Top ten conspiracies 2014 – Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

With the year drawing to a close, it’s important to take inventory of some of the larger, more impactful conspiratorial stories and events in 2014.  It was a year which saw an unprecedented assault on reality and on our imaginations. Make no mistake, this is a psychic war being waged on our senses, as a media-driven synthetic reality is being advanced to consume reason and logic.


Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

21st Century Wire

 There were a number of other notable events which could have easily made this list, but we had to economize in order to bring this incredible omnibus to you before the New Year. We hope you’ll agree, that this is the best ‘conspiracy countdown’ on the web this holiday season.In the count down to number one, here’s our top ten of 2014…

10. Scottish Independence – Was the vote for Scotland’s independence rigged? It’s no secret the Westminster didn’t want Scottish self-determination to prevail north of the border. The Glasgow City Council confirmed that there were at least ten cases of suspected electoral fraud occurring at polling stations following the Scottish referendum vote on the September 18th. There were a number of reports indicating voter fraud, including when Sky News camerascaptured proof that ‘Yes’ votes were being placed in ‘No’ piles on the day of the referendum. The BBC were also caught using its state-sponsored platform to effectively smear the ‘Yes’ campaign.There are plenty of financial and geopolitical reasons to ensure that Scotland would stay in the UK, and according to some, an independent Scotland could have seen as much as a 90 percent boost in income from profits derived from gas and oil reserves due to the UK’s borders being redrawn. North Sea oil appears to have been front and center when examining this seemingly fraudulent referendum vote in 2014…Read more about Scotland voter fraud here

DC-HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA? Actor Seth Rogen on a marketing junket for his bizarre film release.

9. Hollywood’s The Interview and ‘Sony Hack’ scandal – Despite being hyped and spun and getting a ton of free publicity from the President himself, Sony Pictures Entertainment released,The Interview, which proceeded to flop it’s way into Hollywood’s dustbin of perennial mediocre films. While everyone, including the FBI and the entire US media blamed it on North Korea Last week, we called it from the onset as a ‘false flag’ hack, and of course that’s exactly what it was. We also reveled how this film was a piece of Rand Corportion and US State Department propaganda designed to weaken morale in North Korea and pave the way for regime change. That didn’t stop mindless US politicians and media charlatans from claiming that it was our “patriotic duty as Americans” to go and see this movie. Another classic example of consensus reality gone Pete Tong

Read more at ‘The Interview Exposed’

IMAGE: Bibeau conceals his identity with a scarf, while Shiekh Monis plays role of ‘terror mascot’ Down Under.

8. Ottawa Shooter and The Sydney Siege – Bizarre shooting have become an almost monthly event in the west, so we’ve paired these two brand new international terror mascots together at #8. In 2014, both Canada and Australia were thrust into America’s weird world of ‘ISIS-related’terroresque incidents. Suspected Parliament Hill and National War Memorial assailant, aka ‘The Ottawa Shooter’, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was elevated to international monster status by the media, yet, he appeared to have the perfect ‘modus operandi’ and fractured criminal résumé required to be an informant for the Canadian security services. It turns out, the authorities admit Bibeau was being ‘monitored’ (managed). Just prior to the Ottawa shooting, we revealed how the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), had pushed through a weighty anti-terror security measure called C-44. It should also be mentioned that several multi-agency drills had taken placein weeks leading up to the shooting in Canada. On the day of the shooting, Canadian SWAT officers could be seen laughing and joking while posing for cameras – indicating that this was a completely staged event. Similarly, another colorful gunman rose to international prominence –‘Shiekh’ Man Haron Monis who starred in the Sydney Siege in December. Like in Canada, there were also a series of drills, like ‘Operation Hammerhead’ which took place prior to Monis taking hostages at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place. Like Bibeau, Australia’s Shiekh Monis had the perfect informant profile, including regular mainstream media spots given to him. The building of a ‘artificial Jihad’ has been an ongoing theme since the War on Terror was declared, and there’s been no shortage of coerced participants and mentally disturbed, low-life criminals who’ve stepped on stage to play the role of ‘domestic terrorist’, ‘self-starter’ or ‘homegrown ISIS-linked’ boogeyman…

Read more on the Ottawa Shooter here  +  Read more on The Sydney Siege here

TALE OF TWO SHOOTERS: Rodgers toasts his fans on YouTube, while Jerad Miller plays the role of the ‘Joker’ in Batman.

7. Isla Vista Tortured Teen Ramage and Vegas ‘Sin City’ Shooters – More bizarre shootings? In the US, regularly scheduled bizarre shooting incidents have become something of a national pastime, so we’ve included this dynamic duo at #7. In California, a 22-year-old Elliot Rodger (son of a noted Hollywood producer) was named in an apparent drive-by-shooting near UC Santa Barbara in Isla Vista. He pulled off the improbable: twelve crime scenes at ten different locations, including three stabbings at the alleged shooter’s apartment complex – all prior to two separate shootouts with police, according to ‘official’ reports. In his well-scripted YouTube videos, Rodger craved “Retribution”, and lamented ‘being a virgin’, blaming women for rejecting his advances. It was like a plot straight out of any teen vampire movie. Similarly, the incredible narrative of newlywed ‘Vegas Shooters’, Jerad and Amanda Miller, who’s wild adventure took them from Occupy rallies in the Midwest, to Las Vegas in the winter of 2014, where they quickly reconfigured their image into that of right-wing patriots. Their apparent cross-country American adventure documented on YouTube soon turned into a double cop-killing rampage in Vegas this past June, and eerily mirrored the plot of the Hollywood classic, Natural Born Killers. After their arrival in Las Vegas, the Millers were sent to Bundy Ranch before the infamous standoff in April where a number of major media spots were organized for them on networks like NBC, and Al Jazeera America.

Read more about the Isla Vista Rampage here + Read more on Vegas Shooters here

A TALE OF TWO VICTIMS: Michael Brown shooting sparked protests in Ferguson, MO, while the plight of Eric Garner mobilized crowds in the Big Apple and beyond.

6. Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in NYC – A verdict was returned, and Fergusonburned. It brought back memories of similar scenes; the 1965 Watts Riots, the Rodney King verdict and the subsequent 1992 LA Riots, and a near repeat of the Zimmerman-Martin verdict in 2013. On the evening of November 24th, in Clayton, Missouri, St. Louis County prosecutor announced that the Grand Jury had delivered its decision in the case of Officer Darren Wilson vs. Michael Brown. Five indictment charges were presented, but the jury found “no probable cause” and returned a “no true” bill for all charges. Tremors began to shake the streets almost immediately after. The Three Amigos – President Obama, AG Eric Holder, and ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton worked overtime, fomenting a national race war on the back of the incident, and it worked – racial tensions were inflamed, as the US Mainstream media continued to promote the liethat Michael Brown cried ‘#HandsUpDontShoot‘ and was somehow shot in the back while in retreat. The lie went viral in a social media explosion fueled by more Twitter #hashtags. Then lightning seemed to strike twice with a similar incident in NYC with a victim named Eric Garner, who died after an apparent ‘choke-hold’ arrest by a NYPD officer. ‘#ICantBreathe’ became the new #hashtag de jour. Anti-police street protests and march went nationwide. It all came to a thundering halt, however, when 28 yr old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, shot and killed two NYPD officers on Dec. 20th in revenge to Eric Garner’s death with a point-blank execution-style hit in Brooklyn’sBed Stuy district. Police then began to push back against Twitter mobs and against blanket accusations of racism. It was a drama and controversy like no other before it, and will no doubt take more twists and turns as the Occupy Movement finalize their plans for a renewed nationwide demonstrations in either the spring, or fall of 2015…

See the full Ferguson timeline here + See the Eric Garner case here


5. Nazi Coup in Kiev – Last February, a coup de tat took place in the Ukraine, and a US and EU-backed junta seized power in Kiev. What the mainstream media did not report on however, was that the US State Department and NATO intelligence had utilized both NeoFascists and NeoNazi street gangs and paramilitaries during their regime change operation in the Ukraine. Before and after seizing power, Nazi elements worked to methodically remove and intimidated any political opposition in Kiev. After the coup was complete, with the backing of the CIA, the junta government in Kiev then moved its army into the mostly Russian-speaking eastern portion of Ukraine, where it began shelling civilian areas, driving some 500,000 refugees out of the area in an effort toethnically cleanse the east and further solidify its grip on political power there. Kiev ran into resistance, however, and that civil war is far from over. Boffins in Washington spun endless fake news stories generally titled, “Russia Invaded Ukraine”, in order to justify more unwarranted economic sanctions, and allegedly because of Washington’s belief that Russia had invaded and ‘annexed’ the Crimea (formerly both a Russian and Ukrainian region) even though the Crimean people voted over 90% in favor of independence from the US-backed, illegal junta puppet government in Kiev. Meanwhile, the US continues to push the two nations further towards WWIIIby trying to isolate Russia internationally. Watch this space…

Read more about NATO’s Nazis here

4. The Downing of Flight MH17 – Just as the world was recovering from the psychological trauma of the disappearance of Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 three months before, lightning seemed to strike once more. The downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014, was a potential game changer for global geopolitics, as east and west faced the very real prospect of a heating-up of the New Cold War, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Kremlin. At the time, 21WIRE released one of the most comprehensive reports on the incident available, which revealed that Washington and Kiev had in fact cooked-up the story that Russian-backed rebels in the east had shot down the passenger airliner with a BUK SAM missile system. US media gladly took the bait on this story, and ran 24/7 reports trying to pin the blame on Moscow. Washington and London’s plan to assign the blame on Russia rapidly disintegrated though. This story is far from over. More evidence is now emerging which shows that Kiev had shot down the plane and then attempted to blame this on ‘Russian separatists’ in the Donbasregion.

Read more on the MH17 mystery here  

3. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 – The case of the missing airliner which had the world on the edge of its seat for one whole month. Weeks into the search, Malaysian authorities made the dramatic announcement that they had finally “found” the aircraft, but hopes faded when it turned out to be another false alarm . Global mainstream media outlets ran continuous coverage showing footage of men looking out the window of Royal Australian Air Force P-3, but it was all for show. The British then joined in the hoax, when satellite firm Inmarsat sparked another international fishing trip to nowhere in the South Indian Ocean, when meanwhile, the mainstream media completely ignored other reports that the plane had been spotted heading west towards Diego Garcia (it’s likely destination). Some contend the plane was actually shot down and is being covered up to save international embarrassment. Others believe that MH370 was renamed MH17and was shot down over the Ukraine in July. This year, 21WIRE also released the web’smost extensive report to date detailing the real smoking gun in the MH370 mystery – a technology known as the Boeing-Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System. The case remains open…

Read more on MH370 here

2. Ebola: The Pandemic That Wasn’t – There are still many questions surrounding the Ebola outbreak of 2014 – which was in Africa, and not in the US. You’d think it was a pandemic after listening to mainstream media reports. Some mainstream pundits even claimed that ISIS terrorists would act as human carriers, bringing Ebola to the US. The fear went viral, even though Ebola didn’t. The rhetoric reach insane levels, as media outlets looked to cash-in on the Ebola fear campaign. The Ebola media circus reached new levels of panic upon the return of New York DrCraig Spencer, from Africa. After that, the story died a quick death. The CDC reported another outbreak in their lab right before Christmas, so the ‘Ebola threat’ still lingers…

Read more on Ebola here

1. The ‘ISIS Crisis’ – It was hard to pick a winner this year, but no other evil conspiracy narrative captured the imagination of traumatized western hearts and minds like the ‘Islamic State‘ (IS) akaISIS, ISIL rogue terrorist brigades. They became al Qaeda 2.0 – a band of seemingly unstoppable sand pirates who began to pillage and plunder their way through Syria and Iraq in the spring, with their narrative reaching fever pitch in July and August. It wasn’t long before people began to catch on to the obvious fact that this ISIS Crisis was induced by the West and its Gulf State allies – providing the basis for Washington’s long-desired plan for military intervention in Syria, and also to help John McCain’s Rebel Army (photo above) of terrorists in Syria. Then came the beheadings – starring the colorful ISIS British actor, ‘Jihadi John’, in a series of seemingly staged videos involving American and British victims that appear (based on the timing and sustained political PR campaigns) to be designed to help sway public opinion and bolster the case for more US-led airstrikes. 21WIRE also revealed how Israel are deeply involved in aiding the Islamic insurgency in Syria, as well as how ISIS may be returning to Libya in order to attract a new NATO air campaign in North Africa in 2015. The ISIS story will continue to develop in 2015, and expect the US media to adopt even more insane story lines – and give even more free prime-time coverage cheap ISIS propaganda YouTube videos in order to further frighten the American public…

Learn more about ISIS here 

That’s our list for 2014. Thank you to our readers for tuning into our reports, and we endeavor to continue working to better inform you in 2015.


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