Cameron’s a killer. He’s pushing GMOs for human consumption.

EU member states will now be able to decide for themselves whether to produce GM crops, according to a new law, which is already stoking controversy. They can now ban even the cultivation of crops approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

The contentious law has passed by a large margin of 480 in favor to 159 against, with 58 abstaining.


This is what GMOs do to rats.  Why will it be any different for humans?

The law is said to have achieved success owing to its flexibility. Since 1998, only a certain type of GM crop (MON810, from Monsanto) was cultivated in Europe.

Cameron backs genetically modified crops to prove Britain is pro-science

David Cameron has given the clearest signal yet that the government wants to see controversial genetically-modified crops grown across the country.

The Prime Minister told a conference of entrepreneurs that Britain needs to take a ‘really good look again’ at its policy on GM food if it is to prove it is a ‘pro-science’ country.

The intervention from Mr Cameron that he wants to see a GM free-for-all across the UK will alarm those who deride genetic modification as ‘Frankenscience’.

It emerged earlier this week that ministers are to push the European Union to relax restrictions on the cultivation of GM crops for human consumption.

But it is the first time that the Prime Minister has spoken up in favour of the idea. In opposition he was seen as being sceptical of GM crops.

TAP – It’s not just the GMOs themselves.  It’s the pesticides used in association with GMOs that are leading to surging rates of autism in children, cancers and all sorts of illnesses.  Glyphosate – Roundup is deadly to all life forms, not just plants.  Even the trees look sick alongside the maize crops next to my place of work.  The farmer sprays Glyphosate three times during the seeding and growing of the maize which he then feeds to his milking herd as sileage.  I’ve asked him to stop spraying such deadly poisons alongside our premises,  and he’s agreed to go back to grass pasture and stop spraying, which is very good of him.

Cameron on the other hand can’t kill enough people quick enough.  He’s with the Satanists and the depopulationists, and wants Britain depopulated by his multiple environmental crimes.

I am now buying milk for friends and colleagues from a farm which stopped using sprays several years ago.  They grow their own non-GMO corn, grind it themselves and feed it to their cows.  Most cows and pigs are fed GMO soya feed as it’s cheap.  However it is nevertheless deadly.  People have to get farmers to grow food without these deadly inputs as soon as they can, or expect to see their health collapsing.  Eating GMO crops themselves will deliver disease even quicker than eating them second hand as meat or milk.

Farmers should pack up the supermarket game, and start selling direct to the public.  First stop the GMOs and the sprays, stop buying in feed which can never be trusted, then cut output, and then sell retail at a high price which will ensure they survive as businesses, and their customers don’t die out into the bargain.  The race is on.  Farming and humanity will survive, or both will be terminated by deadly poisons, much beloved by Prince Charles, David Cameron and the Malthusians who see it as their job to kill off 90% of the human population.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    How stupid is it to fund & train more “islamic” terrorists on Europe’s borders that may well defect taking their arms with them as they have already.

    Now we see the agenda unfolding the Paris psyop is being used as a hook to hang the agenda on …. The US fighting israel’s wars .. destroying Europe’s economy via sanctions yet still doing business with Russia and not a peep from collaborating puppet Reich Fuhrer Merkel or Dimwit Dear Leader Cameron.

    US to buy 60 Russian rocket engines worth $1 bln — company

    BERLIN, January 16. /TASS/. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she believes it is unnecessary to lift the West’s sanctions on Russia due to Russia’s economic situation

    Moreover, the EU restrictive measures imposed because of the situation around Crimea are unlikely to be cancelled in spring, she said in an interview to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper published on Friday.

    “The annexation of Crimea, which is a blatant violation of the principles of international law, and the events in eastern Ukraine are serious violations” (of G7 values), she said. ends

    Blinkered puppet Reich Fuhrer Merkel is clearly confused about the law, the violent overthrow of a head of a sovereign state ala Ukraine is of course against the law as is massacre of the indigenous population in Eastern Ukraine. Although the US and its twisted controller israel are built on the principle of ethnic cleansing.

    Obama, Cameron spotlight terror threat, Russia in op-ed

    Jeremy Diamond, CNN

    The two heads of state pledged to continue what they defined as a three-pronged mission: Standing up to Russian aggression against Ukraine and, in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, defending freedom and confronting terrorists around the world, as well as promoting more economic growth “on both sides of the Atlantic.” The two are set to meet at the White House later on Thursday.

    “Whether we are facing lone fanatics or terrorist organisations such as al-Qaeda, Islamic State (Isil) or Boko Haram we will not be cowed by extremists,” the pair wrote. “We will defeat these barbaric killers and their distorted ideology, which tries to justify the murder of innocents, whether children attending school in Peshawar, or girls forced to become suicide bombers in northern Nigeria.” ends

    Bombing Libya Cameron’s Barbaric Slaughter

    Cameron had a personal interest in Libya, having been a prime mover along with then French president Nicolas Sarkozy of the Nato boming campaign that brought victory for Libya’s rebels in their uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.

    But the country quickly descended into chaos with former rebel militias fighting each other while the army, shattered by Nato bombing, was in no condition to impose order.

    If at first you don’t succeed try the same thing again and screw up once more…….

    The US military has planned to deploy hundreds of troops to help train Syrian militants fighting the ISIL terrorist group in the region.

    The training mission that is expected to begin in spring will include more than 400 troops along with hundreds of US support personnel who are expected to operate at sites outside Syria, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said on Thursday.

    Although the exact location of the training program has not been announced, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have offered to host the training, said Warren.

    Under the plan, the Pentagon says it can train over 5,000 recruits in the first year and that up to 15,000 will be needed to retake areas of eastern Syria controlled by the terrorist group.

    The president authorized more than 3,000 US troops to advise and train Iraqi and Kurdish forces across the border in Iraq.

    Washington along with other regional countries had supported the militants in Syria. Many of the militants however are now part of the ISIL terrorist group.

    The US and its allies have also been conducting airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

    They say they are carrying out the airstrikes against the Takfiris in both countries in order to curb their advances in the region.

    However, the air raids have so far failed to halt the insurgents’ military gains. ends

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