A man who puts his neck on the line for his beliefs. Ken O’Keefe explains the Zionist agenda better than anyone.


Seeking the truth of how our world functions, being honest with yourself, finding a peace within yourself, is a process that’s going on around the world.  The current phase is one of exploration or questioning.  That’s his introduction.

‘As a marine I was brainwashed into believing my nation was better than everyone else’s.  Such lies makes us quite stupid.  I was an idiot, doing the things that I did.  I grew up in an environment in which incessant lies are repeated until you believe them.’

He describes the process he went through in discovering what injustice was.  He exposed a senior officer for not leading by example, and was given a highly traumatic experience by the officers in return, ending with his being thrown out of the Marine Corps.  This began the process of questioning the integrity of the Marine Corps.  This was the best thing that ever happened to me, he says, as it started him thinking outside the system.  He decided on leaving the Marine Corps he would never sacrifice his freedom again, and that he would use his freedom for rectifying the injustices in the world to the maximum extent that he can.

He read the biography of Malcolm X.  This opened his eyes.  Let him tell his story.  A great talker.  A great tale.

Neocons are predominantly Jews or dual nationals.  The strategy for Israel was mapped out a long time ago.  The Zionist agenda is being played out.  The Greater Israel project is to expand Israel from the Euphrates in Iraq into Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan.  The goal is to establish Greater Israel by balkanising the other countries, through sectarian violence, getting the goys to fight each other into a bloody pulp.

For any sane person’s viewpoint this is a disaster, but to a psychopath with a religious supremacist ideology, the disaster is an acceptable way to achieve supremacy over the rest of humanity.  The majority of Moslems are good people, everyday people trying to live their lives.  They are being used by the Zionists in their goal to achieve total spectrum dominance over everything, the air we breathe, every food source, all energy.

Unfortunately the American people are too stupid to realise their country has been taken over by the Neocons, and they’re using the American military to achieve their goals.  That’s what 9/11 was all about, to make Americans became angry enough to do the Zionists’ work.  He renounced his US citizenship in 2011.  He took part in the declaration of independence by Hawaii, a country which was stolen by the US.  He faced down threats against his life, police harrassment


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  1. It is nice that there are people like Ken O’Keefe among the living! – instead of too many people like the following hoaxer


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