UKIP’s top prospect for pre-Christmas defection is arrested. Conservative Mark Pritchard MP.

Farage and Pritchard

It might be  linked.   Mark Pritchard, MP for Telford, voluntarily attended a Police Station on December 2nd, was interviewed and arrested.

He was then released without charge.

Just two weeks ago he was being written about as the Conservative MP most likely to defect to UKIP before Christmas.

Are the rape allegations being made to head off yet another defection which would bury Cameron’s chances of rebuilding his pitch to voters after Osborne’s Autumn Statement?

The system is running hard to save Cameron.

Here’s Pritchard in the media just two weeks ago –

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard was snapped with the Ukip leader after the launch of Lord Ashcroft’s Special Ops Heroes book, which has a forward written by former SAS soldier Andy McNab.

The backbench Conservative told IBTimes UK that he has known Farage for “years” and the pair agreed on “some things, but disagree on many others”.

“We had just finished talking with McNab and then decided to leave the function together,” Pritchard said.

“It’s just a friendly photo, not a sign of any political allegiance, unless Farage is thinking of re-joining the Conservative Party?”

Farage and Pritchard(Twitter/Tom Watson MP)

The comments come ahead of the Rochester by-election on 20 November, where Conservative defector Mark Reckless is tipped to win.

A poll from Lord Ashcroft has put him 12-points ahead of the Conservative candidate, Kelly Tolhurst (44% vs 32).

Ladbrokes recently revealed that the Conservative MP most likely to defect to Ukip before Christmas was at school with Nigel Farage.

Given the nature of modern politics, it wouldn’t be surprising if rape allegations were set up, as part of a strategy to stop any more UKIP defections before the next election.

Mark Pritchard attended the Police Station voluntarily on his own initiative.  So why was he arrested?

He wasn’t charged with any offence.  So why did the Police correspond with The Speaker saying he had been suspected of an offence (rape).

Why did The Speaker decide to publicise the correspondence with the Police, when the suspicion had not followed with any charges being brought?

It seemed an entirely unnecessary set of steps taken with the objective of making it unlikely Mark Pritchard would seek to be re-elected any time soon.

UPDATE II: Met letter to Speaker (via Sophy Ridge):

“I write to inform you that on 2nd December 2014, Mark Pritchard MP was arrested at 6.14pm at Holborn Police Station in London by MPS officers. Mr Pritchard was questioned by police and released on bail later the same evening at 10.16pm. The matter is subject to further investigation and is sub judice at the present time.”

Met statement:

“We can confirm that a 48-yr-old man voluntarily attended a north London police station on Tuesday 2 December where he was arrested following an allegation of rape in central London. He has been bailed to a date in early January 2015.”


“You’re not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!” Mark Pritchard once said. Speaker put news of his arrest into the public domain.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is far dirtier in politics than we all thought. They will stop at nothing… They wont arrest the ones we know about and they are many. So why this guy ??

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Perhaps even dirtier than you think.

    Pritchard appears to have spooky connections.

    The iffy Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines has been involved in previous political hit jobs.

    He played a key role in conjunction with Mossadnik Raheem Kassam and Robert Halfon MP in creating a media and political consensus that resulted in the ousting of former Lib Dem Baroness tonge falsely for “anti-semetism”.

    Halfon is Conservative Friends of Israel and Kassam has his own blog at the spooky timesofisrael along with being Director of Student Rights and in the pay of the spooky Henry Jackson Society.

    In an odd twist BBC pundit Kassam has made the leap Alistair Campbell style from press to politics. By coincidence Kassam has conversed with Rupert Murdoch via twitter.

    Breitbart London Editor Becomes Senior Aide to UKIP’s Nigel Farage
    by Breitbart London 23 Oct 2014 260
    Westminster, United Kingdom – Breitbart London’s Managing Editor, Raheem Kassam, is set to leave the organisation following the successful launch in February of this year. Kassam will join the insurgent UK Independence Party as of today as the Senior Advisor to the party leader Mr Nigel Farage.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Kassam, Guido and others including Halfon left a sticky trail on twitter at the time this all happened one wonders if the patriots at GCHQ have put the seditious puzzle together yet ? Kassam even posted a picture of Baroness Tonge on his twitter “scalp wall” ask Guido about it.


      Original story from Student Rights: click here

      Contact: Raheem Kassam,,

      Ed Miliband:

      “[There is] no place in politics for those who question [the] existence of the state of Israel. Nick Clegg must condemn Jenny Tonge’s remark and demand [an] apology.”

      Labour Friends of Israel Chair John Woodcock MP said:

      “Nick Clegg must act after this latest anti-Israel diatribe from Liberal Democrat Baroness Tonge. Comments and remarks such as these have absolutely no place in mainstream politics.”

      “This is the latest in a series of outrageous remarks from Baroness Tonge – words of excuse or apology in response are no longer enough. Nick Clegg needs to take disciplinary action against his offensive peer to reassure people the government remains serious about a two state solution.”

      Lib Dem Friends of Israel Chairman Gavin Stollar said:

      “LDFI strongly condemns Baroness Tonge’s latest outburst not only because it is wrong but because it is contrary to Lib Dem Party policy. Jenny Tonge is an irrelevant, siren and marginal voice in the Liberal Democrat Party and we call on her to resign the Lib Dem whip. If she truly believes the things she says, how can she justify being a member of a Party whose policies are diametrically opposed to her views on Israel and the Middle East, a subject on which she talks on almost a daily basis.”

      Robert Halfon, Conservative MP for Harlow said:

      “Baroness Tonge has an appalling record of strong anti-Israel rhetoric. Too often, these remarks carry an offensive anti-Semitic tone. The Liberal Democrat whip should be withdrawn immediately, and she should withdraw her remarks.”

      Robert Halfon has also submitted an open letter to Nick Clegg.

      Raheem Kassam, director of Student Rights said:

      “The consensus is becoming clear for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Baroness Tonge has a record of saying incredibly offensive and dangerous things about the state of Israel [both on and off university campuses]. Nick Clegg must now immediately withdraw the whip from Baroness Tonge.”

      Student Rights led on the story this morning (linked by Guido Fawkes), which has since appeared on Guido Fawkes blog, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, The Commentator and across the blogosphere.

      Contact: Raheem Kassam,

  3. NPP says:

    TAP. These details are worth noting; Tories smearing potential a UKIP defector. It is a legitimate question.

    I was in the pub the other night… not a regular thing for me. Chatting. Bloke said he was going to vote UKIP. I said yeah, pity about the fracking. He said I agree, but lots of people are voting UKIP and they’ll get in. I offered a fiver: if they push out this Tory shoe-in West Suffolk constituency, I’ll gladly pay £5 and see a UKIP win. We shook hands. He said there’s lots round here want UKIP.

    If UKIP energy rep Roger Helmer can be shown the light of common sense… it would help them. People are only acquiescing to fracking because no one has told them not to, sadly.

    Then I watched/listened to:
    UKIP (Nigel Farage) – Leaders Live [Full Episode]
    Some stupid questions inferring Farage is a racist immigration fear monger, but generally an interesting chit-chat. Better then BBC Question Time… but, then it came to fracking. Farage is sold on it. Oh dear, what does some one like me do?
    I want out of the EU.
    I want no more foreign military intervention.
    I want no more pharmaceutical nonsense.
    I want no to fracking.
    I do not give a fig about the Queen and the Union Jack, but I do care about my community.
    Interesting detail: the host (he is fair) gave a periodic up-date on audience % voting for or against Farage’s stance. 2-3 times the vote was 65-75% for Farage.
    Despite the fracking, he is so much more engaging than Camoron-Clugg-Silliband.

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