Medical kidnap. How to lose your freedom, your kids or both by doing what’s right.

(NaturalNews) Where has America gone? President Obama is about to give a State of the Union address this evening, but the real state of the Union is that under Presidents Bush and Obama, America has descended into a runaway police state where citizens are considered “subjects” who must kow-tow to corporate-sponsored agendas or face the wrath of the state.

Those independent-thinking Americans who do not surrender to the twisted demands of the State are deemed criminals by default, even if they violate no written law.


• Arianna and Dominick Brown; Aurora, Illinois
Another Medical Kidnap in Illinois: Infant Twins Seized from Parents over Medical Dispute…

The role of parenting itself is now criminalized across America, where parents who make informed, conscious medical decisions in the best interests of their children are subjected to armed government medical kidnappings of their children. For example, just recently a family in Arkansas saw their seven children kidnapped by state authorities and a search warrant served upon their private property because the father owned a common mineral supplement called “MMS.”

MMS is not illegal. In fact, it is an excellent water purifier that can also be used in emergencies to quickly halt stomach cramps from food poisoning. The FDA hates MMS because Big Pharma can’t control its manufacture and distribution. So a war has now been declared on citizens for merely possessing this simple mineral supplement.

Consider the insanity of the fact that marijuana is now legal to possess and smoke in public in many U.S. states, but possession of a common mineral supplement gets you raided by gun-toting government thugs who kidnap your children. This is the real State of the Union you won’t hear ever mentioned by the Tyrant in Chief, a man who follows no law, respects no Constitution and will stop at absolutely nothing to see America destroyed at every level.

No doubt the day is coming soon when teaching a child to home garden — or feeding a child a natural vitamin supplement — will result in the parents being arrested and sent to prison while the children are shipped off to be repeatedly raped and sexually abused by CPS perverts who relish in the exploitation of children. Even U.S. Health and Human Services executives are the kind of people who seek to rape and murder children, as evidenced by this recent arrest of a top HHS security official.

Meanwhile, poisoning children with chemotherapy and high-profit psychiatric drugs will continue to be “accepted treatments” that are not merely tolerated by law enforcement, but actually pushed aggressively by doctors and hospitals.

Truly, America has descended into a state of such medical insanity that the only way to avoid having your children kidnapped by medical and state authorities is to agree to systematically poisoning them first. No wonder more and more parents are refusing to take their children to see any doctors at all, knowing that if the doctor demands a course of treatment the parent doesn’t think is in the best interests of the child, that doctor will call CPS and initiate an armed government raid on that person’s home for the purpose of kidnapping their children.

The State now literally believes it owns your children. All parents are merely “surrogate reproducers” who give birth to more subjects of the State. Those subjects of the State, of course, must be sufficiently poisoned, lobotomized and medically terrorized to make sure they remain obedient conformists to the aims of the State. The greatest enemy of tyrannical government is the ability to think for yourself. So that ability must destroyed as early as possible, which is exactly why the U.S. government has been researching aerosolized thought control vaccines that scientists claim can “turn a fanatic into a normal person” by shutting off part of their brain.

A partial list of medical kidnappings in America
What follows is just a small portion of the medical kidnappings and forced medical poisonings of children happening across America. To stay informed on this subject, check out the newly-launched website which documents even more cases of this systematic medical abuse of American children.

The Robert Scott Bell show at is also breaking news almost daily on this subject. See this article on for just one of those recent stories covered by radio host Robert Scott Bell (

• The Stanley family in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement…

• Cassandra C. in Connecticut
Connecticut government kidnaps teen for refusing chemo treatment, injects her with chemicals against her will…

• Isaiah Rider; Chicago, Illinois
US hospital kidnaps disabled teen patient for profit…

• Ella Erlendsdottir; UK
More Munchausen Syndrome fraud by medical establishment results in kidnap, death of vaccine-injured child…

• Rico Martinez Nagel; Minnesota
Healthy baby kidnapped in Minnesota, force-fed drugs by medical community and court system…

• Katie Wernecke; Texas
State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter, and force her through chemotherapy against her will…
• Kathryn Blalock; Lubbock, Texas
CPS kidnaps sick infant after doctors injected her with dangerous vaccine against parents’ wishes…
• Maryanne Godboldo’s daughter; Detroit, Michigan
Detroit SWAT team assaults African American mom who refused to medicate her daughter with antipsychotic drugs…

• Tina Carlsen’s infant; Seattle, Washington
Seattle mother arrested for “kidnapping” her own baby to seek alternative treatments…

• Justina Pelletier; Boston (Children’s Hospital), Massachusetts
Boston Children’s Hospital kidnaps teen girl for 10 months, holds her as prisoner while threatening parents…

• Elizabeth Wray; Boston (Children’s Hospital), Massachusetts
Boston Children’s Hospital accused of ‘routinely kidnapping’ children for profit…

• Sammy Nikolayev; California
CPS takes baby from mother to ‘protect against’ parents seeking a second opinion…

• Sarah Hershberger; Akron, Ohio
Court rules Amish girl to be forcefully poisoned with chemotherapy; Akron Children’s Hospital now practicing predatory medicine…

• Arianna and Dominick Brown; Aurora, Illinois
Another Medical Kidnap in Illinois: Infant Twins Seized from Parents over Medical Dispute…

• Johnneisha Kemper’s infant; San Diego, California
San Diego Police: “We’re Not Changing Anything” — Seizure of Children to Continue…
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  1. Velveteen says:

    CPS is above the law, just like the government. They can, and will do what they please because they can. They will brainwash you in many ways that all they were doing was their job. They are like members of the Matrix, loaded with power and money and essentially unstoppable. To think any of this treason can truly be stopped without revolution is useless.

  2. Aldous says:

    How Bankers Rule The World **** : Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan “Speaks” 43:23

    The Blacks have been screwed Big Time by the Jews more than anyone.

    Yes, it’s Whitey’s (White European descent) turn now – as it was for the Native Americans – and WE are the malevolent Jews biggest obstacle to their mendacious world hegemony aspirations. They CAN be stopped. Our Military and Police are the answer.

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