Woolwich terror attack – another analysis

Woolwich Terror Attack – The Car – Updated from Sovereign Independent

By King Alfred – Sovereign Independent UK –

Let us examine the vehicle which we are told hit Lee Rigby  sustaining a great deal of damage.


Here is the vehicle note the extensive damage to the front LHS , bonnet and windscreen.

Note the lack of damage to the two steel posts in front of the vehicle no distortion and no dents and no paint. Also note that there is no forward spray of broken glass on the pavement from the lights of the vehicle. No bits of bumper or plastic either just a lonely token wheeltrim. No skimarks either and the car is parallel with the road.

Now look at the image below a car that actually hit a real person causing serious injuries. Remember a person is about 90 % water.  Not much damage is there.

Care of http://www.adelaidenow.com.au


This same pattern and level of damage can be seen multiple times in the pictures of real pedestrian vs car incidents in this University report.  Cars always win. Here is an example. Hmmm not much damage again and again.

What might it take to cause such a high level of damage to the vehicle ?


Lets just suppose that the Woolwich vehicle hit the  signpost pillars. What might we see ?


Lots of damage to the car which wraps around the lamp post. But the lamp post which is stronger than the sign post poles has bent and deflected. Glass and bits of plastic are thrown forward onto the ground. Doesnt look like our damage though does it ?


The vehicle seems to have  hit something solid and rectangular.

Ah this is more like it.  A crash test.


Now watch the video see how the vehicle is deflected sideways on impact.

Note how the Woowich vehicle’s front wheel is jammed against the wheel arch. The vehicle could not have been moved following the impact unless it was dragged or lifted. Dragging it would leave marks on the footpath there are none. It is also parallel with the road ?

That being the case and the posts being undamaged what did it hit and how did the vehicle get to its resting position, a crane or a low loader perhaps ?

Nothing else for the vehicle to hit is there.

nothing else to hit2

In such circumstances one might expect a specialist police team would investigate and report on the RTA aspects of the case, did they ?  Private companies offer a similar service.


Because of our Operational experience, within the Police Service and that gained as independent investigators in the private sector, we are conscious of the increasing trend to ‘stage accidents’  or attempt to defraud insurance companies by alleging theft of motor vehicles.  We know many of the ‘scams’ currently operating in the transport industry relating to drivers’ hours and even the unlawful carriage of hazardous substances.

We have the knowledge and experience to investigate such incidents thoroughly.


Final frame of video footage released from court. How does the vehicle end up in its final resting place ?



Now for the terrorist ( patsy ). Who following the crash hacked away at the victim but had not a drop of blood on his coat ?

Also note that the supposed path of the vehicle had to be between the railings and undamaged lamp post behind the patsy.

no blood2

Wot no marks on the footway and no broken glass by the undamaged post  the only solid object in the cars path ?

Patsy number two also by some miracle has no blood on his clothing either.

no blood

The terrorists  then waited around for the police giving interviews with the press rather than running away.

As you are no doubt aware the  trial of the alleged murderers of Lee Rigby is taking place at the moment, the BBC ( Joe Stalin’s Pravda ) are of course keeping us up to date with factual reports from the show trial LOL.

The whole thing is of course a staged false flag operation performed for your entertainment by the MI5? Travelling Theatrical Company.

All of this effort and expense  is in order to keep you safe from terrorists, sleep tight sheeple.






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  1. pauline says:

    I visited the crime spot the very next day after the supposed beheading ……………..THERE WERE NO BLOOD STAINS ON THE ROAD WHERE THE SUPPOSED BEHEADING HAPPENED.


    Whoever the clean up team were road cleaners and sign straightners they did a grand job ,thats all I can say

  2. John says:

    I was amazed when I read about a female witness giving evidance in court. She said ‘she pulled over as the car came across her front and crashed. The driver got out jumped over the bonnet and ran to Lee Rigby and cut his throat 9 times’. Yes! 9 times, not a few or lots, 9 times. As he got up she drove away. Well theres actually a street video which shows her car pull up and drive away. If you look at the clock she saw all this in 8 seconds ?????
    Go to Chris Spivy for a full report on this false flag operation and cover up he’s brilliant.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    @ Pauline thanks for the confirmation.


  4. It’s amazing isn’t it how I knew it was a false flag without a single visit to Spivey’s web page? LOL

    • Glenn says:

      It’s amazing how determined you are to run Chris Spivey down.

      Play his articles not the man.

      • AlanB says:

        @ thetruthnotdoctrine

        I’d appreciate it if you could provide a link to your article where you prove it was a false flag. As you state, you knew, so how did you?

      • I have written no article on it, no need, other people had covered it and as I have said elsewhere here on Tap’s Blog that once you have seen one false flag you have seen ’em all. So I tend not to give them much attention these days – same old, same old.

        Re how did I know? It’s automatic – Spiritual discernment. We’re ‘governed’ by liars, disemblers, obfuscators and deceivers so it’s not difficult to work things out – healthy paranoia – joining the dots etc.

      • Not at all, just warning would be dupe sychophants to beware. You’ll learn.

      • Glenn says:

        A warning about a blogger without reason or proof is merely hot air.

        The act of a shill or misdirection expert.

        At least Chris Spivey gives something to look at – and agree or disagree as you see fit on the evidence provided.

        So sychophancy is not my mojo.

        Commenting that someone is a “wrong un” without proof or reason that can be presented and examined is the act of a “wrong un”.

      • Oh yes Spivey gives you plenty!! LOL

      • Charlotte A says:

        You’re talking so confidently about your higher “spiritual discernment”, Truthnotdoctrine, yet if I tap into mine I hear it screaming “Spivey is OK,” “Coleman is OK”, “Tap is OK”….

        Still, I don’t need to bother my higher self to be a big fan of Chris Spivey. I and lots of his other followers are keeping a close eye on the earthly harassment he’s being subjected to by the hands of the SS.

        As I see it, anyone half decent who’s not knob enough to believe his “spiritual discernment” is higher than the rest of us should be lining up to support Chris, Stacey and Clayton….shouting out loud (peacefully, of course).


      • I would question any spirit that is screaming at you – very dodgy IMO. The Holy Spirit never screams – no need to. No one is ‘OK’ in the AM until they have been vetted over a reasonable period of time. This is something I have done with both Spivey and Aangirfan and both I have found to be suss, seriously suss!! As I said to someone else here, you’ll learn if you are a genuine seeker of The Truth.

  5. ian borrman says:

    What are subliminals ?
    Subliminals are suggestions hidden within another message, such as news coverage about lee rigby
    newspapers and TV programmes and films are full of subconscious subliminals
    and although we are told they are ineffective, advertisers spend millions each year to tell us that real men smoke these cigarettes
    or this powder washes whitest.
    The Hollywood Tom and Jerry cartoons are full of Tom the cat chasing jerry the mouse,
    but the subconscious at the time these cartoons were released registered that the British soldier was called a ‘Tommy’
    and the German soldier was called a ‘Jerry ‘ so at some level we knew that the British had to hound the Germans to the very end.
    During the Iraq war Tony Blair asked that subliminals be used on TV and radio to quieten Muslim feelings that their families and countrymen were being bombed relentlessly for WMDs which Tony Blair knew did not exist.
    In more recent times subliminals have been used for the homosexual agenda.
    All TV soaps have carried positive story lines for people to acept homosexual storylines, and the reason the police have been dragging their feet on child abuse cases is that in stages it will soon not be an offence to homosexually abuse.
    The BBC and the government have made it a priority to employ homosexuals above heteros, at one point the only heterosexual
    comedian on the TV was Jack Dee, and the publicised case of popular conjuror Paul Daniels being sacked for being ‘too heterosexual’
    and being replaced by homosexual Derren Brown.
    This is all part of the agenda to break down the family, it has always been more lucrative financially for couples to live apart than together,

  6. colin.cleaver says:

    newly discovered film shows not everyone believed the jewish version of W W II
    this is fabulous


  7. colin.cleaver says:

    ISIS are Israel
    and heres the proof


  8. colin.cleaver says:

    hey tap is peter Sutcliffe not guilty ?


  9. Gillian says:

    There’s an interesting if slightly alarming piece on the Global Research site by Prof Michel Chossudovsky (05/12/2014) Under the heading:

    America is on a “Hot War Footing”. House legislation paves the way for
    war with Russia – a total media blackout prevails.

    I’ve also heard rumours of a ‘huge’ military build up in the Ukraine area.
    I know the PTB like to keep the people in a state of fear, but if there’s any
    truth in any of this, I hope they wait until Christmas is over.

  10. ian borrman says:

    one jewish family from arizona has donated 25 million dollars to a jewish holocaust musuem.
    This while people in the USa and Britain are living on the streets and starving because of jewish banker crimes.
    Donations like this show how racist and hateful jews really are
    makes me sick


  11. Julie says:

    This 12 minute video nails it. Woolwich was staged. Scam Cam Productions.


  12. norse kode says:

    The clue is in their title “thetruthnotdoctrine” more likely all doctrine and no truth..let people decide for themselves ..or has someone/something already decided that for you? now more than ever the real AM should be unifying and supporting each other with conscious acts of solidarity,understanding and awareness.Anyone doubting Chris and his credentials really isn,t paying attention to the facts and that,s unfortunate for them if they,re genuinely interested in ” truthseeking”-just go to the site and get over IT! ..enough said .

    • It would be handy if you read my comments and inwardly digested what I said. My conclusions are arrived at by monitoring these web pages over a reasonable (lengthy) period of time i.e. NO HASTY CONCLUSIONS. Now instead of adopting an unthinking dog with a bone type of attitude, why don’t you do your own checks having done YOUR OWN RESEARCH on other web sites and then become your own authority instead of a Spivey/Aangirfan mouth piece.

      Re the AM unifying??? LOL You’re living in a dream world. The AM is totally infiltrated and compromised by agents of all the secret services with one or three exceptions – Digger for Truth being one of those exceptions. You need an urgent reality check.

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