The military is run by sexual deviants. They’re easy to control.


This is another piece in the jigsaw.

Katherine Pollard Griggs was the wife of Colonel George Griggs who was the head of special operations under Admiral Kelso.  Colonel George Griggs is a very high ranking spy and knew many secrets.  Colonel Greiggs was also an alcoholic and during some of his drunken stupors he told his wife many shocking secrets about the military and the spy operations of the United States!  He told her many things such as the Russians were never our enemy and that the cold war was a total farce!   Look at what’s going on today as the fake news and President tell you about the bad Russians almost daily.  He told her things such as  the bombing in Beirut was known about before it happened.  He told her the military was run by sexual deviants at the top levels.  These deviants are actually sought out so they can be controlled!  Listen to her shocking testimony and learn the truth! 


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  1. Mark says:

    This is some blowing whistle. Astonishing clarification. The perception (and theology) that Kay’s boozy bashing hubby was ‘predestined’ uses a word – the New Testament – for corporate potential ie the church, not activity of God with an individual. It is “we” who are predestined. Any engenieering of circumstance around Kay, or anyone, is conditional upon our response. God works in all for good and doesn’t need or want to set up bad. Or make us do bad… or good. We’re free. We choose. We have degrees of freedom and capacity to choose. I appreciate this is not the main clause or cause of her piece but nevertheless I believe her comment about God communicates a line of thinking in the church, but there are credible alternatives.


  2. Tammy Hardie says:

    WOW! I knew there were slot of evil people high up, but this is over the top. I believe every word that you spoke Kay Griggs and I and I’m sure many many others do too. I’m sorry that you were battered, especially by the one that is supposed to “Love and Honor.” Your husband truly needs help, but it’s probably too late, since he’s still hanging around those mind controlling s.o.b.s. I just want to thank you for telling your story so that the people of the United States will now know the truth. You are very intelligent and a beautiful woman, inside and out. Please take care of yourself and be careful. I would be honored if you would text.

  3. Carol Jane Mellencamp says:

    Our Dear Savior’s Word tells us that all things work together for good, for them that love Him. I certainly believe that your loyalty, Kay, to stand for good over evil and your brave loyalty to our Savior, has fulfilled these words of our Savior. Through your trials and tests, which I believe you have passed with flying colors, you have sent out the truth: that it is really only a handful of deceived people, behind the scenes, of the evil trying to take over and consume the huge masses of people’s souls, throughout the world. When we see people who seek goodness in their heart, as you do, and who are brave enough to take a stand for it, through the strength you find in our Savior, it gives us all courage to keep fighting this battle of good over evil. Our Savior’s parable told us, that this is how it would be, with His faithful servants. This leavening is the converting of souls, to spiritually bring them into the kingdom of heaven, which lies within our souls. See Luke 17:20-21. My Great Grandfather, Jean Baptiste Mejean and His wife, Marie Justine, (formerly a Trebuchon), came over from France to America, in 1906. He came first, to work the coal mines. But the one request my great grandmother had, before coming to America, was to have a French Bible to read. For her deepest wishes, which her youngest son, (my Great Uncle Casimir), disclosed to me, was for her three sons to know of their Savior. But all that she was able to obtain was a Catholic Prayer Book. She had given birth to a daughter who had died in France, before their departure to America. I am sure this was very hard for her. But her uppermost wish was for her children to know the Savior’s truth. Her oldest son, my Grandfather Frank (Francois) Mejean, found that Old Time Religion, which his mother craved for him, as a young man, during a street meeting, in the safe haven of America. I have heard that America was founded, with covert intentions of bringing the whole world into One World Order. However, I believe our Savior has plans to turn this around on the devil and those that the devil has deceived into such thinking. For America still does not openly worship other idols and gods. This is trying to be done secretly by various secret societies, behind the political agendas. But the majority of the mass public of America still professes their faith in our Almighty Savior. And I feel that my father’s people, coming to America, were a blessing beyond ever knowing. Two of my father’s brothers were ministers and my father and I studied the Greek and Hebrew translations of the Bible, from the time I was very young. I now feel that I have the opportunity to help spread the hope and faith in our Savior’s ministry, through the freedoms we are still allowed in this great country of America.
    Our Savior’s word also tells us that His wise servants will instruct many, at the time of His return, when the sound of His Great Trumpet will be the outpouring of His Holy Spirit, upon the many deceived souls, from the four corners of the earth, and those He lifts up from the graves, after He lifts the deceit of the evil beast governments, trying to rob the souls of His Creation. I believe this instructing by our Savior’s wise servants, which He blesses with His Spiritual knowledge, will begin to take place in a large way, just shortly before His coming, to help do away with the deceit of the evil beast governments of the devil, trying to take over. It is not our Savior’s people, of the nations, that will be destroyed, at the time of His return; but it will be the evil governments of the worldly children of men, which portrays false hope and trust, in the works and ways of men’s minds and hands, over the ways of our Blessed Savior. Then those who were deceived into turning against Him and His chosen people, who first received His Holy Spirit, in Acts chapter 2, will come to worship Him. (See Zechariah chapter 14). He will use people like you, as He is now, to help fight this battle and overcome the deceit of the devil. When I watched your raw taped interview, and all that you suffered and all that you tried so hard to change, I cried with you, for I have faced very similar circumstances in my life. Desire to stand for our Savior’s truth keeps pushing you on, even in times of danger, when you would just collapse, without this inner spiritual strength from Him. I have a book that I have written and edited myself, that I would very much like to share with you, which I believe will give you uplifting in your spirit and help you to see, just how deeply you have impacted the ministry of our Savior’s work. I bind this book and put it together myself, and I give copies to those who can’t afford it. But if I send an online copy, I do not charge, as there are no material costs. Please contact me, by email:, if you would consider reading this book. It is entitled: Souls Delivered From The Mark Of The Beast; By Our Savior’s Last Trumpet. I can send an email copy, in Microsoft Word, which you can save to your computer and then open it to read. Thank you so much for all you have courageously and willingly suffered, for the good of our Savior’s ministry. Carol Mellencamp

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