Eisenhower’s death camps

I’m not able to give the blog the full whack at the moment as we’ve moved out of our house while the builders make a few necessary alterations, and we’re in temporary accommodation.  At the same time I’m busy and enjoying my raw milk campaign, and have supplied four cases of milk to about thirty people over the last two days.  It’s covering my fuel costs which are not small as picking up the milk involves a 100 mile round trip, and my car’s mpg could be better.  The fracking issue is still live with Crawberry Hill being evicted today in Yorkshire, where Ian Crane is based.  Our own fracking site is waiting upon the developer to provide further information, and the Council seems determined to force them to explain the errors (deceptions?) contained in their planning application.  Our littl’un was none too well last night, a situation which is also needing constant attention, along with buying materials for the builders in our house, and adapting the plans.  All great excuses.  I hope we’re not missing too many important stories.  I am sure readers will tell me if I am.


Here’s one that came in from Colin.


After World War 2, the Americans did indeed set up over 200 death camps to exterminate millions of German POWs, civillians, women and children.  All against the Geneva Convention.  Here is a documentary on Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows death camps, a shameful secret of one of the many American crimes against humanity.  Please share this information.





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  1. NPP says:

    1943 The allies agreed in secret to designate German soldiers, not prisoners of war, but criminals disregarding international law…

  2. Julie says:

    Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 Book.

    This book was very difficult to read, not because it is poorly written, it isn’t, but because of the subject matter. I frequently had to put it down because of the sheer horror of what was done to the helpless German people. I have been aware for years that vast crimes were committed by the ‘liberators’ of Europe during and after the war. The demonic creatures who instigated the war also planned and executed the destruction of all that was best about European civilization and its people in a welter of blood, murder, rape, torture and starvation. However, I had only absorbed snippets of what was done over time. Goodrich brings it all together in a litany of woe that is hard to take, especially when one realizes that most of the perpetrators were never called to task for their sickening crimes, several living out their lives in comfort in Israel. Indeed, most of them thrived and many were and are lionized to this day. It says much about propaganda that blood-soaked monsters like Churchill, Rooseveldt, Eisenhower, Benes et al are still today regarded as heroic leaders. One wonders at the mentality of people like the American pilots who machine-gunned thousands of the shocked survivors of Dresden, the great majority of whom were women and children and injured, as well as the rescue crews. No doubt they stand proudly at veterens get-togethers for the part they played in ‘making the world safe for democracy’. It is notable also that the system still insists that a mere 35,000 died at Dresden when they know full well that the true number must be at least ten times greater. History is an agreed-upon set of lies by the victors where the alleged crimes of the defeated are exagerated out of all proportion and the vast and very real crimes of the victors are minimised or ignored. Never has this been more true than of the period of European history between 1914 and 1950. Goodrich is to be commended for doing so much to expose the monstrous crimes committed against the German people and the vile slanders laid against them ever since. Knowing this I can never help but sneer at the people who stand proudly at the Cenotaph in London each November 11th with their berets and medals and who to this day claim to have made the world a better place. No doubt, ‘Hellstorm’ will not be readily available in bookstores and libraries, unlike revolting works of fiction such as ‘the man who broke into Auschwitz’ and other fantasies. We can also be certain that Spielberg will not be making a blockbuster on the subject any time soon. Nevertheless, for those who want to know the truth and to get some understanding as to why our civilization is dying it shines as a terrible beacon in the world of lies in which we now live.

  3. Julie says:

    The Biggest Cover-Up In History.This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.


  4. Lynn says:

    Mass Murder through the ages, one tribe thinks they have got away with this until now. The light is shining on them and they are being seen for what they have done around the world. Whilst that tribe are housed we will never see peacetime. We all know how they operate and who they are. The time is upon us and the truth has caught up!!

  5. David says:

    More like 2 million

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