Why do all Royals have personal astrologers?

Dear Tap,
And this is why the likes of Cherie Blair and i bet Tony, Hilary Clinton,
Nancy Reagan, had have personal astrologers, Hilary wouldnt make a decison without consulting astrology. Events are scheduled when the Energies are best to imprint reality and make an outcome happen best.
The Olympics will have been timed, especially the opening and closing ceremonies, with their hidden symbolism, to coincide when the planets align in certain ways
Although it must be said the 2012 symbolism was very obvious, in the stadiums, as David Wilcock pointed out well
The Royals, HM the Queen, who took a happy holiday to Kamloops Canada in 1963, has a personal astrologer. We have to ask ourselves why, what the hells going on?
The Lapis Lazuli given by the Pope for prince George was not a decorative ornament paperweight……it was a special crystal used for rituals that can absorb Mind energy to help imprint reality. This is whats going on under our noses. Were being lied to about Physics. And Paul LaViolette is helping us remove the Veil

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  1. “what the hells going on?” Evil tradition is what is going on. King Saul of Israel consulted dealers in satanic spirits instead of Samuel as God’s Prophet. King Saul died in the following battle along with his sons i.e. no heir to the throne as it is with our Monarchy after Charles.

  2. hugh jarce says:

    king saul of israel ? there was no israel until 1948 you mean palestine

  3. freebornman says:

    Interesting that prince willy was induced on a solstice ‘so as not to interrupt big ears’ polo schedule’. willy’s sprog, curiously, was born on the day of the most propitious planetary alignment for elite types, a ‘star of david’ alignment. I’m like TOTALLY convinced it’s all just coincidence, though.
    freebornman 😉

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