Unlawful killing? It was cold blooded murder. Diana’s and Dodi’s assassination by MI6.

The British public were never told the outcome of the inquest into Diana’s death.  The actual verdict was ‘unlawful killing’.  All we heard about was paparazzi.  Occasionally to be found on Youtube etc is the film explaining the inquest, paid for by Al Fayed, but it gets taken down as soon as it appears.  Here is another great source, giving yet more information about what actually happened.


Author interviewed 2nd hour


Second hour: John Morgan says:

A bombshell new book published this week names the MI6 officer who headed the operation team that carried out the assassination of Princess Diana in Paris in late-August 1997.

The book entitled How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth is the most complete evidence-based account yet published on the car crash in the Alma Tunnel that took the lives of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed.

Written by Australian author John Morgan – who has been researching the deaths for the past nine years – this book exposes Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, as the head of the assassination operation that orchestrated the car crash. Also revealed is substantial detail on how the murder was carried out – the naming of MI6 agents employed on the job and particulars about their respective roles.

The book reveals that Princess Diana was effectively murdered by deliberate mistreatment in her ambulance by people who were supposed to be saving her life. The author shows that this was a back-up plan which was automatically triggered after it became clear that Diana had survived the crash.

Morgan has spent years studying and assessing the huge amount of evidence pertaining to the Paris crash – including over 8,000 pages of inquest transcripts and official police investigative reports. He also analysed and published over 500 documents that were secretly supplied to him in 2010. The explosive material – which included the official post-mortem reports for both Diana and Dodi – came from within the Scotland Yard Paget investigation, but all 500 plus documents had been fraudulently withheld from the inquest jury in London.

How They Murdered Princess Diana covers the entire story of what occurred, including the massive post-crash cover-up conducted by British authorities. The book exposes the official 2007-8 inquest into the deaths as one of the most corrupt court investigations in England’s judicial history. This is the first time the complete story has been addressed in such chilling detail – a true account using the witnesses own words that will at times leave the reader shocked, aghast and breathless.

A leading UK QC, Michael Mansfield, who served throughout the six months of the London inquest has stated: “I have no doubt that the volumes written by John Morgan will come to be regarded as the ‘Magnum Opus’ on the crash … that resulted in the unlawful killing of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed and the cover-up that followed.”

Speaking from his home in Brisbane Morgan – who features in a London play titled Truth Lies Diana starting in Charing Cross Theatre in January 2015 – says that the time is approaching when the parties who carried out the assassination must be brought to justice. He said that “the Paris crash was one of the most highly-coordinated inter-governmental operations ever carried out – and the ensuing cover-up over many years has been just as coordinated and just as sinister”. Morgan continued: “Many in the public now know that an assassination occurred on that night in Paris and are hopeful that there will be some justice and the perpetrators will be called to account, sooner rather than later”. Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Show is independently produced and hosted by Kevin Barrett and these shows are externally produced content. All externally produced content broadcast on No Lies Radio is the sole responsibility of the program-content producer and is not the responsibility of NoLiesRadio.org. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the content producer.


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  1. susie james says:

    it was Ok’d by MI 6 but the plan was made and carried out by mossad
    they were not going to allow her to take a landmine campaign to palestine

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just who is going to take on this murder case…how many have been assasinated by these security thugs. They can take out anyone and no-one does anything about it. Cover up after cover up. We all know what they do and how they simply blow smoke at us. From the Royal muggers through to the corruption in the courts. If you fall from grace you are thrown under the bus. Diana was placed on an island in isolation so no-one could interfere. They know what they have done, and they know they are protected. We have no justice system !! we have been stitched up.

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    Cowper-Coles was ambassador to Saudi Arabia when I was there. He visited Jubail and my minder/assassin invited me to a reception. Sherard’s nose looks prosthetic, though I’m sure it’s genuine. It must be the only genuine attribute he has. I was impressed by his brass neck: the Embassy had already tried to have me killed not once but twice. I could have kicked up a fuss at the reception but I didn’t, since I have always made a point of being courteous with assassins. ‘Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer’ as they say. I once ran into a Bulgarian intelligence officer who had tried to have me killed. He looked this way and that, trying to find a doorway to hide. I invited him for a cup of coffee. Killing people can be stressful, according to another killer that I know. Surviving, on the other hand, is gratifying. Having said that, I doubt that MI6 would have initiated such a high profile killing as that of Diana. The whole world (and the British public) blamed the royal family. I believe that the royal family were informed, and made to carry the can. The Israelis love to compromise their ‘friends’. They had very serious motives for killing Diana. MI6 was involved as a subsidiary of Mossad. We should remember that the United Kingdom does not have security services, although it pays for them. MI6, MI5 and GCHQ are merely departments of Mossad. Anybody foolish enough to work for them needs to know that. Those at the top know that, though the numpties further down don’t. I ran into Peter Mandelson in the street during the summer. He was going to meet John Sawers, DG of MI6 the following day. Mandelson is a gofer for Jacob Rothschild and also deeply involved in Russia policy. He likes to talk about the EU ‘punching its way’ in the world. He means of course punching Putin, who gave Jacob the bum’s rush in 2003, when Putin threw Rothschild front man Khodorkovsky into jail. A few weeks after I met Mandelson, the Ukes shot down MH17. No surprise there. And no prizes for guessing who’s filched Ukraine’s gold reserves.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    I agree with Susie James. I think that the Israelis had very good motives for killing Diana. She wanted to become the ‘Queen of Hearts’ of the children of Gaza. Her marriage to Dodi al-Fayed would have marginalized her. As it is, the death of Diana was a PR disaster for the Royal Family. It is difficult to believe that they weren’t apprised of that fact in advance.

  5. Gordon Logan says:

    The fact that Diana was told that Charles intended to have her killed in a car crash, suggests false flagging. We can be sure that the Israelis had agents in close proximity to such a dangerous and influential public figure. What was at play was much more than a family squabble. Diana had become a major international political player who had powerful enemies who were unconnected with the Royal Family.

  6. xray says:

    Queen Elizabeth II’s Mississippi Cotton Plantation

  7. Gordon Logan says:

    Former MI5 officer Annie Machon is on record as saying that Diana was killed because of her support for the Palestinians and her charismatic campaign against land mines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pucWT_YKJgA
    I agree with her. That doesn’t detract from John Morgan’s detailed revelations. It takes very little to instigate an assassination. A spoken sentence can be enough. Morgan’s herculean research is extremely valuable but I am certain that the instigators were not in the royal family. For them, Diana’s death was a PR disaster. Rosa Monckton was obviously a spy. Never trust your best friend! We should remember that Mossad would get be getting regular feedback on Diana from MI6. As I have said Diana thought that the Royals were planning to kill her because the plot was already false-flagged. The late Joe Vialls is very convincing on the Zionist connection. The few pages that he wrote on the case are essential reading.

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