Torture enquiry likely, meaning yet another cover-up. Britain’s involvement is undeniable.



The torture story is spilling out in Washington, with knock-on effects around the world, including Britain with this Scottish Daily Mail headline coming out tomorrow.  In Britain a carefully chosen judge will be appointed to hold an enquiry, as with Westminster paedophile rings, or Blair’s involvement with the Iraq War, and in every case, nothing will happen.

The other technique is to say paedophile rings, torture, and lying to get wars started are all historic things.

Substitute ‘was’ with ‘is’.

Such things are just business as usual.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Jews [Like Miliband] In England

    Some wear silly hats, making themselves obvious. Most are crypto Jews. They can pass themselves off as white men, pretending that they are just ordinary locals. Reflex lying could be blamed onto a history of being hated but one might wonder why they got to be hated in so many times and places by different people. So many? See Jewish Expulsions – 109 of Them. They complain about Anti-Semitism but keep very quiet about how they cause it. Here are some of the guilty.

    David Miliband – Grandson Of A Mass Murderer
    .. the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband….. his grandfather, Samuel “Sam” Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet War, where Samuel, then Shimon, fought under the command of Trotsky ‘eliminating’ white Russians opposed to Communism.

    Grandson of a mass murderer, now has power. Is he good for England? Believe it if you want.

    PS The Wiki has written out their reference to mass murder. Perverting the course of history is the name of the game. The 2 November 2007 version links to The Miliband family and anti-Sovietism. On 6 February 2008 it was gone.

    Jew And Mass Murderer Is Grandfather Of Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary
    The grandfather of British Foreign Secretary David Miliband repeatedly was denied entry to Britain after World War II. Samuel Miliband, a Polish Jew, was branded untrustworthy and misleading by British government officials when trying to immigrate to Britain,… David Miliband, an outspoken critic of the Israeli government [ believe that if you want – Editor ], is the son of influential Marxist academic Ralph Miliband,……..

    Samuel Miliband, originally a resident of Warsaw, fled to Belgium after WWII broke out, leaving Ralph’s mother, Renee, behind in Poland. In 1940, after the Germans conquered Belgium, the Milibands were given refuge in Britain.

    The Times head line is rather more to the point – David Miliband’s family ‘lied’ to enter UK. He got away with it because Harold Laski another Jew and a nasty bit of work interceded. The Times does not mention Miliband’s enthusiasm for murder. The Daily Mail does – Miliband – Jew And Racist

    Ed Miliband
    is a British economist and British politician. He has been chairman of the Treasury’s Council of Economic Advisers, which directs the UK’s long-term economic planning. He was elected Labour Member of Parliament for the South Yorkshire constituency of Doncaster North in the 2005 general election. He was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister of the Cabinet Office on 28 June 2007….. Miliband was also appointed to the Privy Council. In June 2007, he was appointed Cabinet Office minister in Gordon Brown’s first Prime Ministerial cabinet and given the task of drafting Labour’s manifesto for the next general election.
    Another grandson of a mass murderer, now has power. Is he good for England? Believe it if you want.

    Ralph Miliband
    Adolphe Miliband he was born in Brussels of Polish-Jewish emigré parents. Both his parents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his father, Samuel “Sam” Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet War. He is buried in Highgate Cemetery close to Karl Marx and many other celebrated left-leaning minds of the 20th Century……. Once in England he changed his name to Ralph.
    Being called Adolf was not a good career move especially for the son of a mass murderer. The Wiki skips over this detail but see David Miliband on the point.

  2. Aldous says:

    The Little Bank that Saved Christmas! 9:14
    Thank [You] God [For] It’s Christmas – Queen (Christmas Around The World 2013) (HD) (X-mas Slideshow) 4:21

  3. Aldous says:

    Hi Henry and All, I just wanted to post this totally(sic) off topic video link as I think it conveys some insight into our total insignificance and total significance in the Big Picture of things at the same time.


    The first time I saw this Total Solar Eclipse (on video) it resonated with me for some reason. I’m sure it changed the lives of everyone who experienced it for real. It lasted for nearly four minutes in the Caribbean. It must have seemed like an eternity.

    A skydiving special forces friend told me that a free-fall from 25,000 feet out the back of a Hercules at night seemed a helluva lot longer than the two minutes to when their equipment automatically activated the main parachute at around 4000 feet. The random automatic openings gave a nice ‘spread’in altitude apparently to give the jumpers a decent and theoretically safe distance from one another when opening and landing.

    It didn’t always work out that way, with guys occasionally thudding into the ground after the kit failed to work properly, despite the chemical lights attached to their altimeters warning them that they were heading for oblivion at 200 feet per second. Bloody Technology! Made in China I’ll bet.

    I think Chris Spivey should watch his step and the Eclipse video seeing as he seemingly hates those that have the temerity to believe they are not born to simply die. I think CS is in real trouble spiritually over what he had to say about Kev Boyle. I’m sure Karma and Grim Reaper have turned their Meet Joe Black gaze towards him for consideration as a result. If this sounds like so much BS then #welcome to our Zionist world#.

    Dean Martin – Welcome To My World 2:16

    Dean Martin knew how to handle his rabid Jewish Mafia handlers and keep them at arm’s length. When Marilyn Monroe was murdered by them while Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe were filming the never completed Something’s Got to Give, the Jewish Mafia assumed that Dean Martin would subserviently film with a replacement. Dean Martin to his eternal credit, removed himself from the film and the rest as they say is history. Good for him!

    They didn’t dare touch him of course because he knew where the bodies were buried.

  4. hugh jarce says:

    when the milipede brothers were parachuted into Britain, labour party supporters
    heamorhaged out of the party, supporters saw it as a sick joke
    and did not want foreign jews who had never done a days work to run a british party
    especialy when jews behave like in this vid

  5. sovereigntea says:

    The Atrocities of Jewish Bolshevism – Neocons & Zionists are The New Bolsheviks

    The terror was co-ordinated by the Chekist functionary Joseph Unschlicht. How did they go about the murders? The Jewish Chekists flavoured murder with various torture methods. In his documentary “The Russia We Lost”, the director Stanislav Govorukhin told how the priesthood in Kherson were crucified. The archbishop Andronnikov in Perm was tortured: his eyes were poked out, his ears and nose were cut off.

    It is impossible, for lack of space, to describe all the butchers and their crimes. I shall just mention some numbers. During a single year in power, the Bolsheviks exterminated 320 000 clergymen (Molodaya Gvardiya, No. 6, 1989). A total of 10 180 000 “class enemies” were murdered between 1918 and 1920. Another 15 million people died during the civil war. During the famine of 1921-22, another 5 053 000 people perished. The Bolsheviks, headed by Lenin, managed to destroy over 30 million people during their first four years in power.

    In 1917, 143.5 million people lived in the part of Imperial Russia, which later became Soviet Russia. Russia had lost more than 20 per cent of her population by 1922. Only 131 million lived there in 1923. It has been calculated that Russia’s population, under normal circumstances, should have increased to 343 million by the middle of the 1950s, that is, if the development had continued as it had begun in the Tsarist era. 165 million people disappeared. Who in the West mourns for them? There were 178 million left.

  6. NPP says:

    Following the BBC over past 24 hours: torture is justified by 9/11 and threat against thousands of Americans…

    Last night, BBC Question Time, Russel Brand led the ‘racist’, ‘dangerous’ allegations against Farage the fracker. Farage remained calm and I thought came across well.

    BBC R 4 announce their Xmas guest editors:
    Baroness Butler-Sloss
    Lenny Henry
    Mervyn King
    Tracey Thorn
    John Bercow

    Yeah, this is where the tax payer’s money goes.

    Is Baroness Butler-Sloss going to present features of the sacrifice of children?
    I bet Lenny Henry goes to a charity land somewhere.
    Mervyn King will teach the radio 4 audience on fractional banking.
    John Bercow on the wonders of democracy.
    Tracey Thorn – nice song about deserts needing rain, but otherwise I just do not care…

    The arrogance of these people ‘in power’… apologists for child violation, torture, the killing of mass numbers probably into millions, the persistent invasion of nation states… it is everything I, nice little boy growing up in England’s green and pleasant countryside, was brought up to deem bad.

    ‘We’, those supposed to be my ‘representatives’ do it all. I am observing an inversion of the truth on multi levels.

    You know Bill Maloney may have his unconventional ways, but don’t you just love the way he gate crashed Nick Clegg and those stuffy BBC reporters on live TV, looked them in the face and declared we know what you do! This takes guts.

    Imagine, Bill Maloney as BBC Today guest editor. That would be worth tuning into.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    The purpose of torture is to extract false confessions.

    They key “witness” in the 911 cover up report was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

    Wierd CIA torture included Khalid Shaikh Mohammed being subjected to RECTAL REHYDRATION.

    According to the establishment crime syndicate run Wikipedia.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a militant held in U.S. military custody in Guantánamo Bay for acts of terrorism including the mass murder of civilians. He was identified as “the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks” by the 9/11 Commission Report. Wikipedia

    The Long, Brutal Interrogation of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

    The Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation efforts released Tuesday includes a detailed description of the CIA detention and interrogation of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks.

    After Mohammed was captured on March 1, 2003, he was interrogated in Pakistani custody, where the most coercive technique he experienced was sleep deprivation. Soon, he was transferred to a CIA-operated base in an undisclosed location. Before Mohammed arrived, the chief interrogator at the site had already gotten the green light from CIA headquarters to use “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and was not required to use noncoercive tactics first.

    Interrogators began using the enhanced practices within “a few minutes” of starting to question Mohammed. These included “facial and abdominal slaps, the facial grab, stress positions, standing sleep deprivation (with his hands at or above head level), nudity, and water dousing.” The chief interrogator also ordered that Mohammed be subjected to rectal rehydration (a method where liquids are forced into the detainee via the anus) without determining whether the operation was medically necessary, a move which the chief later said demonstrated his “total control over the detainee.”

    • sovereigntea says:

      The purpose of torture is to extract false confessions.

      Then as now.

      In Medieval England Torture was unlawful, yet the Witchfinder General one Mathew Hopkins employed depraved methods similar to the CIA in order to extract “confessions” of witchery. He sent over 300 women to their deaths , more than had been executed in the previous 160 years. One dark day in Bury St Edmunds, 18 people were hung in just a few hours, all at the behest of the Witchfinder General.

      Hopkins got away with it and made his fortune.

      Like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. The victims all confessed to their tormentors.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We are just the most evil beings on Gods Earth. They have got away with Hell on Earth. The time is really up and we are all aware of how these evil entities operate. They have infiltrated the West because they fear us the most. The white man has been diluted in his own habitat. We are on to them big time now. For the first time in history we are fully aware of the murderous scum who have worked covertly to destroy our way of life. We were fooled into fighting for honour when we were just murder for hire. They are sick and need to be exterminated. We will have our day of justice. They stand exposed and guilty of mass murder and crimes against humanity. Our good nature and tolerance has been used to trap us all.

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