David Cameron Pledges To Kill Our Privacy With New Legislation

Cameron to increase government internet surveillance powers

David Cameron is going to give greater Internet surveillance powers to intelligence agencies in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

As predicted by us at Neon Nettle Uk Prime Minister David Cameron is going to give greater Internet surveillance powers to intelligence agencies in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings – and the subsequent terror attacks.

David Cameron gave a speech in Nottingham today just four months ahead of the general election he said, “If I’m Prime Minister I will make sure it is a comprehensive piece of legislation that makes sure we do not allow terrorists safe space to communicate with each other.

“Are we going to allow a means of communication where it simply isn’t possible to do that? My answer to that question is ‘no we must not.'” But the cost of this legislation is the privacy of millions of people will be invaded. Something that the conservative party has wanted for years, the recent terror attacks are the perfect time to get the general public to accept it.

the tories plan to revive the communications data bill nicknamed the    snoopers charter

The Tories plan to revive the communications data bill nicknamed the ‘snoopers charter’.

It has already been revealed that Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) was able to spy on UK citizens through Google, Twitter and Facebook because of a loophole in the law. So what more do the intelligence agencies want?

The Tories plan to revive the communications data bill nicknamed the ‘snoopers charter’ that allows the government to store everything you do, from phone calls to internet gaming for 12 months. The practical application of this data hording is questionable, how could they possibly filter anything out of all that information.

Civil liberty advocates have warned that the government will use the massacre as an excuse to extend surveillance powers, Emma Carr director of Big Brother Watch said; “It is wholly unacceptable for this tragedy in Paris to be used as a means to call for a return of the snooper’s charter.

“It is the wrong solution and would divert resources from focussed surveillance operations at a time when the agencies are already struggling to cope with the volume of information available.” The breach of our privacy in this manner would be the final nail in the coffin, and is one more reason that #CameronMustGo.

By: Steve Thresher  |@steventhresher on 12th January


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  1. Lynn says:

    Well he wont get in so non story.!!

  2. kelvin ballsacre says:

    this is proof mossad did charlie hebdo

  3. kelvin ballsacre says:

    its official Ofstead teaches homosexualty to our kids
    how vile

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Islington heart of pedophile scandal watch the video watch how shameless Hodge is when lying through her teeth.

    There are several indications that Islington was connected to a wider paedophile network. In 1986 an Islington council social worker, Abraham Jacob, was jailed for his part in a paedophile ring that supplied young boys to the notorious ‘Meat Rack’ in London’s Piccadilly Circus. The arrest was part of a long police investigation called Operation Circus that ended up convicting fifteen men for sexually exploiting children

    Abraham Jacob
    In November 1985, fourteen year old Jason Swift was murdered by Sidney Cooke and other members of his paedophile ring. Jason was a runaway and had been homeless for around 6 months before he died, so his exact whereabouts were unknown. Years later, the journalist Eileen Fairweather was told by two separate sources that Jason stayed at Islington council’s Conewood Street home. Islington council cannot confirm this as the records showing who stayed at Conewood Street have also gone missing.

    After Rabet left Islington he set up a ‘children’s recreational centre’ at a country house near Heathfield, East Sussex. Islington council sent many children there for days out. One of Rabet’s circle, Neil Hocquart, became a ‘volunteer’ at the centre. Hocquart was from Guernsey, and killed himself in 1991 after being raided by police and found with over 100 child-sex videos and 300 photographs of naked boys. One of the boys was a 10 year old in Islington’s care.

    Rabet and Hocquart were “networkers”, involved in the supply of children for pornography and abuse. Hocquart was connected to a powerful Jersey paedophile ring, which included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. A list of members of this paedophile ring was given to Scotland Yard & NCIS on 4th January 1996, but the information was never acted on.

    Was Islington at the centre of a vast paedophile network? 1980 to 2015 and not one VIP arrested.
    Margaret Hodge, leader of Islington Council, 1982-1992 during which time children were being sexually abused in all twelve children’s homes in the borough as well as being taken out of the homes for ‘parties’. Margaret never noticed even when some lowly social workers brought the situation to her notice. She was later awarded a safe Labour seat and made Minister for Children, a post created for her by her close friend Tony Blair

    In 1992, the Evening Standard published allegations about widespread sexual abuse in children’s homes run by Islington council. It said every home contained staff who were paedophiles, pimps, or child pornographers. The leader of Islington council, Margaret Hodge, dismissed the story as “gutter journalism”, and accused Evening Standard journalists of waiting outside homes to bribe children for their stories with £50 notes.This led to a whole series of inquiries, most of which were conducted by Islington council themselves and were not to be taken seriously. The Evening Standard kept the pressure on Islington council, reprinting stories and also making fresh allegations, until an independent, external inquiry was announced, led by Ian White, the head of Cambridgeshire Social Services.

    As leader of Islington Council, Margaret Hodge was responsible for allowing children in Islington council’s care to be preyed on by paedophiles. Unbelievably,

    Tony Blair made her Children’s Minister in 2003.

    The Islington child abuse scandal came back
    to haunt her and she was attacked in the media but refused t
    o resign. Watch Hodge grin and lie her way through this 2003
    TV interview:


    Expect more denials and excuses from Margaret Hodge if
    the Peter Righton file that’s now being investigated proves
    that Islington council was central to a vast paedophile network.

    MORE http://google-law.blogspot.gr/2015/01/islington-heart-of-pedophile-scandal.html

  5. RabbiT says:

    Back on topic. The DWP or MOJ tapped my telephone for up to six years in the 1990’s without success on their part.

    I had located an article on line whereby the DWP admitted they tapped telephones but this article was taken down before I got round to copy it.

    Take it from me if they can get your data and they will, they will keep it for ever. The MoJ staff even at the bottom of the food chain crave to violate individual rights and do so at every opportunity – been there – have the T shirt.

    Our government has no respect for law, misplaced powerful people get an idea and it simply goes down the food chain.

    If you get targeted – targeted you are.

    These organisations are headed by individuals who think like children and act like such, even though they are given £150K+p.a. for doing so. This fools them into thinking they are important but they remain ignorant fools, or at least most of them do. There are still a few rational beings as yet not sacked.

    Working out why this insidious sector gets such a grip on public funds gets deeper but dodgy handshakes is probably a good indicator.

    I played their game for many years and at the end they were exposed for what they were -useful idiots or as I prefer ignorant fools.

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