Kevin Annett answers his critics. The Queen was served with a summons pinned to the door of Buckingham Palace prior to her trial by ITCCS.

Mark Windows asks Kevin Annett to explain his work with ITCCS, and to answer his critics.  My own question to Kevin is what is the explanation behind the logo of the Republic of Kanata.  It looks very similar to the Great Seal of the United States, which I find a little disturbing, as any association to Masonic traditions seems most unsuitable.  There could be a good explanation for it being the way it is, but what is the explanation?

Annett says people are often not upset about children being murdered and tortured, but are upset by the fact someone goes around talking about it and showing evidence to the world that such awful things are happening.

Mark Windows explains how The Occupy Movement was penetrated by agents provocateurs, who got the movement to chant meaningless slogans.  The Puppet-Masters of Occupy is the name of Windows’ film.  It’s a Marxist agenda.  People are treated like children.  The same government agents turned up time and time again, but most of the public still go along with it, not realising.

People, says Kevin, say things like, ‘this is going to mess with my mind’, and turn away.  By people attacking Kevin Annett, they’re trying to turn the issue away from the mass slaughter of the children, and turn attention into personal battles which grab everyone’s attention.

Webre accuses Annett of being a ‘globalist operative’.  Windows tells Annett that Webre is a globalist operative, Yale University and so on.  He took just three days to turn against Annett.  Who or what changed his mind?

Policy number one of Annett is never accept money from the government or the corporations who are the perpetrators.

Policy number two is never attack each other personally in public.

Windows say private interests are paid to watch, surveil and interfere with citizen journalists.

Annett says Jesuit-sponsored Vatican intelligence, assassination unit, who work closely with Drangeta organised crime, responsible for assassinating the Pope in the 1970s.

Police State Harassment Exposed.  Ex Police are paid to put out stories which get people to question who people like Annett are, or Windows.

How Local Council meetings are taken over.  Lots of interesting aspects to this.  Humour works well as these dumb cops can’t cope.  They’re regimented and trained to follow a set procedure.  Once you blow their cover, they’re out of the building.

George Dufort is an alias.  He’s not Kevin Annett.  Annett says it would be insanity to reveal identities of ITCCS personnel given the kind of people they’re fighting against.  They try to weed out agents provocateurs within their own organisation.  The one making allegations in Alfred’s video was already a suspected recruit.

ITCCS members killed in hospitals.  Allegations have no bearing in fact.  They’re just out of a handbook.  Annett has no regular income, is blacklisted and the people he’s helping are poor.  They use the tactic of making accusations about money, sexual stuff and mental instability.

Donations have increased for ITCCS.ORG even since the allegations, although they’re always tight for cash.  People fear being lied to, betrayed – and they plant suspicions.  About 90% of people will back off even though the suspicions are groundless…

Things like ‘who does he really work for?’  Gossip is far more fun than looking at hard facts.  It’s easier to spin fantasies that confirm people’s prejudices, than come up with any facts.  And that’s what they do.

ITCCS is not an internet creation.  It is a closed session of a public court.  If it was publicised, the jurors would be in hiding or dead.  The success of ITCCS getting Popes and three Cardinals to resign depends on secrecy.  You accuse the people publicly but they won’t answer.  1649 was the precedent.  King Charles 1 was told he was accused but he refused to answer.  As a result he was assumed to be guilty and was executed.


Prior to the trial notice was pinned on the door at Buckingham Palace.  The Queen was served with notice that her trial for being involved with child trafficking was to take place, and she was asked to reply.

David Compan.  Vyvyan Cunningham.  The people who publicise the events of The Queen’s conviction are dragged off and injected to silence them.  Only those with access to media can get released again. Otherwise they can be made to disappear – Robert Green?

The Crown is acting as a mafia, in breach of their own laws and rules.  30 people were served summonses.  None of them ever replied.  The Canadian Native Children schools were killing factories with 40% per annum death rates.

Watch the video Unrepentant.


What Kevin’s next move?


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