Belsen’s liberation was a psyop pre-planned by psychopaths

The RAF bombed the last food train to Belsen, so the prisoners there were starving. The food train was probably bombed deliberately in order to create a opportunity for a photo op when the British Army liberated the camp. The Americans seem to have been prepared for a photo op. Eisenhower turned up with high-ranking psy-ops officers from Washington. The British intercepts from Belsen were no doubt decoded at Bletchley Park. So the British would have known the time and route of the food train.

The photos from Belsen are much worse than those from other camps, where the main problem was typhus, not starvation.  The photos from other camps show prisoners who look reasonably well fed, while those who appear to be starved were suffering from typhus. The Belsen photo op played a major role in subsequently justifying what has been described as an unnecessary war. It should be added that, although there were allegations of gas chambers in the camps in Germany, it is now universally accepted that if there were any gas chambers at all, they would have been in Poland. However, the Poles themselves have admitted that Stalin built the Auschwitz gas chamber in 1946. The only traces of Zyklon B have been found in the blue-stained walls of rooms used for fumigating clothes in order to eliminate typhus.


Zyklon B was designed for fumigation, but was released too slowly to be suitable for executions. Deception is at the heart of the Jewish religion. The most important prayer of the Jewish year is Kol Nidre, which is a deceiver’s prayer. Judaism seems to be a psychopathic religion. In warfare, the first people to be deceived are the soldiers themselves.

From Tap Blog comments from a regular contributor.

TAP – I added the Richard Dimbleby report.  The Dimbleby family’s been at it a long time.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Why is no-one questioning the fact that the policy makers never take a hit. This should be the first target of any Terrorist organisation. Why are the public targeted. We know why it is purley staged and the insiders are doing the damage. This alone should start to wake up the masses. The middle east has been blown back to the stone age and Israhell is never targeted. Maybe the Jews in London are starting to feel terrorised now because this is slowly dawning. Well what goes around…

  2. Aldous says:

    “Ukrainian [Jewish] leaders talk about sub humans and non humans living” in eastern Ukraine

    Kiev fascists are killing Ukrainians 6:36

  3. Aldous says:

    “TAP – I added the Richard Dimbleby report. The family’s been at it a long time.”

    Significant that comments are disabled for both parts 1 and 2. I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because both videos are a crock of Jewish fabricated garbage and they can’t stand the comment heat.

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story?

    The British comedian Michael Bentine, [yet another Jew] who took part in the liberation of the camp, wrote this on his encounter with Belsen:

    We were headed for an airstrip outside Celle, a small town, just past Hanover. We had barely cranked to a halt and started to set up the “ops” tent, when the Typhoons thundered into the circuit and broke formation for their approach. As they landed on the hastily repaired strip – a “Jock” [Scottish] doctor raced up to us in his jeep.

    “Got any medical orderlies?” he shouted above the roar of the aircraft engines. “Any K rations or vitaminised chocolate?”

    “What’s up?” I asked for I could see his face was grey with shock.

    “Concentration camp up the road,” he said shakily, lighting a cigarette. “It’s dreadful – just dreadful.” He threw the cigarette away untouched. “I’ve never seen anything so awful in my life. You just won’t believe it ’til you see it – for God’s sake come and help them!”

    “What’s it called?” I asked, reaching for the operations map to mark the concentration camp safely out of the danger area near the bomb line. “Belsen,” he said, simply.

    Millions of words have been written about these horror camps, many of them by inmates of those unbelievable places. I’ve tried, without success, to describe it from my own point of view, but the words won’t come. To me Belsen was the ultimate blasphemy.

    After VE. Day I flew up to Denmark with Kelly, a West Indian pilot who was a close friend. As we climbed over Belsen, we saw the flame-throwing Bren carriers trundling through the camp – burning it to the ground. Our light Bf 108 rocked in the superheated air, as we sped above the curling smoke, and Kelly had the last words on it.

    “Thank Christ for that,” he said, fervently.

    And his words sounded like a benediction.

    Like I said, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Source: Wiki (Don’t bother)

  4. Aldous says:

    On 11th September 2001 a PAPER [and I stress PAPER] Passport survived the fireball of Flight 11, hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Centre complex.

    It then travelled through the building and out the window and down into the street where somebody picked it up.

    Moral of the Story? They should have made the buildings out of Passport Paper instead of Steel.

  5. Aldous says:

    A Jew asks God if He’ll forgive them for what they’ve done to Mankind.

    “Perhaps in a million years” says God.

    “But a million years is virtually forever, what does it mean to You?”

    “A million years is but a second of time if that.”

    “So there’s hope for us Jews yet and all is not lost?”

    “Give me a second to think about it,” says God.

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