Poison Paterson flies off to meet Rupert Murdoch


A little bird told me yesterday that Owen Paterson the backer of every environmental catastrophe as listed in the Green chamber of horrors, fracking, GMOs, glyphosate and so on, has set off to an important meeting in Australia.  He’s very upbeat about it and won’t reveal who it is he’s meeting up with.

With Lord Ashcroft funding his thinktank, with his invitation to Bilderberg and now a secret visit to ‘Australia’, it seems the Zionists have already chosen their favoured lackey to ‘lead the Tories’ after Cameron.  Cameron is clearly not expected to survive the election.

Paterson is talking of Britain’s EU withdrawal, but advocating Britain’s destruction from fracking and the poisoning of the population (they’re not real people, he’s quoted as saying locally) from GMOs and the rest.

It can only be Murdoch.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Prince Andrew denies having sex with underage girl


    “Well, His Royal Highness would say that wouldn’t He??”

  2. Michael thompson- norfolk says:

    gary Yarborough jailed for 30 years for speaking out
    see here

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