How to heat your home and cook in an emergency or if your money’s running out

Sometimes the simple things are the best.  A single candle can stop a room from freezing up, and make it comfortable to be in, with a rug or a sleeping bag.


This device goes one step further.  It’s cheap to put together, yet will pump out a lot of heat, enough to actually warm a room.  It’s much more efficient than electric heaters using mains supply, will work for a long time and keep you warm.  With the cold nights becoming the norm this year (in GB), with temperatures below freezing, this simple idea could help those on tight budgets.

If the Owen Paterson  warnings about power cuts were to come to pass, then this would be a useful back-up plan to get ready in advance.  Gas fires can be lit, but heating systems won’t work without electric supply.  Most houses have toilet rolls and cans.  Just buy or distill a couple of bottles of alcohol.  It’s dirt cheap and will fuel the heating you need for a few days in an emergency.


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