chains and tears, while the rich jokesters continue to twitch in orgasmic ecstasy while rolling in the cash they have stolen and continue to steal from everyone.

    This whole pathetic charade has been revealed by many honest people over the years and centuries, all of whom have been suppressed and made unknown to the general public by the same wretched puppetmasters who still today conduct such satanic ruses as Paris, Boston, Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado, a string of now hundreds of staged atrocities that stretches back in time almost as far back as you want to search.

    Full article:

  9. Baron says:

    Dear Tap
    I do not disagree with you because I witnessed a small event around my father in law’s death.
    However I think people like Dr Eben Alexander give the whole genuine experiences of many a bad name.

  10. Linda says:

    But even the afterlife is a trap, though it does exist. Check out

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