What is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. Gordon Duff on the international Israeli crime cabal.

Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World

by  Preston James


Last week Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today delivered an Historic Keynote Speech at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism held in Damascus, Syria. This speech is sending shock-waves around the World.


Gordon Duff was part of a Veterans Today Senior Staff Delegation that traveled to Damascus and was in consultation with the Veterans Today Board and other like minded individuals within the Military and Intelligence community.

This Delegation included Veterans Today Senior Editor *Gordon Duff, Veterans Today Managing Editor **Jim Dean, Veterans Today Director Colonel ***James Hanke, and Veterans Today Financial Editor ****Mike Harris.

Gordon Duff’s speech quickly changed the focus of the whole conference and is now sending shock-waves around the World in the various Diplomatic, Military and Intelligence corps around the World.

Why is his speech Historic? For a number of reasons. This speech is the first time in history an American Intelligence Team of “non-activists” gave a military briefing to an audience of this type, including key Military Leaders of diverse Tribal Forces throughout Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, along with a Russian delegation and many others from around the world.




But even more important, Duff, a noted international Intel and Security Consultant, identified the root cause of United States of America’s dysfunctional involvement in Iraq and Syria and the true cause of ISIS/Daish.

Duff’s speech immediately changed the whole tone of the Conference and turn it to a very practical focus on the true causes of ISIS/Daish. His speech immediately shifted the focus of the Conference from theoretical discussions of Terrorism and Extremism, to what is actually going on at the ground level at a practical level, who is responsible and why.

Gordon Duff laid out the true cause of ISIS/Daish in simple terms for the very first time anyone has ever done so publicly and this disclosure from such a highly credentialed and credible Intel Professional is now sending shock-waves around the World.

Duff declared that there are far too many that have died to continue speaking in unclear terms and that it was time to share a key hypothesis based on signals intelligence.

What is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. That is, it is the works of an international Crime Cabal which has gotten control of the American Congress.

Duff identified this Crime Cabal as Israeli and pointed out that this is Worldwide Crime on a scale never experienced before.

Duff explained how the Supreme Court Decision of Citizens United made it possible for an Israeli-American Organized crime magnate now operating out of Macao, Sheldon Adelson to essentially buy control of both Houses of Congress in the last election and being able to bring Congress under control of this International Crime Syndicate which specializes in human trafficking and narcotics.

Duff also identified American Generals McInerney and Vallely as being involved in organizing Daisch along with Senator John McCain.

He also pointed out that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel [who has just resigned] was the one that prevented the American bombing of Syria in response to the False-Flag gas attack at Aleppo, Syria.

This keynote address delivered by Gordon Duff was historic because for the very first time ever a Top Intel and Security Consultant publicly explained how the problem with ISIS/Daish was not terrorism but was Crime. He clarified that ISIS/Daish was a result of Criminal Behavior of an Israeli based International Crime Syndicate which essentially bought control over the US Congress during the last election.

Here is Gordon Duff’s keynote speech which was historical and is now sending shock-waves around the World.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

It should now be clear to everyone that the creation of ISIS/Daish occurred not because of Terrorism, but because of the undue influence exercised on the American Political system by this Israeli based Crime Syndicate in which a faction inside the American Congress, Military and Intel has been manipulated into supporting the creation of ISIS/Daish.

It is easy to imagine why Duff’s frank disclosure in his keynote address that the real problem on the ground in Iraq and Syria is Crime and the handy-work of an international Israeli Crime Cabal immediately changed the tone of the conference, and is now sending shock-waves around the World.

This is the first time ever that these issues have been clarified for the Syrian Security Services and Military as well as to Intel, Military and Diplomatic representatives from all over the World.

In days and weeks to follow it is expected that such an Historic disclosure based on hard Intel will change the scope and tone of the discussion about what is really going on in Iraq and Syria on the ground and how a worldwide criminal enterprise is behind it.

There were several sophisticated attempts to sidetrack and derail the VT Delegation and keep Gordon Duff from delivering his Historic Speech. Despite all these attempted interceptions, one of which was directly thwarted by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris, Gordon Duff was able to deliver his keynote address and make history by putting the actual facts behind ISIS/Daish on the public record for the very first time. Colonel Jim Hanke spoke at the Conference also and his talk was very well received.

Jim Dean took numerous films which should prove to be quite important when some are published on VT.

Mike Harris gave numerous interviews to the Syrian Press and met with Syrian Security Officials and the Grand Mulah. These discussions were very productive and did a great deal to further an understanding of what is actually behind the ISIS/Daish crime problem in Iraq and Syria which is nothing more than sophisticated international Organized Crime and must be dealt with as such.


Obviously Gordon Duff and his team displayed great courage in attending this Conference in Damascus and deserve the highest commendations possible for this fine work representing the true interests of peace for folks with no voice.

When the dust settles time will show this speech will be a major turning point in the Criminal Cabal’s blatant abuse of the American People from their buying and hijacking of the US Congress and some American Generals with deep Intel connections and their abuse of millions around the World in many different nations, especially the Mideast.

No criminal Cabal or conspiracy this large can exist without utmost secrecy, which no longer exists thanks to Duff’s keynote address and complete disclosure. Their crimes are now no longer secret and the “Jig is now up”.

Thanks to Duff the Jig is about up for this International Israeli linked Crime Cabal, some have identified as the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS) which has formed an alliance with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which is now being completely identified all over the Worldwide Internet. It is now realized by many that the BCC was formed when Bush1 ran the Assassination of JFK and rose to power, able to deeply embed his operatives in the CIA, the Military, Congress, the Department of Justice and the Judiciary.

It is now beyond obvious that the only way to deal with a such a large Criminal Cabal is to indict them, arrest them, fully prosecute them, and if convicted with clearly convincing evidence beyond any shadow of a doubt, the sentence them appropriately. If they have committed Treason, Sedition or other Capital offenses well, then upon conviction in a suitable court of law, US or International, they must be executed like the convicted Nazis from the Nuremberg War trials or the convicted Japanese from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East also known as the “Tokyo Trials” and in other courts in many different places in Asia and the Pacific.

And worst of all, the ability of the Crime Cabal to use American Generals and a sitting US Senator to start up and run ISIS/ISIL/Daish for them is truly disgusting but there is actually even more to this story. Because the honest faction of the US Military is now targeting some ISIS positions, what we actually have now is a secret American Civil War being fought in Iraq. Unless John McCain is stopped in his rise to become Chairman of the Armed Service Committee, he may be able to exert serious pressure and be able to push America into another War in Iraq (maybe Syria, Iran and the Ukraine too) and his actions could trigger a nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation and President Putin who has just about had enough.

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7 Responses to “What is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. Gordon Duff on the international Israeli crime cabal.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They will be outed and brought to justice. The military is the only body that can bring this to bear. The whole thing is so obvious!these criminals can no longer hide behind the dresses of the puppets that front our nations.

  2. WASP says:

    Israel is a “Puppet State” of the Vatican, controlled by SMOMS q.v.
    Ben Gurion ——-> Peres

    You are fooling yourselves if you think the Jesuit Vatican takes orders from the Jews.

    Why do you think I refer to you as “Dick Brains” The Coadjutor Jews are left to take the Flack after the Jesuits Have Stuffed You!

    The Jews are the Fall Guys.

    Regarding Spivey, I consider he is a credible source of information, but but lets himself down, by excessive use of profane expletives, & never uses a single word if he can use a dozen in stead, which has the effect of deviating the reader away from the main point he is trying to make.

    I do not consider he is a disinformer.

    I do not consider either that The tap is in any way controlled opposition, as suggested by those Myopic Species, who are incapable of doing any meaningful research, outside of their self imposed parameters.

    I will tell you again Religion is a Maximised Control System, & the KJV, is not what you think it is — try referring to The Geneva Bible, that was banned by the Jesuit Coadjutor Cecil!

    All this needs to be considered w/r/t ENERGY because as I have told you before, we are mobile electromagnetic systems, composed of c.a.98% Associated Space.

    You need to drop Religion, & view the Human Species as a hybrid produced by Ancient Aliens, in Likeness of themselves, a Worker Species they produced, which they further refined, with a few “Cock Ups” which they had to eliminate, with natural disasters, such as the Great Flood.

    Your cosy beliefs in Earthly Bound Religion, will never lead you to this understanding. It is doubtful we will ever know the whole truth of the our purpose of our existence, as we are part of intwined consciousness system we exist in, as one of Parallel Universes, which can best be understood via Thought Form & Energy Concepts, involving the combination of The Sciences, & the Occult.

    This will led to a greater understanding of the subliminal aspects of Religion the Vatican don’t want you to know about, hence the Term Heretic, which has nothing to do with not believing in God, & actually refers to not accepting what the Pope Tells You, & nothing else.

    It’s easy to believe in God, but difficult to belive in any system which dictates what you must believe, as pronounced by a Califate Leader.


    • Julie says:

      How many more times do we have to go round in circles Curteis? What is wrong with you? It’s time to bury this Wasp bullshit merchant (Jew apologist schizoid alter ego of yours), but you keep persisting with this execrable ‘Jews are not our real overlords’ disinformation bollocks. Perpetuating this bogus debate was initially irritating, but it has since become exceedingly boring. If there is anyone left out there who is still unable or unwilling to recognise the overwhelming ‘in your face’ evidence of Jew domination, subversion and control of society, they are at best profoundly ignorant and at worst simply insane. It’s clear that you are severely psychologically conflicted with respect to this unpalatable truth, nevertheless it’s time to knock this Jew propaganda deception on the head, it doesn’t work anymore. It’s the Jews stupid!

      • Tapestry says:

        We go round in circles every day about ten times. If that’s too often for you, Julie, take up another hobby! It is an interesting topic, and I am quite sure we don’t know the full answer as you claim to do. If you read David Icke the rabbit hole can go a lot deeper yet.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Your governments and the media are middle managers for organised crime.

    Permanent low intensity warfare is their MO & goal its very profitable, keeps the syndicate in power and you under their jackboot.

    Support is waning in Austrailia for Aussie involvement in the fraudulent war on terror, just as support waned in the UK in the months before the 7/7 bombings.

    Join the dots – Its about garnering public support for the endless war on terror, re-enforcing the myth and the wizards maintaining the illusion.

    CIA Torture – will now drop from the front pages replaced by ISIS hostage stories from down under.

    Now we have a Gladio ( latin:sword ) ISIS hostage media event in Austrailia. Note how the “tewwowists” demanded an audience with NWO shill Aussie PM Abbott.

    Its all about the propaganda !


    The Murdoch crime syndicate owned New York Times reports …. note how many times they mention stooge Abbott.

    SYDNEY, Australia — Helicopters hovered over central Sydney, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott convened a meeting with his security advisers on Monday after an armed individual took hostages in a Sydney cafe and displayed a black flag with Arabic script in white in the window.

    Police officers surrounded the cafe in the central business district where the hostages were pressed against the window holding the black flag, whose writing appeared to be the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith. Andrew Scipione, the commissioner of the New South Wales police, said at a news briefing that an unknown number of hostages were being held in the cafe by a single armed person, but that three of the hostages had been released. “We don’t yet know the motivation of the perpetrator — we don’t know whether this is politically motivated — although obviously there are some indications that it could be,” Mr. Abbott said at a short briefing in Canberra, Australia’s capital. “There are people, even in a society such as ours, who would wish to do us harm.”

    “The whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people out of being themselves,” he said. “Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society and nothing should ever change that, and that is why I would urge all Australians today to go about their business as usual.”

    Mr. Abbott described the siege as “a very disturbing incident.”

    “Our thoughts and prayers must, above all, go out to the individuals who are caught up in this,” he said. “I can think of almost nothing more distressing or terrifying than to be caught up in such a situation. Our hearts go out to those people.”

    He said he had met with the National Security Committee of the cabinet, which includes the defense minister, David Johnston, and Attorney General George Brandis.

    7/7 Security responses in the UK

    Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (COBRA) was activated within minutes of the first reports of explosions, and remained open round the clock for over a week.

    7/7 Media response

    Media response Murdoch Sky News as ever 1st to report.

    The first indication of the attacks came at 9:15 a.m., when Sky News, during its Sunrise breakfast show, flashed a report of an explosion at Liverpool Street Station in the City of London. The main UK TV networks (BBC One and ITV) dropped programming and carried news solidly within 30 minutes of the first reports. Initially, the BBC’s response was slow. At 9:20 a.m., a graphic appeared on BBC News 24 reporting an explosion in the City of London, only for it to be removed and go unmentioned by the channel’s presenters for a further five minutes. Around this time, BBC One broke into programming with a short news report, and then returned to regular programming, only to have to return to the news studio several minutes later when the gravity of the incident became clearer. The major television channels’ coverage continued throughout the day with simulcasts of the channels’ respective rolling news services BBC News 24 and the ITV News Channel. The length of this media coverage in the UK was unprecedented: for example it was the single longest broadcast in ITN’s history. There was total blanket coverage on all UK rolling news channels for several days.

    see Blair footage 7/7 – Terrorist Attack On London Tony Blair youtube user


  4. sovereigntea says:

    Dont dance to the pipers tune you might be in for a nasty surprise !

    When, lo! as they reached the mountain-side,
    A wondrous portal opened wide,
    As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed;
    And the Piper advanced and the children followed,
    And when all were in to the very last,
    The door in the mountain-side shut fast.

    Robert Browning, The Pied Piper of Hamelin: A Child’s Story – See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/disturbing-true-story-pied-piper-hamelin-001969

  5. sovereigntea says:

    UK Intel Doc – Ministers will need to be consulted – Blair & Straw hung out to dry ? 🙂

    “the actions may not be taken without authority at a senior level. In some cases, Ministers will need to be consulted”

    “UN Convention against Torture’ makes it clear that in the event of a directive such as the one quoted, individual agents are immune. This does not however apply to those in a senior position, such as ministers, responsible for what is effectively a criminal directive.


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