Good news – the public are no longer falling for it.

Top rated reader Comments show that the public can see through the tripe being put out by the security services/media to explain why terror groups are able to use the internet/electronic communications with ease, while government critics are facing increasingly draconian censorship.  In fact Cameron says those who expose 9/11 and 7/7 to be false flags are considered as much of a threat by him as actual terrorists, and Police are now monitoring facebook to stop greater exposure of the truth.  Cameron’s not bothered by real terrorism as he’s the one funding and arming it all.  See previous 21st Century Wire.  No wonder he wants greater online censorship of bloggers and so on.

This next from Ade –


There’s no advise in this article that isn’t common sense. It’s hugely misleading to suggest that any of the above came from the Snowden leaks…


I smell propaganda. I see governments butt-hurt because their grim little secrets, which would put them all in the dock, are being aired.

Absolutely spot on, our masters are a sinister vengeful bunch aren’t they?


Surely anyone other than a complete idiot could have worked this stuff out for themselves. Mobiles tracking your movements, that your internet history and habits are not secret, neither are emails etc etc, why would have thought it . Next thing you know the spooks will be able to track your Oyster Card Journeys and, guess what, there are CCTV camera all over the place and they take pictures of you! All the best Dave

Article excerpts

Adrian Culley, a former senior detective with the Metropolitan Police’s Computer Crime Unit, who has seen the video, said: ‘It is clear the Snowden leaks have raised cyber security issues in the minds of terrorists. This video is concerned with techno fear and propaganda. 

‘We are in an cyber arms race with the terrorists and the security agencies have to be always one step ahead of the jihadists who only need to be lucky once to score a terrorist hit.’

Is Adrian Culley the biggest hypocrite on the planet ?

techno fear and propaganda”

Laughable …. rather obviously to remain undetected simply dont use electronic communications and  employ a series of fake or stolen IDs or get a free exemption pass from Skynet.

Even funnier is that AL CIADUH keep posting videos online and the combined globalist Stasi cant seem to find them.

Take Rita Katz and the ISIS headchopper videos for instance. Rita gets the footage from somewhere so why not monitor her comms and track them down all the way to their source.

Daily Mail

Al Qaeda’s YouTube guide for jihadists: Security chiefs spooked over terror video that proves extremists are using leaks from US spy Edward Snowden to evade justice

Read more: Qaeda is using the leaks from US spy Edward Snowden to help its fighters evade Western surveillance technology, MailOnline can reveal.The terrorist group has issued new video guidance based on what they have learnt about Western spying methods from the Snowden disclosures which have been made public on the internet.The move confirms the worst fears of British and American intelligence chiefs who warned that Snowden’s betrayal would play into the hands of the terrorists. The video even uses footage of news reports of the Snowden leak, highlighting how ‘NSA is tracking millions of phones’.

It comes after David Cameron travelled to America to urge Barack Oabama to put pressure on US Internet giants to co-operate more fully with intelligence and security agencies in the fight against terrorism.

A seven and half minute video released by a media platform for Al Qaeda, and other jihadist groups, provides detailed graphics on how terrorists can avoid detection by what it calls the ‘FBI Secret Spying technology’ when using phones and computers.


(Ade) Send In The Clowns as if MI5 or GCHQ give a damn about what the public thinks.

Last week Jonathan Evans, who stood down as head of MI5 in April 2013, used his maiden speech in the House of Lords to deliver a devastating analysis of the harm caused by Snowden, who stole and leaked thousands of documents in June 2013 detailing intelligence-gathering techniques used by Western intelligence agencies. He now lives in an undisclosed location in Russia.

The revelations have led to terrorists changing the way they communicate. They have also made internet companies less willing to co-operate with MI5 and GCHQ for fear of upsetting privacy campaigners.



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