Kevin Annett publishes explosive Novel

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 Vancouver, B.C – Daytona Beach, Florida

 January 23, 2015

 Nobel Nominee Kevin Annett Publishes Explosive Novel​  

   Samuel Wedge: Memoir of Necropolis

          On the 20th Anniversary of his kangaroo court firing from the United Church of Canada, Reverend Kevin Annett has produced a blockbuster novel: an autobiographical treatment, emboldened by fiction, which reveals more than most people want to hear about Church, State and even  judicial chambers.

          To be released  by Author House in Bloomington,  Indiana next week, it will be in a bookstore near you shortly. In paperback, the cost is $19.95, and even cheaper in e-book format.

        Salman Rushdie, in his Satanic Verses nearly 27 years ago,  committed what was perceived as blasphemy in the Muslim world but – despite a fatwah  amounting to a death sentence on his head issued by the Ayatollah Khoumeini – he was sheltered in the Christian world by right-thinking readers, U.K. officialdom and Scotland Yard bodyguards. He described his nervous subsequent years more recently in a fictionalized treatment, Joseph Anton, even as he became a literary lion in America and a favorite of both polite society and the literati.

          Kevin Annett chose his giant adversaries wisely but too well, although unlike Rushdie, his was the wrong environment. As a United Church of Canada pastor in a half-native logging town on Vancouver Island in 1992, he uncovered evidence of atrocity suggesting genocide a hundred years in the making in an Indian “residential school” operated by his employer church. Ultimately revealing that the same brutal conditions had prevailed in similar “schools” across Canada, operated for a century by the three leading church organizations and the government, Kevin refused to remain silent, and as a result has seen his life trashed by the forces of church and state. 

         Samuel Wedge  is the 30-year odyssey of a protagonist who leaves the sodden old-growth forest of British Columbia for the relative sanctuary of central Florida, alternately told by a sadder but wiser beachcomber harboring a terrible secret and, in his earlier configuration, a crusading young truth-teller confronting the most powerful people on the continent.

        A tragedy brilliantly written with humor and compassion, the odyssey ofSamuel Wedge is up-front, personal and not for kiddies or the faint of heart.

        “In the councils of church and state,” writes reviewer Elizabeth Richeson, “and beyond –  in the very boardrooms, the editorial offices and the judicial chambers of those who control today’s world – there is murderous injustice in the form of tiny crucifixions that routinely take place, never talked about – or even mentioned – in our carefully manicured society and our narrowly censored media. Samuel Wedge  and his creator Kevin Annett have produced a bombshell with a delayed fuse that has been quietly igniting for more than 20 years.”

         Kevin Annett was recently re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by scholars in America and not, tellingly, by his own countrymen.

        Kevin will be commencing a book and speaking tour across the world during February, 2015.

         Advance autographed copies of Samuel Wedge can be ordered through Management Research Associates at .

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14 Responses to “Kevin Annett publishes explosive Novel”

  1. WASP says:

    Hi Tap, I have given you site a bit of a rest for a while, owing to the changing characteristics of the site.

    I thought I would try & post a Comment with HTML inc. which it usually identified as Spam. I would say, however that the comment box is now incredibly small, as it can’t be rescaled it would appear.

    Ministry of Misinformation:-When
    Black = Black you will be told it’s white

    White =White you will be told it’s Black

    I would refer you to an earlier post of mine politics-and-power-a-paradise-for-perverts-wasp I don’t think you will find that The Vatican is a Stranger to this.

    It Sound like the Protocols to me, & they were written by the Jesuits, to replace their previous version Treaty of La-Fontain, They later wrote Mein Kampf. which was attributed to the Puppet Hitler.


    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  2. WASP says:

    I am pleased to see your HTML’s are now operative


  3. WASP says:

    Hi Tap, some how the wrong link got included. so take your pick from this lot
    The E.U Are Agents of Rome, Tools of The Vatican etc.



  4. Chris Jones says:

    The Daily Mail may be mostly be controlled by the same corporate freaks as most of the media but they do still put out stories that challenge the accepted mainstream media. More than anything, you can see by the commentators that people are waking up , with the vast of majority of comments and votes now seeming to indicate that the majority of people know what’s going on or have a good feel for truth v nonsense. Take this story on the McCanns : We may not yet know what happened but the majority of commentators have sensed that there’s something not quite right with this and other media spun stories. One of the comments on there with the most number of votes (1851 votes) says what a lot of people are probably feeling: “i am sorry but like me many people would love the mcanns to do a lie detector test because i still think there is and always have been something fishy about this case”

    There is a small awakening. BS detectors are starting to work!

  5. Gillian says:

    @ Chris Jones

    It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned the Daily Mail. Only a couple of days ago, on this site I wrote that DM readers/commenters seemed to be waking up too.
    I’ve also noticed that on David Icke’s headline site he often refers to and gives links to DM stories. It’s almost as if the divide between the alternative media and msm is being blurred as far as the DM is concerned.
    About 3 weeks ago the DM had the story of the Jewish “police” cars and the majority of the commenters were not happy about the Jews having preferential treatment over the rest of us. When they run holocaust stories there are more than a few dissenting comments also. People are waking up.
    Today the Telegraph on-line ran a story about anti-Semitism and the holocaust, filed under ‘Telegraph View’ surprisingly comments were open. I didn’t take part in this debate, but it was very clear that the Jews are no longer enjoying the support they once had.

  6. Gillian says:

    @ Tap
    I don’t know much about Kevin Annett, but his book sounds interesting.

    Perhaps I should address the following remarks to your tech guy Mike, if I’ve remembered his name correctly, but whilst I’m here I’d just like to say that this tiny comment box we have now is a tad annoying. No longer able to make a comment look nice on the page. Also we no longer have the facility to reply directly to the comments of others. I guess these minor inconveniences are part of the teething problems with the new set up, so will wait patiently for them to be ironed out 🙂

  7. Cynthia says:

    Kevin’s problem is that he exposed the hateful ways of the Tal mud led paedocracy which exists across the Western world’s captured governments.
    The Talmud advocates sex with children. The ‘queen’ and her consorts feel entitled to such depravity.
    In 1999, Tal mudists met with 3 U.S. Supreme Court judges to discuss how to further introduce Talmud law to the USA.

    Sex with children is ok, says the Tal mud. War against any non-jew is ok, says the Tal mud.
    So we see it today, and Leon Brittan was one of its exemplars, still protected by the Roths child-led Mi6 of the City of London Tal mud.
    Greville Janner of world jewry is still alive, and evading prosecution for routinely raping boys from tax funded ‘care homes’ in the UK….because he did no wrong, according to the Tal mud.

    I must add spaces to certain words, otherwise this keeps being blocked as ‘error’ by the world wide jwry censor.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Stay strong, Kevin, and all good souls.
    The world weird web ‘bots’ can be defeated. They are not as smart as they imagine.

  9. cynthia says:

    Just read comments from Chris and Gillian.
    So true.
    People dislike the constant one sided propaganda pushed by the main scream media.
    Jews are welcome in any land in the West, but we are fed up with their constant whining and shilling for Israhell and demands for special treatment when they should be grateful that we saved their lives…and then discover that their Tal mud ‘Friends of Israel’ first are engaged in decades long child rape, using tax funded children’s homes in particular, and their Tal mud tells them that is ok.

  10. anonymous says:

    The damn will burst people are awake now and talking freely instead of tin foil hatters. The whole thing is so obvious, filthy perverts in charge and dictating our useless laws that catch us for a slight step, but protect them from the most abhorrent dispicable crimes against us. They are not happy that we are commenting and watching the pressitutes having to print some truths. You are right the truth isnt going away.

  11. Velveteen says:

    “Emboldened by fiction” – that leaves a lot to speculate about. Why would he not just write a tell all based entirely on fact? This hinders his cause rather than supports it, in my opinion.

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