Write to Ben Fellows. He’s in Wormwood Scrubs, while the child abusers walk free.


UK Column have given out Ben Fellows’ prison address.

Benjamin Matthew Fellows
Prison no: A5289DJ
HM prison Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du cane Road
London W12 OAE

Name and address on back of card.

Say if you are sending anything.

Numbers of support can help.

This man should not be in prison whether his allegations are true or false.



Ben talking outside Bilderberg 

Prison is way out of proportion.

Write! Why not?

Dear Ben, we are aware and watching the situation of Melanie Shaw, Robert Green and yourself…. let’s shine light upon the violation of children since we cannot maintain civil society based upon foundations supporting such violation….




20 Responses to “Write to Ben Fellows. He’s in Wormwood Scrubs, while the child abusers walk free.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Meanwhile The MET waste their time on a pathetic propaganda exercise like this and the collaborating press with a lack of criticism give them a free ride.

    Note the lack of crooked politicians, traitors and banking criminals in the report.

    Collectively they are responsible for looting Britain, starting wars under false pretences, seddition, laundering drug cartel money, funding and giving material support to terrorism, perversion of justice, billion pound frauds the list is endless yet the MET’s stated priority in London are these petty thieves.

    Neither Blair or Cameron have their mug shots included ?

    Images of 12 of London’s most wanted individuals have been released by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as it intensifies its crackdown on the capital’s most evasive suspects this Christmas.

    The photos, which show six people being sought for burglary and six people sought for violence with injury offences such as grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm, have been uploaded to the Crimestoppers website in a public appeal for help.

    The dirty dozen: Met Police reveal their 12 most wanted criminals this Christmas including man ‘who attacked neighbour with metal bar after row over loud music’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2880890/Met-Police-reveal-12-wanted-criminals-Christmas.html

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The penny – intriguing.

    As they finish the second verse, each brother walks up in his turn to the Senior Warden, who stands behind a lattice-window, and thrusts his right hand, with the thumb and two first fingers open, and the third and little fingers clinched, palm up (see Fig. 22), through the hole in the window, receives his penny, withdraws his hand, and passes on, and so on until the candidate, who comes last, puts his hand through for his penny in this manner (see cut.) The Senior Grand Warden seizes his hand, and, bracing his foot against the window, draws the candidate’s arm through to the shoulder, and exclaims
    vehemently, “An impostor! an impostor!” Another person exclaims, “Strike off his hand! strike off his hand!” and at the same time runs up with a drawn sword to give the blow. The Senior Deacon now intercedes for the candidate, and says: “Spare him! spare him! he is not an impostor; I know him to be a craftsman; I have wrought with him in the quarries.”


    • sovereigntea says:

      Reputed statement of Ben Fellows source Justice Denied blog

      Whilst I have been abroad I met what could only be described as a delegation of Knights Templar’s. They are disgusted by what’s occurring in their and other Masonic orders name. They gave me a ceremonial coin which reads “They Received Every Man A Penny”. It also came with a warning, that if I should return to the UK I would be set up by the Police and government at the highest levels. Of course, I had to bear in mind that the Police in the UK are Masonic, Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are high level Mason’s and so is the judiciary, press etc So what chance have I of a fair trial? Even if I had broken the law which I haven’t?

      The Templar’s gave me a coin, which I am not allowed to have as someone who is not a Mason and it has never happened before in their entire history. The purpose of the coin, so that brethren of good conscious, whom there are many in all walks of life, would know that I spoke the truth and that Mason’s whilst not coming out of the privacy of their organisation supported my actions.


      Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first. And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny — Matthew 20:1–16, King James Version

      The word translated “penny” in the King James Version of this parable is the denarius, a silver coin which was the usual day’s wage for a laborer.

      Thou shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy, whether he be of thy brethren, or of thy strangers that are in thy land within thy gates: At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it; for he is poor, and setteth his heart upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the LORD, and it be sin unto thee.

      — Deuteronomy 24:14–15, King James Version

  3. Mark says:

    Tap, you seem to be a lone-ish voice on Ben?

    Louise posted the HMP details on Spivey yesterday but all is strangely quiet. We could speculate? Better though, write Ben.


      • Mark says:


        An Exaro tweet? And Tap wrote, this past, November 28: ‘the thing I remember about Exaro is that it was they who provided Ken Clarke with an alibi to fend off Ben Fellows’ allegations’.

        And November last year Ben ‘fails to appear’ and would be (and not know?), likely to be arrested upon returning to the UK.

        Birmingham and Hollywood online news report. Otherwise a needle in a… blog.


      • Mark says:

        Listening to ‘Abused…’ (above), the following; ‘And November last year Ben ‘fails to appear’ and would be (and not know?), likely to be arrested upon returning to the UK’ – is incorrect. He assumed he’d be informed, if police wanted to interview or arrest. So, it wasn’t ‘failure to appear’. All that happened was Ben wasn’t given (and said he would take…), the opportunity to voluntarily return to the UK if asked. Mark

  4. covenant woman says:

    As you say, Tap – this man should not be in prison whether his allegations are true or false. He has bravely spoken out against powerful politicians and others – the media and the police seem only to be interested in those who are either literally, actually or (in terms of their power and influence) dead.

    His critics claim Fellows has got it wrong, that he doth protest too much. Which begs the question of the Police handling of this matter.

    Write to Ben. I, for one, will.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is how they operate…they cant lock us all up. They are the Traitors and one day we will see them face us all. Shout out their names for the highest crimes against an unsuspecting people. Well their time is up they are known and outed.They will answer for this in so many ways.

  6. Julie says:

    John Mann MP, who claims to expose the PEDERAST PLAYGROUND IN PARLIAMENT is Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism! You have to be joking. Conflict of interest here as we all know by now about the Jew pederasts. “John Mann chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism.[8] The Group commissioned the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism in 2005. The inquiry panel, chaired by former Europe Minister Denis MacShane, gathered written and oral evidence on antisemitism in Britain and published a report of their findings on 7 September 2006. The panel’s recommendations included improved reporting and recording of antisemitic attacks; a crackdown on anti-Jewish activity on university campuses; and improved international co-operation to prevent the spread of racist material online. In May 2009 John Mann received the American Jewish Committee’s Jan Karski Award in recognition of his commitment to fighting antisemitism in all of its forms.”

    Jerome Booth the owner of Exaro News worked at the Department of Trade of Industry, when LEON BRITTAN was boss. Jerome Booth has made personal donations to the Plebgate MP Andrew Mitchell. (Not related, but interesting). Still doing more research on this, so I am sure more will become apparent.


  7. Julie says:

    Tom Watson MP stood up doing PM Question Time in October 2012, saying he had credible evidence of a Pederast Network in Parliament.

    “It’s ten days since I raised a question about intelligence suggesting a paedophile ring that touched the very heart of a previous government. I’d done so because a very credible retired child protection professional had lived with a gnawing suspicion of a cover up for many years.

    These people are the rarest of human beings. They’re the people who labour in anonymity, day in day out, trying to make the world a better place. They have always been the foundations of our public services. Yet this retired public servant had, through a quirk of fate, stumbled on something that appeared so huge, that almost everyone he’d ever raised his concerns with had baulked at the challenge.

    Since then though, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider wrongdoing – in some cases so heinous it made me cry.

    They have talked of psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show “ownership”. They tell of parties where children were “passed around” the men. They speak of golf course car parks being the scenes for child abuse after an 18 hole round.

    And they have named powerful people – some of them household names – who abused children with impunity.

    Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection specialists have raised their fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton, the nexus of the group, was wider than at first thought. Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys.

    Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats.

    I’m not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen.”


  8. Julie says:

    Now we have some really interesting connections. Jerome Booth, owner of Exaro News worked at the Department of Trade and Industry when LEON BRITTAN was boss. Jerome Booth makes personal donations to Andrew Mitchell MP. Leon Brittan, Andrew Mitchell and KENNETH CLARK are members of the Cambridge University Conservatives Association (CUCA).

    Read this.

    At first glance, Nick Clegg is everything he appears to be: a snivelling, two-faced creep who sold his party down the swanny for political and personal gain.

    Scratch the surface a little though, and an even more disturbing picture emerges of Clegg’s links to Leon Brittan, the Conservative Party and mysterious VIP child-abuse cover-ups.

    Despite professing to being a die-hard Lib Dem, Clegg was once a member of Cambridge University’s Conservative Association. of which Leon Brittan was once chairman:

    The list of former chairmen of CUCA makes for very interesting reading.

    They include the following:

    Geoffrey Howe

    Leon Brittan

    Norman Fowler

    Kenneth Clark

    Norman Lamont

    Alan Bradley

    David Mellor

    John Selwyn Gummer

    Andrew Mitchell

    Simon Milton


    • sovereigntea says:

      Almost all of the above made it to this ..

      List of current members of the British Privy Council

      Home Sec is a very useful position

      (Leon B 1983–1985)(Ken C 1992–1993)(Howard 1993–1997) (1998–1999 shadow)

      The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC 1990

      Home Secretary (1993–1997)

      The Lord Brittan of Spennithorne QC DL 8 January 1981[7]

      Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1981–1983)
      Home Secretary (1983–1985)
      Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1985–1986)
      European Commissioner (1989–1999)

      Nick Clegg MP

      Leader of the Liberal Democrats (2007–present)
      Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (2010–present)

      Norman Fowler The Lord Fowler 1979
      Secretary of State for Social Services (1981–1987)
      Shadow Home Secretary (1998–1999)

      Kenneth Clarke QC MP 1984
      Home Secretary (1992–1993)

      Norman Lamont The Lord Lamont of Lerwick 1986

      Alan Bradley The Lord Bradley 2001
      Treasurer of the Household; Government Deputy Chief Whip in the Commons (1998–2001)
      Minister of State for Criminal Justice, Sentencing, and Law Reform (2001–2002)

      David Mellor QC 1990

      Simon Milton Deceased

      Andrew Mitchell MP 13 May 2010[8]


  9. Julie says:

    Geoffrey Dickens knew about Satantic ritual abuse, but MSM are SILENT.



  10. Anonymous says:

    They hate being exposed and pointed at…let us keep up the heat. They are totally out of control now as the public see the way these creeps have networked in secret with our money. Their charities and there diplomatic imunity was all a front to steal lands and people’s children. We have the means to spread this all far and wide now, so they have nowhere to run, Secret no more. The security services have had their day too and it is all imploding in on them. No more secrets and no more abuse. ****** We know who you are and you know that we do.*******!!!

  11. Mark says:

    Tap, the regular poster Mark, ain’t, no disrespect, the one above, could you differentiate please, thanks.

    I assume Covenant Woman, is my woman, yet to confirm.

    Tar. Mark 2, if you must.

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