Cancer. Most people die of the cure.

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This is very important for everybody to see. CANCER IS CURABLE. Cancer care is a trillion dollar industry. You think they are going to give that up? Yeah right. Cancer has been curable for a long time and because of the sick and derranged agenda, millions have died and trillions have been wasted. There have been numerous instances throughout American history where our own FDA has knowingly given people poison. We know that they will stop at nothing to make big bucks and screw over the American people at the same time. Please wake up.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell has been stopped by the Federal Government in his great strides in curing cancer.

“Since all 7 siblings of my mom had cancer, as well as my grandmother dying of cancer, and even my father and stepfather dying of cancer I can tell you that Im sure no one else has the amount of experience with cancer that I have. I have seen it as family member, son and grandson from the start until it killed my relatives.

In my time I have seen over 35,000 patients and have had over 2.2 million seminar attendees that have written to me, sending in their comments and life stories. I have over 7 million readers of my newsletters and reports. I am the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world. In fact, I am convinced I could cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had the legal platform to work with these people the “Dr Coldwell Way.” As long as the patient is willing and still able to do whatever it takes and has no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, there is no reason Cancer cannot be cured in most people.

I am sure I could cure them within weeks or a few months. But since the law and the ones that make money on your suffering and even death, dont allow me to treat you the way I know would produce results, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do. That’s how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry protects their Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry. They “make politicians install laws that kill citizens or at least make them sick, and laws that make sure they cannot be cured. They can only be treated to more illness and eventually death by the medical profession with toxic, dangerous and murderous treatments.”


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TAP – I still go back to World Without Cancer by Edward G Griffin.  That gets the main story across.  In the province in the Philippines where my wife comes from, few people die of cancer.  If they contract cancer they know what to do.  Without any doctors, they pick leaves, boil them and drink the water (guyabano).  Cancer is a disease of deficiency.  You can fix that deficiency, and in many parts of the world, people still know.  But not in the western world where doctors rule.  There’s a lot of common sense in the first video.


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  1. NPP says:

    How to comment?

    It’s as with so many issues. There is the mainstream conventional wisdom and there is the so called alternative media. Just this last week fathers of two friends have been diagnosed with cancer, but suggesting possible alternatives is akin to proposing false hope.

    Keep posting these ideas TAP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have often thought that seeing cancer victims paraded around bald and emaciated with radiation and chemo, how barbaric is that !! now it all makes sickening sense, to perpetuate fear and to humiliate patients in the most cruel deception. Giving false information to garner hard earned cash for cancer research has long puzzled me. Not anymore, it was all a grand money scam whilst fooling all of us that money would find a cure. Then when they do find a breakthrough it is too expensive to give to the people who paid for it. Shocking !! These barbarians want hanging. All this is science in the wrong hands, just like everything else we have come to rely on.

  3. erwin toseland says:

    why do you think the USA had the world wide ban on growing hemp banned and criminallised?. from time immortal to 1930’s the whole world used hemp, in fact the British empire was built on it. We actualy went to war with america when they tried to interfere with our trade with russia . The oil from the canabis plant can cure cancer and this has been known and proved for decades..Ethanol from this plant can drive cars as henry ford showed with one of his first cars (completely pollution free.I now use a fire burning bio-ethanol .it has NO smell, NO pollution and no waste. We MUST remove these evil politicians and use ones that represent the people, no oppress us.

  4. Norman says:

    sorry to say, it’s not the evil politicians, but their puppet masters. when they speak up,(smith, cook,and more,)they get dead.

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