Gray State. The film they tried to stop. See it while you can.


The writer/director of ‘Gray State’ David Crowley, and his family were found dead recently, apparently ‘suicided’.
This film charts the rise of malevolent power and control in America.

Sent in by Jennifer


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  1. Gordon says:

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  2. NPP says:

    Ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan dies

    Commons Leader William Hague, the current Richmond MP, said he had been a “kind, assiduous and brilliant man”…. indeed, we had such a lovely chat on the beach in Brighton as I informed him to bugger off to the EU or face allegations of impropriety.

  3. YNWA says:

    Ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan dies,or did he?
    Has he joined the disappear dead club!
    very convenient timing me thinks,
    i wonder if he has his deck chair parked next to McAlpine,s! just sayin.

  4. NPP says:

    Oh, how could you be so cynical @YNWA?! I wonder if the BBC will run a lovely tribute programme to him as they did for Savile?

  5. charles allan says:

    Grey state could be psyop -controlled opposition – see disinfo

  6. Jennifer says:

    Charles Allan, interesting you say that – I always like to keep my mind open. The video was rather obvious to anyone paying attention, but a useful package to anyone for whom it was all new material. But I was surprised/concerned that it included a quote fro that Illuminati favourite Ayn Rand. That’s not really kosher is it?

  7. Lynn says:

    The gloves are off and the dirty war is in full swing. People i speak to are now asking questions and nodding that things are becoming clear. A mass revolution will rise up once the masses realise where they are heading.The 1% know its closing in on them now. They cant hold back the Tsunami that will take them down.

  8. charles allan says:

    jennifer – the elites want an armed response from resistors so they can come down on us like a ton of bricks with even more “security”.
    Thats why you see a lot of controlled opposition calling for this.
    disinfo is a good site for this sort of psyop.

  9. Gordon says:

    Re: charles allan,

    And when the revolutions across the globe start the 1% will run to their DUMBS and drop the nukes and chem bombs.

  10. Jennifer says:

    charles allan, thanks, I’ll take a look at

  11. NPP says:

    This film was removed from YouTube
    Currently you can see it here:

    Psy-op? Isn’t life a psy-op anyway?
    I suggest there are points and themes in this movie that should be seen.

    David Crowley, Army Veteran and Gray State Movie Director and Family Found Dead

    “… you can call it socialism, communism, monarchy, the result is the same: a small oligarchy in control, while 90% + of the masses are out of control…”

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