England kicked out of Canada. New Republic of Kanata declared.


Strong words.  Strong actions.

The Crown and the Vatican have used illegitimate courts to carry out criminal acts, crimes against humanity, says Kevin Annett.  The Pope, the Queen and Prime Minister Harper are now fugitives from justice.  The institutions and laws of the Crown and the Vatican must be repudiated.  Annett declares the launch of the Republic of Kanata, and the repudiation of the Crown’s and the Vatican’s illegal occupation.  More power to your elbow, Kevin.  These words are being spoken at many locations across Kanata.  See the map for details.


5 Responses to “England kicked out of Canada. New Republic of Kanata declared.”

  1. RabbiT says:

    Am behind you all the way, however you mention “creation” but omit the Creator.

    Mention of “god” is insufficient.

    The problem facing mankind in the post modern era is worship of the creation through ignorance of the Creator.

    The issue is the Will of God, Father and Jesus Christ manifest by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Arbroath says:

    Religions as we experience them are used by the negative control system,( who use spiritual knowledge in reverse and make sure we cannot access our own inner God Technology), to divide us and create dark energy from arising polarities, to push wars, make money, ramp up fear, remove our freedom and progressively depopulate us and enslave us. We do not need the churches and state sponsored places of worship. We need our own connection to The Source and our own knowing if unity consciousness. We are one with all there is.

  3. Это я ! says:

    Why is the name ‘England’ invoked only when tied to something negative?
    The rest of the time, England as nation has ceased to exist…apart from when the BBC or Masonically controlled blog sites, like this one, want to attach a bad smell to something…

    • Tapestry says:

      I am masonically controlled? It must be remote control. To most people around the world we live in England (variously pronounced), Angleterre, Inghilterra. Another incognito, Scotty?!!!

    • Velveteen says:

      Someone needs to do a lot of historical research. Why bother leaving a comment about something you have no knowledge about?

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