Earthquakes are “fun,” says scientist in support of fracking


In defense of the natural gas industry, Dr. Frohlich has attempted to whitewash the issue by claiming that it really isn’t a big deal. Even though some folks in the affected areas are reporting damage to their homes, Dr. Frohlich believes the earthquakes aren’t really much of a concern.

“It’s not entirely clear to me that you need to stop [the quakes],” he stated, likening the relatively minor rumbles to a common thunderstorm. “It’s actually kind of fun,” he added about the shaking movements.

To simplify the mechanics behind this phenomenon, Dr. Frohlich compares it to an air hockey table. When the air is off, the puck won’t move even when pushed — this is how the ground under Texas normally is without drilling. When this air is on, however, the puck moves freely, which is similar to how fracking waste water loosens fault lines.

“It wants to move but it can’t,” said Dr. Frohlich. “Until you pump fluids in there and it slips.”

TAP – Great name for such a useless tool of the corporations – Dr Frollick!

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5 Responses to “Earthquakes are “fun,” says scientist in support of fracking”

  1. Gillian says:

    This fracking business seems crazy to me. It’s akin to undermining the foundations of a building, not something most property owners would undertake lightly and then only done in controlled conditions.
    Fracking carried out on a big scale is undermining the planet we inhabit. It’s dangerous.
    I know that during coal mining earth tremors have been caused and recorded, but fracking is causing much bigger tremors and is in a bigger and more dangerous league than coal mining in terms of our obviously vital relationship with planet earth.

  2. NPP says:

    This fracking businessi is stupidly ludicrous. The problem is who cares? Who is even aware? Among the pulic too few. TAP understands because it effects TAP’s back yard. Where I live few are aware and the local UKIP councillor supports it – because he thinks it’s OK, he does not really know. It’s a dilemma. The only party against fracking are the Greens and they are for the most part unwitting supporters of Agenda 21. If few are aware of facking, even less have even heard of Agenda 21. Oh dear, we’re fracked. At least Arsenal just won… just testing you!

    If only UKIP would come out against fracking, that would seriously help UKIP and hurt the (fascist, though most of them have no idea) Greens.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The Greens could be ahead of UKIP by election day. Their surge from nothing is, if anything, more impressive than UKIP’s step up. If UKIP were anti-fracking, GMO and glyphosate, they’d make headway much faster, and be the best vote available. I feel that policy positions are handed down from a higher cabal manipulating to ensure no one party gets to predominate. They want hung Parliaments forever with the electorate turned off. They ensure that no party offers what people actually want.

  4. Covenant Woman says:

    The awe and wonder of nature in a thunderstorm or even an earthquake cannot be compared to man made chaos and pollution. Destroying nature through fracking, geo-engineering and genetic engineering and so polluting water, soil, plants and sky is anti-human. Surely these issues around Agenda 21 must be of concern enough to motivate and awaken – I don’t hold out much faith in any political party to stop the slide unless people as a whole are aware, awake and acting out, speaking out against it.

  5. Nollidge says:

    The “Greens” are the reds with a paint job.Always have been & always will be.Tend to wonder about the ethnicity of their leadership.

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